9 Steps to DIY a Glycol Chiller

Brewing is a process of precision. You need to measure out your ingredients and run certain processes under precise temperatures. Boiling, for example, requires you to crank up the heat. The next process (fermentation) needs you to cool the wort to 68°F. Letting the wort cool naturally is one way to do it, but it … Read more


16 DIY Wort Chiller Plans

Your wort is most vulnerable to bacterial contamination between boiling and fermentation. You must pitch your yeast and seal your fermentation vessel immediately after boiling. But it’s hard to do this when you must wait for the wort to cool. One device that helps save time during cooling is the wort chiller. This device brings … Read more

20 DIY Beer Gift Plans to Try

They say it is better to give than to receive. But what type of gift do you give a fellow beer enthusiast? The best gifts come from the heart; nothing is more thoughtful than a gift that reflects the recipient’s interests. We scoured the internet for the best DIY beer gift plans. We’ve got ideas … Read more


14 Easy DIY Beer Mug Plans

Since humans learned to manipulate glass, the beer mug has never truly evolved. Walk into any bar, and you’ll see it, a bulky glass jar with a handle. What if I told you that beer mugs don’t have to be that boring? What if I told you that you can make an esthetically superior beer … Read more

20 Best DIY Beer Keezer Plans

If you don’t know what a keezer is, it’s a chest freezer that turned into an upcycled refrigerated beer dispenser—aka a kegerator. That being said, constructing your version looks like quite a demanding task! I am here to make your dream keezer project a reality! This list of 20 Best DIY Keezer Plans will provide … Read more

5 Steps To Make Ginger Beer With Just 3 Ingredients

Ginger beer is a sweetened carbonated drink produced through natural fermentation. It is known for its myriad of proven health benefits, like lowering cancer risk, relieving nausea, and preventing diabetes. And the good thing about it is you can brew it in your own home with just three ingredients. If you want to know how … Read more

Beer Bong Plans

19 DIY Beer Bong Plans (Must-Try)

Get ready for a wild ride of fun and creativity when you DIY your own beer bong! Not only will it be less expensive than buying a boring one from stores or online, but you’ll also have the opportunity to customize it according to your preferences. From flamingo-shaped designs to 6-person beer bongs—we’ve got all … Read more


21 DIY Beer Bar Plans For Any Occasion

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DIY Beer Gun Plans

10 DIY Beer Gun Plans Like a Pro

Brewing your beer is an exciting accomplishment, but sometimes you must package it to share it with the world. Whether you want to enter your bottle in a competition or gift it to a friend, you’ll need a suitable bottle filler. Beer guns are effective bottle fillers. They minimize the risk of oxidation while eliminating … Read more

DIY Beer Bouquet Plans That You Should Try

20 DIY Beer Bouquet Plans That You Should Try

Are you in the search for a best gift for someone who loves to drink beer? Or you just want to have fun with some arts and crafts to cure your boredom? Well, these 20 DIY Beer Bouquet Plans are the best solution for you! 1. DIY Alcohol & Candy Bouquet If you are looking … Read more