What is Birch Beer (History, Taste, Made)

What is Birch Beer? (History, Taste, Made)

What comes to mind when the word “Birch Beer” is mentioned? Surely anyone will think that it is an alcoholic beverage because it has the word beer in it, but Birch beer is far from being an alcoholic drink; in fact, it is more than that. What is birch beer, exactly? Well, I’m here to … Read more

Lambic Beer Guide History, Brewing, Taste, Food Pairings

Lambic Beer Guide: History, Brewing, Taste, Food Pairings

Lambic beer is one of the most famous Belgian ales in the market. With its distinct sour taste, it stands as one of the sought-after beers. It even has the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) stamp, regulating its quality and process. For a glass or bottle to be considered Lambic beer, it must come from the Brussels area … Read more

Stella Beer Guide Flavor, History, Popularity, Beer Comparisons

Stella Beer Guide: Flavor, History, Popularity, Beer Comparisons

Stella beer, or what the world knows as Stella Artois, is a Belgian pale lager. It has been tagged as the best lager in Belgium, and its rich background will certainly back up this claim. So, what is Stella beer? What does it taste like, and why is it controversial in today’s beer scene? Let’s … Read more

What is Nitro Beer

What is Nitro Beer?

The beer industry is growing at a steady pace. Several trends have delighted many beer lovers all over the world. One rising star in the beverage world is nitro beer. So, what is nitro beer? It’s short for nitrogenated beer, a creamy drink with a luscious foam. This article will walk you through the history … Read more

What Does Beer Taste Like

What Does Beer Taste Like? (Here’s the Ultimate Answer)

Has it ever crossed your mind what a beer tastes like? Beer flavors can go from sweet to sour and bitter depending on its ingredients, age, and storing process. You’ll sometimes meet beers with flavors different from what you’ve tasted. So, if you’re curious, check your new brewing best friend, our ultimate flavor guide, and … Read more

Session Beer 101 Origin, Trends, & Popular Varieties

Session Beer 101: Origin, Trends, & Popular Varieties

Once you navigate the world of beers, you can stumble upon the term “session beer.” You’ll find it everywhere, from beer and can bottle to labels and descriptions. On top of everything, there’s a rising popularity of session beers among beer lovers. But what exactly is a session beer? There’s no more guessing. If you’re … Read more

Bock Beer Guide History, Style, Storage, Serving & Food Pairings

Bock Beer Guide: History, Style, Storage, Serving & Food Pairings

If you appreciate beers on the firmer side, you have most likely heard of bock beer. Though its name sounds simple enough, this type of beer is more than meets the eye. Bock beers are fascinating, and if you want to appreciate and enjoy them properly, a good background will help. Bock Beer Overview Alcohol … Read more

Kolsch Beer Guide Taste, Brewing, Serving, Food Pairings

Kolsch Beer Guide: Taste, Brewing, Serving, Food Pairings

Germany has a lot of things to offer, including beer. And you don’t have to wait for Oktoberfest to try whatever beer you are eyeing. If there’s a beer that you should check out, it’s the Kolsch Beer. What is a Kolsch Beer, and why should you know about it? Kolsch Beer: An Introduction Beer … Read more

Light Beer 101 History, Taste, Flavor Profile & Best Brands

Light Beer 101: History, Taste, Flavor Profile & Best Brands

So, what is light beer? You might think that avid beer drinkers will prefer robust and heavy beers because of the nature of this beverage. However, light beer is actually the most popular and most-sold kind of beer in the United States. Even independent breweries craft more light beers than those of heavier and richer … Read more

Porter Beer Guide History, Styles, Serving & Pairings

Porter Beer Guide: History, Styles, Serving & Pairings

Coffee is not the only beverage with a dark selection; beers have too! Porter beers have deep ruby brown to black. This type of beer has a rich, chocolatey or caramel flavor. Its well-balanced characteristics will get you hooked. Porter beer has been around since the late 17th Century, and it has been a significant … Read more