Ukrainian Beers

Toast to Ukraine: 12 Popular Ukrainian Beers

Most of us know Ukraine for its resilient effort in resisting the Russian invasion. But is that a fair reputation to have, fighting a war you never asked for? Today, we are changing the narrative the only way we know how; beer. We’ll be looking at the Ukrainian beer scene and asking the question, “What … Read more


14 Popular Korean Beers You Must Try Now

You know Korea for its consumer electronics and its cheap and reliable cars. But is this everything that Korea has to offer? What about their beers? Which brands are Korea’s most popular beers? Well, let’s find out. But before we get into it, here’s something to keep in mind. While we use the words “Korea” … Read more


18 Popular Canadian Beers You Can’t Miss in 2023

Canada has quite the brewing heritage. Beer was brought to Canada by European settlers in the 1600s. Their brewing culture has survived prohibition (yes, they also had alcohol prohibition) and harsh winters to become what it is today. But have you ever wondered what are the most popular Canadian Beers? We did too, and we … Read more

Corona Beer Revealed History, Variants, Flavors and More

Corona Beer Revealed: History, Variants, Flavors and More

Corona is not only one of the best-selling Mexican beers in America but also around the world. Available in over 150 countries across all continents, Corona sits comfortably among the world’s top five best-selling beer brands. But how well do you know your Corona beers? In this guide, we’ll discuss the Corona brand, the beers … Read more

Belgian Beers

15 Popular Belgian Beers 2023

Sometimes, all it takes to relax is a bottle of good ice-cold beer. If you enjoy Belgian beers’ yeasty, complex, and bright taste, here are 15 popular Belgian beers for a refreshing drinking night with loved ones. This list will help you skim through and see what you like according to the occasion. 1. Achel 8 … Read more


20 Popular Mexican Beers to Try

Mexico has a rich brewing heritage. Beer was introduced by German immigrants who brought with them a little taste of home. Beer caught on, and many breweries erupted from the beverage’s popularity. Today, beer is one of Mexico’s biggest exports. We all love Mexican beers, but what are the most popular beers in Mexico? This … Read more


20 Popular Sour Beers You Need to Try Right Now

The craft beer scene in the United States has exploded in recent decades. This boom has revived previously unknown beer styles. Sour Beer or Sours is a beer style that has enjoyed attention thanks to the craft beer boom. Today, beer menus are packed with Belgian Lambics, Flanders red ales, German Gose, and Berliner Weisse. … Read more


What is Festbier and How to Make it?

Oktoberfest and Festbier go hand in hand. Festbier is German for “Festival Beer,” and it is the official beer of Oktoberfest. But what is Festbier? Festbier is a traditional pale German lager. It is deep gold in appearance with impeccable clarity. Also known as Oktoberfestbier, Festbier is the official beer of Oktoberfest. Color Range 4-7 … Read more


Imperial Beer: Decoding Their Unique Characteristics and Styles

While browsing through the shelves of your local liquor store, you may have noticed terms like “Imperial Russian Stout” and “Imperial IPA.” But have you ever stopped to wonder what an imperial beer is? Imperial beer is a style of high-end liquor. Beers in this class are brewed to yield high alcohol levels and rich … Read more


10 Popular Hop-Free Beers: Hopless Beers Worth Tasting

Hop-free beers have minimal to no amount of hops in their ingredients. While avid beer drinkers know that hops contribute significantly to a beer’s flavor and bitterness, some people seek out alternative flavor profiles. For them, hop-free beers can present interesting and complex flavors distinct from traditional hop-forward beers. These hop-less beers offer a different … Read more