28 DIY Earring Holder Ideas

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15 Popular Swiss Beer Brands

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12 Best Beers that Won’t Worsen Your Gout

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8 Popular Australian Beers You Need to Try

8 Popular Australian Beers You Need to Try

Beer drinking is essential to Australian culture. Aussies have favorite beer styles depending on their hometowns. But some of them are nationally popular. The most popular Australian beers include: Tooheys New Coopers Original Pale Ale Victoria Bitter Carlton Draught James Squire 150 Lashes XXXX Gold Iron Jack Lager Young Henrys Newtowner This guide outlines everything … Read more

Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer Guide and Facts

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11 Popular Types of Coffee Beer to Try

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Sweet Beer Guide: Taste, Types, Brewing & Popular Brands

In the beer world, there’s something for everyone. Some people like their beers strong, and others enjoy light beers. Others go for full-bodied beers for their creamy textures. Others just want something refreshing to wind down a hot day. Some people like hoppy beers, and some want something a little sweet and friendly to the … Read more

Popular French Beers

12 Popular French Beers to Try 2023

France is known for many things; its exquisite fashion, its delicious cuisine, timeless wines, and its exceptional performance in the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups. France gave us Champagne and Cognac, which are superior beverages in their own right. But how does France measure up in terms of the beers they brew? Join us … Read more


805 Beer Guide: More Than Just a Blonde Ale

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