15 Best Breweries in Nashville, TN

Looking for a top-notch brewery in Nashville, TN? Don’t settle until you find the perfect place – so come prepared to explore. There’s still a lot to explore and get to know when it cmes to breweries in Nashville. Here are the 15 best breweries in Nashville, TN, to start your search.

1. Jackalope Brewing Company – The Ranch

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 429B Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-873-4313

This vibrant, exciting brewery is the perfect place for those looking to try something new or still trying to find their favorite brew.  This place boasts a range of colorful and flavorful options that promises an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a beer-filled evening alone or with your loved ones or colleagues after that stressful day of work. Breathe in some fresh air while imbibing one of many varieties on offer – microbrews and craft beers just for starters. The spacious setting also invites large crowds to relax and celebrate.


2. Bearded Iris Brewing

  • Price: $
  • Address: 101 Van Buren St, Nashville, TN 37208, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-928-7988


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For those looking for a truly classic brew-tasting experience, Bearded Iris Brewing is the place to go! Located in an atmosphere of refreshing space and Southern style that delights both your beer palate and sense of sight, they serve up their beloved brews with pride.

Not only do customers appreciate their quality products but also recognize that they take feedback seriously as part of crafting unforgettable experiences. Swing by this brewery soon to explore some good old fashioned home brewing with plenty of styles.


3. Blackstone Brewing Co

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 2312 Clifton Ave Suite B, Nashville, TN 37209, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-320-9002

Blackstone Brewing Co

Take a journey through flavor and explore Blackstone Brewing Co’s diverse beer selection! From year-round favorites to seasonal brews, there is something for everyone.  They have a lot of interesting flavors that will take your palate on a trip.

The passionate and knowledgeable staff at the brewery are always available to answer your questions about their beers or even share a few stories.


4. Tennessee Brew Works

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 809 Ewing Ave, Nashville, TN 37203, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-436-0050

Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works offers a unique and immersive experience for you, your friends, and family. The industrial-style atmosphere is warm yet inviting with live music to fill the air as you savor delicious drinks from their brewery.

Come relax in comfort while taking in all that this charming spot has to offer! They also serve lots of good food to accompany your glass, so you have many combinations to choose from.

If you want to enjoy your drink with a good charcuterie board, Tennessee Brew Works’ serves good ones and are recommended by customers.


5. New Heights Brewing Company

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 928 Rep. John Lewis Way S, Nashville, TN 37203, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-490-6901

New Heights Brewing Company may appear small in comparison to other breweries, but it packs a punch of character and charm! From unique craft beer brews crafted with care by their passionate staff to welcoming tours where you can discover the secrets behind every sip – there is something for everyone here.

An array of excellent flavors awaits your palate on their diverse menu made from locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring that no matter what flavor profile preference you have, New Heights has got you covered.


6. Barrique Brewing and Blending

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 30 Oldham St, Nashville, TN 37213, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-678-8535

For beer-lovers with a penchant for sourness, Barrique Brewing and Blending is the place to be. At this renowned brewery you can expect artisanal beers crafted with an attention to detail that sets them apart from others – not least of all due their cozy atmosphere where they offer plenty of space for parking!

The atmosphere is friendly and comfy, with the right equipment and serving style. Customers who like sour beers highly recommend this place, so if you are part of the sour beer lovers club, you might visit Barrique Brewing and Blending and give their beers a shot.


7. Smith & Lentz Brewing and Pizza

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 903 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-649-8761


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Smith & Lentz Brewing and Pizza is a great spot for people looking to spice up their night with something extra delicious like beers and pizzas. With an array of brews available, each sip can be enjoyed all the more when paired with one of their top notch pizzas – truly some of the tastiest around.

Good customer service is non-negotiable in any establishment, and Smith and Lentz ensure they give you the best experience while being comfortable. Indeed, their beer plus pizza combination is a popular must-try for past customers.


8. East Nashville Beer Works

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 320 E Trinity Ln, Nashville, TN 37207, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-891-3108

East Nashville Beer Works is a relatively smaller place filled with smiles, good drinks, and good food. If you like to enjoy your glass with an entire course of filling food, then they have it for you, serving a variety of dishes from pizzas to salads and appetizers, and you can enjoy them with your favorite brew from their menu.

First-time drinkers are very welcome, with so much to choose from the menu; IPAs, ales, and many more.


9. Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 800 44th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-678-5715

Fat Bottom Brewing Co. is the perfect spot to get together with friends and enjoy one of their many specialty brews, ranging from IPAs and lagers to a variety of stouts!

Their menu is extensive so you have a lot to choose from. Enjoy your drinks inside or soak up some sun outside while you sip – this creative industrial space has plenty of options for everyone.


10. Southern Grist Brewing Company – East Nashville Taproom

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 754 Douglas Ave, Nashville, TN 37207, United States
  • Phone: +1 629-203-7159

Neat and tasty are the first things you can say about this brewery. At this spot, you don’t have to choose between drinks and food – they’ve got it all! Their extensive selection of beverages gives the perfect accompaniment for their delicious menu items.

So come by and pair your favorite beers with good food. Who wouldn’t love a place filled with good food and, most of all, good beer? The atmosphere is chill; you can tell it’s a place to relax and have fun.


11. The Black Abbey Brewing Company, LLC

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 2952 Sidco Dr, Nashville, TN 37204, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-755-0070

From the warm smiles to fantastic service, this place is an oasis for restful respite after a long day at work. There’s always something we want to do when looking for relaxation and if beer drinking is for you, then indulge yourself.

Enjoy knowing you’re in great hands as their friendly staff ensures your stay here will be even more special than imagined. With their beer options, you can also order snacks, so you have something to munch with it. The place is clean and well-kept, so it’s comfortable to lounge and relax.


12. Czann’s Brewing Company

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 4909 Indiana Ave, Nashville, TN 37209, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-748-1399


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Czann’s Brewing Company is an unapologetically straightforward place where you can enjoy beers of a specific style of your preference. They pride themselves in their unique, cozy space and simple, uncomplicated beer names.

This is also a pet-friendly space, so if you happen to have a pet you want to take somewhere to chill, you can visit this place. Overall, it’s a really cool place with good stuff to offer.


13. TailGate Brewery Music Row

  • Price: $
  • Address: 1538 Demonbreun St, Nashville, TN 37203, United States
  • Phone: +1 629-702-5914


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TailGate Brewery Music Row is a wonderful place with great energy– it’s lively plus serves good drinks and food; it’s a perfect place to unwind.

You can also opt to enjoy your beer on their patio and take in the lovely scenery. They serve some of the most famous beer partners, like pizza and fries, and they are reasonable, complementing the beers really well.


14. Harding House Brewing Co.

  • Price: $
  • Address: 904 51st Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-678-1047

Step into Harding House Brewing Co. for a relaxed yet unforgettable experience! With its cozy atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to make new memories or celebrate special occasions with loved ones – all while enjoying outstanding craft beers you won’t find anywhere else.

They also utilize local grains, which makes their beers stand out, and their bar is handmade– how awesome is that?


15. Bold Patriot Brewing Company

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 410 39th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209, United States
  • Phone: +1 615-678-8250

At Patriot Brewery, beer lovers can enjoy a wide range of patriotic-themed brews in an atmosphere full of fun and enthusiasm. With its delightful bartender providing the perfect company for your drinks, it’s a great place to spend time with friends while raising a glass.

Their staff is knowledgeable about their craft, and there are also many options to choose from. Whatever your preferred style is in a beer, they ought to have something for you to enjoy.


These 15 best breweries in Nashville, TN are a great start for your beer-drinking journey– you will taste the different distinct flavors each brewery can offer and experience a lot of atmospheres. This way, you find a shoe with a perfect fit; it will be filled with fun drinking experiences, so buckle up!

Best Breweries in Nashville, TN

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