About Us

We Just Love Beer

Unknown Brewing is a thriving community of beer enthusiasts. Our mission is to make beer and brewing approachable. We tackle subjects like beer styles, brewing techniques, and local breweries.

Beer Style Guides

There are over 100 different beer styles in the world. And ever so often, a new one pops up. Learn the nuances of different beer styles with our beer style guides.

We highlight the ingredients and brewing equipment you need to brew them. We explain the brewing processes involved in making different brewing styles. We also reveal the best food pairings of certain beer styles.

Brewing Guides 

Information and education are our strongest suits. We use practical recipes and YouTube videos to explain how to brew. We also offer useful tips and hacks to help you build your own recipe.

Brewery Guides

Craft brewing has been on the up in recent decades. Don’t you hate it when you show up to a new city and don’t know the best spots? Sure, you can log on to Yelp, but none of their reviewers are beer enthusiasts. With our brewery guides, we’ll let you know where the party’s at and what prices to expect.

We’ll give you the addresses and phone numbers so you don’t get lost.

Our Mission

Unknown Breing is on a mission to educate and inform. Whatever your beer or brewing question, we will help you out. Unknown Brewing is run by beer enthusiasts just like you, homebrewers like yourself.

Combined, we have been through thousands of challenges. And we have learned from each one. We’re eager to teach you everything we’ve learned.

Learn About Beer

If you’re curious about different beer styles, we have the articles for you. Whichever the beer style, just search for it, and you’ll find it. We structure our beer guides so they are easy to understand. We always leave a beer style overview that highlights the flavor and aroma of each beer style.

We also include recommendations that advise you on serving temperatures, appropriate glassware, and food pairings.

Discover Local Breweries

Our articles also help you discover the best breweries in different locations. We include phone numbers and addresses so you can find the best local breweries. Wherever you travel in the country, we’ll point you to the best brewery.

Find the Best Beers in the World

Every country in the world has something to offer. Germany evolved beer into what it is today, and the United Kingdom gave us the Imperial Stout. We travel to different countries and try to find the most popular beers in those nations. Are you planning a trip outside the country? Check-in with us. We’ll find you the most popular beers in your destination country.

Do it Yourself

Everybody loves a good DIY project, and Unknown Brewing is no different. We have DIY plans that will help you build brewing equipment at low costs. Or help you construct thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Have fun and turn on your creativity; Unknown Brewing is with you.

Meet the Team

Unknown Brewing was founded by Michael Chambers. And to implement his vision, he had to build the right team. Without further ado, the dream team:

Michael S. Chambers: Founder and Homebrewer

Michael S. Chambers unknown brewing

As a homebrewer, Michael would get frustrated about the lack of brewing information on the internet. After hundreds of gallons of spoilt batches, Micheal had enough. And he founded Unknown Brewing as a resource for homebrewers.

Initially, Michael meant for the blog to be about homebrewing. He envisioned it as a haven for novice and aspiring brewers.

But as the blog grew, so did his vision. Micheal started posting general information articles that would appeal to the regular beer enthusiast. He started doing beer reviews, beer style comparisons, and even listing the best breweries in different states.

This strategy grew Unknown Brewing into the renowned beer blog it is today. So raise your glasses and steins to Micheal, the leader of this movement.

Sandra B. King: Marketing Girl and Beer Connoisseur

Sandy is our marketing girl and the most sober person in the room. She’s the one that maintains sanity in our weakly meetings. Sandy snatched her marketing degree from Texas A&M University in 2015. Since leaving the Aggies, she has racked up over seven years of SEO and Digital Marketing experience.

But don’t let those big brains fool you for a second. Sandy is a passionate connoisseur of exotic beers. She’s the reason why we list beers from different countries. Besides Mexico, Italy is her second favorite beer destination.

Sandra B. King is a wife and mother of two. The marketing genius is also a beer enthusiast. Even though she doesn’t brew beers, she can whip up a mean content marketing strategy. If you find us on Google, thank Sandy.

Sybil R. Higgins: Chief Editor and Amerteur Homebrewer

Sybil R Higgins graduated from the University of Chicago with an English major. Go Maroons! As our Editor in Chief, Sybil reviews all the content we put out. Someone has to make sure we dot all our i’s and cross or t’s.

Sybil’s heart beats for beer, but she lives for the outdoors. Hiking and biking are some of her favorite activities. And she does this with a smile on her face and her dog on her side.

Since joining Unknown Brewing, she’s taken up homebrewing. She’s still an amateur, sticking to extract recipes and brewing light pilsners. But she’s a better beer consumer. Her favorite beer styles are IPAs and sours.

Sybil lives in Orange County with her golden retriever, Bella.

Liam Kuo: Contributor and Homebrewer

Liam Kuo is a Chinese American homebrewer and contributor to Unknown Brewing. His interest in brewing peaked when he visited San Diego’s Mission Brewery. To this day, he always reminds us of that moment. That trip inspired his piece about the 15 best Breweries in San Diego.

Liam is a sucker for craft beers and a junky for brewery trips. These passions turned him into an avid homebrewer. And his favorite brew; Belgian beers. Liam has participated in multiple beer competitions over the years.

He hasn’t won any, but we encourage him for his effort.