Bottoms Up: What Is Ginger Beer?

If you love trying new beverages, ginger beer is something you should not miss! Some people might think that ginger is only an ingredient in herbal or medicinal drinks. But that’s where they are wrong! So what is Ginger beer all about, and what is the buzz all about?

Introducing The Ginger Beer: What Kind Of Drink Is This?

Introducing The Ginger Beer What Kind Of Drink Is This

Despite the name, Ginger Beer is not entirely like the beers we know. It’s actually a carbonated beverage with ginger as its core ingredient. Yes, that ancient root crop that you have in your kitchen. Since it has gone through the carbonation process, some consider Ginger beer as a soft drink.

The Ginger beers we have today are mostly non-alcoholic. There are some companies out there that produce Ginger beers with a little bit of alcohol.

If it’s your first time opening a can or bottle of Ginger beer, you might be surprised about its taste and texture. Since it’s a carbonated drink, expect some fizz. Expect a kick of that ginger taste once you take a sip.

You taste buds might also perceive a spiciness near the end. And don’t be surprised if there’s also a lemon or zesty flavor. Some Ginger beer makers add citrus during the production process.

The Ginger beer we know today might not be the same as the ones made in the 17th or 18th century. The Ginger beer they had that time was more alcoholic in nature. It went through a fermentation process, similar to the common beers.

This type of beverage was popular in Victorian England. And it also made its way to other English territories, including the United States. The alcoholic version of Ginger beer somehow lost its popularity when Prohibition started. People opted for other beverages, such as Ginger Ale.

Ginger beer seems to be doing very well these days. It’s becoming even more popular, with its market expected to thrive and grow until 2030.

The Benefits: Pros Of Ginger Beer

The Benefits Pros Of Ginger Beer

It’s not everything that we get to say healthy and beer in one sentence. But that seems to be the case with Ginger beer. Find out why more and more people have tried drinking this and why you should start doing the same!

An Non-Alcoholic Alternative

The saying “variety is the Spice of Life” also rings true for the beverage industry. With Ginger beer around, people have more options. This an interesting alternative, especially for those who miss that feeling of drinking beer but can’t have any of it due to its alcoholic content.

As mentioned, there are some Ginger beers containing alcohol. It’s always best to check the label or packaging before consumption. You have to make the confirmation first before taking a sip, or else you might end up drinking something you should be avoiding.

Ginger Beer: The Healthy Alternative

As with other carbonated and alcoholic beverages, you should drink Ginger beer in moderation. As we know, there are many studies about the health effects of ginger on our bodies. While chewing on fresh ginger might be too extreme for our liking, we have something like Ginger beer as a stand-in.

One of the benefits of consuming something made of ginger, like this beer, is its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is something that damages the body, especially if it happens often.

It can destroy your healthy cells, accelerating the development of severe illnesses. If you are feeling some musculoskeletal pain, drinking Ginger beer might help alleviate the discomfort.

Drinking too many alcoholic beers would often leave you with a hangover. You might have a headache, nausea, and whatnot. Well, that is not the case with Ginger beer.

It helps with relieving various kinds of pain. If you also need to detoxify your body, grab a Ginger beer as soon as you can. It might aid in getting rid of toxins and cleaning your body.

The process of making Ginger beer involves fermentation. And it produces probiotics that are beneficial to the body, specifically the digestive system.

The probiotics found in Ginger beer might be able to maintain and improve healthy gut health. You can’t always find probiotics in other drinks, so drinking Ginger beer is something we should try from time to time.

Brewing Traditional Ginger Beer At Home

Over the years, more and more breweries have produced Ginger beer. Nowadays, you can see various kinds of Ginger beers in supermarkets or bars. If you are feeling experimental, you can actually make your own Ginger beer at home. Yes, channel your inner brewer and concoct this drink at home.

It Starts With The Ginger Beer Plant

It Starts With The Ginger Beer Plant

If you are going the, more or less, traditional route, you will need a Ginger Beer Plant. A Ginger Beer Plant is like a living concoction. It contains living organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungus. It is an essential component of your Ginger beer and will serve as some sort of base.

Before you commit to this, you should know that it’s not going to be easy. If you get it right the first time, then luck must be on your side. If things don’t go according to plan, you can always find a credible source for Ginger Beer Plants in the market.

Here are the things you need to start making Ginger Beer Plant:

  • Ginger (Grounded)
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Zest

On the first day, just put all these ingredients together in a jar. Just leave it to do its own thing for the next two to three days.

After that time, you should start the feeding process. Every single day, for the next seven days, drop some ground ginger and sugar. After a week, the liquid mix is ready, and you can begin making the actual Ginger beer.

Homemade Ginger Beer Making 101

Homemade Ginger Beer Making 101

Your Ginger beer is slowly coming together, so let’s continue with the rest of the process. And this is where the Ginger Beer Plant you have been growing comes in.

Strain the Ginger Beer Plant well into a basin, bowl, or container. And set it aside until further notice. The volume of the Ginger Beer Plant depends on how much you need, so strain at your discretion.

Now let’s move on to the next step, which involves adding sugar to a pot of boiling water. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then add grated ginger for more kick and flavor into the mixture.

When that’s all set, wait for it to cool before moving on to the next part. Once it cools down, strain it and combine it with the Ginger Beer Plant liquid you prepared earlier.

Your Ginger beer is slowly coming together. When you have mixed everything, it’s time to transfer them to a bottle. Pour the Ginger beer into the bottle and seal it. Do not fill the bottle to the brim, or there’s no room for gas emission.

After bottling, store the bottle somewhere dark for about two or three days, depending on how sweet or dry you want the Ginger beer.

Since there’s growing pressure in the bottle, open it at least once daily to reduce the gas. After waiting for a couple of days, your Ginger beer is ready to go! Refrigirate and enjoy it to the maximum!

If this recipe is a little too complicated for you, there are easier recipes you look into. They don’t require you to make Ginger Beer Plant. However, if you want something close to the original Ginger beers of yesteryears, try doing this when you can!

Compare And Contrast: Ginger Beer Brands

It seems there is no stopping the growing Ginger beer industry. If you’re diving deep into Ginger beers, check out some of these brands. There might be something that will surprise you and catch your fancy.



 Flavor Profile

Fever Tree Ginger Beer

$33-$37 (24 bottles)

● Natural Taste

● No Artificial Additions

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

$48 (24 cans)

● Good balance of flavors

Goya Jamaican-Style Ginger Beer

$34-$73 (24 bottles)

● Strong ginger taste

Brooklyn Crafted Extra Spicy Ginger Beer

$34-$44 (12 bottles)

● Vegan

● Pleasant To Drink

Mixology 101: Ginger Beer Cocktails

There’s no problem with drinking Ginger beer on its own. However, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s also a glorious addition to some of the best cocktails. If you want to try some of these, order the following drinks from your favorite bartender and judge them yourself:

Cocktail Name

Major Ingredients

(Plus Ginger Beer)

Features And Flavors

Irish Mule

● Irish Whiskey

● Lime Juice

● Refreshing

● Spicy

Moscow Mule

● Vodka

● Lime

● Great combination of earthy and citrus flavors

Ginger Margarita

● Tequila

● Lime Juice

● Sweet and crisp with tangy hints

Ginger Beer Sangria

● White Wine

● Orange Juice

● Just the right level of sweetness

Go For Gold: Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is no longer a mystery to you! You now have the answer to the burning question “What is Ginger Beer?”. And now that you pretty much know what it’s all about, there is no better way to treat yourself than to open a bottle or two of Ginger beer ASAP!

Bottoms Up What Is Ginger Beer

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