Dark Beer Guide Taste, Color, Made, Characteristics

Dark Beer Guide: Taste, Color, Made, Characteristics

In any type of food and beverage, people have their favorites and preferences. If you are someone who likes roasted and velvety beers, you should get to know more about dark beers. With more exploration, you are welcomed into a world of aroma and flavors. So, what is dark beer? Get to know them better. … Read more

Gose Beer Guide History,Taste, Type, Made, Serving

Gose Beer Guide: History,Taste, Type, Made, Serving

While searching for new beer types, you must have encountered one called Gose Beer. With its unique taste, it may have surely piqued your interest, thus bringing you here to our article. Let us answer the question “what is a gose beer?” and “how is it made?”. For everyone who doesn’t know, Gose beer (pronounced … Read more

Wheat Beer Guide History, Characteristic, Type & Made

Wheat Beer Guide: History, Characteristic, Type & Made

Wheat beer is a prevalent type of beer. Being around since antiquity, it has many variations to explore. However, many don’t know what is wheat beer and its remarkable history and brewing process. Don’t worry! This article is here to help and guide you. Wheat Beer Overview Type of Beer Wheat Beer Color Range 2 … Read more

What is Shandy Beer (With 20 Best Refreshing Recipes)

What is Shandy Beer? (With 19 Best Refreshing Recipes)

Got a lemonade, fruit juice, or beer at home? Then, you have the perfect ingredients for a light and refreshing shandy beer. Hailed as the awaited drink of the season, people love shandy beers for their lightness, low alcohol content, and versatility! If this beer sparks your curiosity, scroll down, and together let’s discover what … Read more

Pilsner Beer History, Styles, Characteristics

Pilsner Beer: History, Styles, Characteristics

“What is Pilsner beer?” If that is the exact question playing on your mind today, you came to the right place! Today will be all about this beer. We will go through its history, basics, styles, and much more! We have plenty to talk about, so get a bottle or can of Pilsner beer, and … Read more

Ale VS Lager What's Difference

Ale VS Lager: What’s Difference?

Today, beer is no longer, well, just beer! There are now pilsners, stouts, IPAs, and many more! With that, being a zythophile could both be delightful but, at the same time, baffling. Well, allow us to help you clear up some confusion for today. Let us talk about the difference between ale and lager in … Read more

Amber Beer Guide Origin, Taste, Characteristics & Drinking Tips

Amber Beer Guide: Origin, Taste, Characteristics & Drinking Tips

Beers exist in a wide range of colors and flavors. One example is the vibrant amber beer. So, what is amber beer? It’s an American term that refers to beers that go from golden red to crimson. Aside from its exciting colors, amber beer has a distinct, unforgettable taste. Read on to learn more about … Read more

What is Birch Beer (History, Taste, Made)

What is Birch Beer? (History, Taste, Made)

What comes to mind when the word “Birch Beer” is mentioned? Surely anyone will think that it is an alcoholic beverage because it has the word beer in it, but Birch beer is far from being an alcoholic drink; in fact, it is more than that. What is birch beer, exactly? Well, I’m here to … Read more

Lambic Beer Guide History, Brewing, Taste, Food Pairings

Lambic Beer Guide: History, Brewing, Taste, Food Pairings

Lambic beer is one of the most famous Belgian ales in the market. With its distinct sour taste, it stands as one of the sought-after beers. It even has the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) stamp, regulating its quality and process. For a glass or bottle to be considered Lambic beer, it must come from the Brussels area … Read more

Stella Beer Guide Flavor, History, Popularity, Beer Comparisons

Stella Beer Guide: Flavor, History, Popularity, Beer Comparisons

Stella beer, or what the world knows as Stella Artois, is a Belgian pale lager. It has been tagged as the best lager in Belgium, and its rich background will certainly back up this claim. So, what is Stella beer? What does it taste like, and why is it controversial in today’s beer scene? Let’s … Read more