Stout Beer Guide Color, Taste, Flavor, Types

Stout Beer Guide: Color, Taste, Flavor, Types

After drinking it several times, you can say with confidence that you’re familiar with beer by now. You can tell what it is just by looking at that brown, bubbly glass of savory goodness. But wait. What’s this dark-colored beer that resembles Coke? What is stout beer exactly? Color Range: The color ranges from coppery … Read more

Most Popular Beer Styles

20 Most Popular Beer Styles (Color, ABV, IBU)

Are you interested in exploring the realm of beer and beer brewing? Then look no further! Our comprehensive list of the 20 Most Popular Beer Styles will help you become an expert on famous, recognizable beers in a flash. 1. Pale Lager Color: 2-4 SRM ABV: 5% IBU: 5-15 IBU For all beer enthusiasts, the crispness … Read more

What is a Tripel Beer

What is a Tripel Beer?

What is tripel beer? Is it good? Triple of what? These are only some questions we will answer about tripel beer today. So, if you want to know more about this beer, you do not need to worry. This discussion will be all about it! With that, let us not delay anymore. Let us get … Read more

What is a Hazy Beer

What is a Hazy Beer?

It’s hard to stick to one type of beer alone. Despite knowing your taste, exploring is also an open and common choice for beer drinkers. You may have heard of hazy beers, an opportunity to get to know them better. So, what is a hazy beer? This might be a new one for your list … Read more

Blonde Beer Guide

Blonde Beer Guide: History, Appearance, Flavor, Made

Beers have many types and subtypes, and it’s hard to get to know all of them in one sitting. However, for blonde beers, you might have heard this name in passing. So, what is a blonde beer, and why is it popular? Well, there are various reasons for that, transcending its pretty appearance and fizz. … Read more

Radler Beer Guide Taste, Made & Famous Brands

Radler Beer Guide: Taste, Made & Famous Brands

Siping a refreshing drink is an excellent way to cool off. A Radler beer is a perfect way to quench our thirst during hot summer nights. So, what is a Radler beer? It is a low-alcohol beverage made from beer and lemonade. This article will walk you through its features and history. You’ll also learn … Read more

Best Lowest Alcohol Content Beers

15 Best Lowest Alcohol Content Beers

Low-alcohol beers are brews containing reduced alcohol levels compared to standard beers. Nevertheless, this drink possesses the flavor and refreshing satisfaction of standard, alcoholic beers. Over the years, low-alcohol content beers have drawn attention for their excellent quality and taste. Whether you’re cutting back on alcohol or want to enjoy it, low-ABV beers are indeed … Read more

Weiss Beer Guide History, Brewing, Taste, Food Pairings

Weiss Beer Guide: History, Brewing, Taste, Food Pairings

Germany has a long history of brewing and making many of the best beers in the world. One of these famous blends is Weiss beer. With this Weiss beer guide, you will learn about its history, process, and flavor profile in no time. What is Weiss Beer? Color Range: 2 to 6 SRM Original Gravity: … Read more

Saison Beer Guide Style, History, Flaver, Made & Serving Tips

Saison Beer Guide: Style, History, Flaver, Made & Serving Tips

Checking thousands of beer types with an interesting flavor is complex. You have to unpack loads of information and beer profiles to know which suits your taste. Saison beer should be your next drink to know about. Saison beer has become the standard-bearer of the Belgian beer style because of its unique flavor. It has … Read more

28 Most Popular Root Beer Brands

28 Most Popular Root Beer Brands

While root beer has historical ties to traditional herbal remedies, it is now one of the most in-demand sodas in the United States. And you are probably here to find the best root beer for you and your event. So here are 28 of the most popular root beer brands you should check out! 1. A&W … Read more