3 Ways To Chug A Beer Fast (5 Tips Before You Do it)

If you have been to parties in the past, you probably have seen people chug beers for whatever reason. If you want to join in on the fun, you have to know what you are doing. One of the things you should know is how to chug a beer fast!

how To Chug A Beer Fast

What’s Chugging, folks?

Chugging is usually attached to beer drinking. It involves drinking a lot of alcohol, usually beer, as fast as people possibly can. Chug probably came from the word “chugalug”.

There are various reasons why people would chug beers. Some might do it for fun or the hell of it. If you want to get drunk at a much faster rate, chugging is the way to go!

If the taste of beer or alcohol isn’t to your liking, but you still want to get intoxicated, chugging might do it for you. There are even amateur and professional beer-chugging competitions around.

One of these days, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to chug beer fast. If you haven’t done it before, chances are you might not know exactly what to do. As this involves alcohol and drinking it at a relatively faster pace, you should, as always, drink responsibly.

What To Do Before Chugging A Beer Fast?

Whether chugging for fun or not, you have to prepare yourself. When you know what you are getting into, especially chugging a beer, you will pay yourself on the back for thinking ahead. With that said, here are a couple of things you should do:

Eat Before You Chug

Eat Before You Chug

One of the golden rules of drinking is to never drink on an empty stomach. It also applies when you might be chugging a beer or two. It doesn’t matter whether you have a high alcohol tolerance.

If you know someone might challenge you to chug a beer at a party or whatever, try eating something before you go. Don’t chug a beer after eating a big meal or if you are very full. Your digestive system wouldn’t like that at all!

Don’t Chug Cold Beer

An iced cold beer sounds like a good idea after a hot day. However, if it’s for chugging purposes, choose a room-temperature beer. If you are chugging a cold beer, its temperature won’t be ideal, especially if it’s freezing. It might be quite uncomfortable, especially for your throat.

Breathing And Swallowing

Breathing And Swallowing

Choking while chugging a beer is a possibility. That’s why you need to prepare your body. You should try taking deep breaths. Before chugging that beer, you should exhale and open your mouth as wide as you can.

Once you have done that, pull a fast one by chugging and swallowing all that beer in one go without pausing to breathe. This helps minimize choking while chugging.

No Beer Bubbles

Most beers that you might come across fall under the carbonated beverage category. It means there’s carbon dioxide inside that can or bottle of beer. You might feel some discomfort if you ingest a lot of gas while chugging beer. It can even lead to nausea.

It’s easy to get rid of the bubbles in the beer you are about to chug. All you have to do is tap the bottom of whatever container the beer is in, and then you can pop off!

Choose The Right Beer To Chug

Choose The Right Beer To Chug

If you’re an avid beer drinker, you pretty well know that not all beers are created equal. And if you’re about to put yourself in a chugging challenge of some sort, you might as well pick the right kind of beer if you can.

If you don’t want to get intoxicated or inebriated easily, choosing a beer with a low alcohol content might do the job. It never hurts to opt for something that tastes good. If you are subjecting yourself to something like chugging a beer, you might as well pick something palatable.

Chugging Beer Fast From Different Sources

Chugging a beer comes in different ways. And to ace them all, you might have to change your chugging strategy accordingly. Here are some tips and tricks to get you through all these chugging challenges as fast as you can:

Guzzling From A Bottle Or A Can

Before chugging beer from a bottle or can, you need to angle it the right way. The most ideal one is the acute angle (45°). The position of the beer will help make it go down your throat faster.

Apart from the angle, you also need your throat to open up to let the gushing beer through. You might need some practice to train your throat on how to do this. Perhaps practicing with water can help you out.

Another trick you can do when chugging a beer is to start drinking at a slower pace. Once your pace picks up, then you can go full speed ahead. [5 Quick Steps to Shotgun a Beer like an Expert]

Quaffing From A Cup/Glass

When pouring a beer into a cup or glass, you will see a lot of bubbles. Wait for these to disappear before you start chugging.

Relaxing before you do any chugging helps, so be chill about this. Breathing is also a key element in being able to chug beer fast from a cup.

If you are ready to chug, start by taking a deep breath first. You also need to lean your head back a little bit, so it would be easier for the beer to pass through your throat. Everything must be done quickly, so you have to be super fast!

Chugging Using A Funnel

Drinking beer via a funnel sounds exciting! And this is also one of the fastest ways to chug a beer!

There are a couple of things you need to make this happen:

  • Funnel
  • Tube
  • Good Beer

Before you do anything, make sure the funnel and tube are clean! Chugging a beer using a funnel also requires a little bit of teamwork. Someone has to hold up the beer bong for you.

If you are ready to start this thrilling drinking game, you should kneel, hold the tube with both hands, breathe in and out deeply, and put the end of the tube inside your mouth. Hold the tube with your hands as securely as possible, so it won’t fall and spill once the beer starts flowing and the pressure is on.

Dangers Of Chugging Beer Fast

Chugging a beer is all fun and games until it goes wrong. While we don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone during a chugging fest, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before you agree to chug a beer, know the pros and cons before it’s too late

Choking Hazard

Choking is one of the hazards you should watch out for when chugging a substantial amount of beer in one go. If you are new to beer chugging, choking is inevitable.

Those who have mastered beer chugging without choking might have enough practiced and enough experience. If you know you are prone to choking, perhaps it’s not the best idea to chug a beer as fast as you can.

Impairment Of Body Functions

As with most alcoholic beverages, chugging beer affects your mind and body. You lose control of your motor skills and so much more.

Depending on how much alcohol you can handle, chugging one bottle of beer won’t automatically impair you. However, if you drink more than what your body can hold, then that’s when you start losing yourself. With that said, you have to know your limits at all times.

Alcohol Poisoning

Chugging beers in quick succession might not be the best idea. Even if you have experienced drinking a lot of beer, it doesn’t mean you won’t go through something as serious as alcohol poisoning.

Watch out for your blood alcohol content (BAC) level if you are binge drinking via beer chugging.

Even after you have chugged the last beer, it would take quite some time before your BAC stops increasing. When the level is more than what your body can handle or control, then the risk of alcohol poisoning becomes higher.

If you want to know how much beer you can chug without putting yourself in harm’s way, a BAC calculator might be able to help you.

Don’t Chug And Drive

Don’t Chug And Drive

Every year, more than 10,000 people lose their lives drunk driving-related incidents in the United States. That’s just in one country. Can you imagine how many drunk driving deaths happen every year around the world?

If you have decided to chug a beer, remember that it comes with liabilities and responsibilities. And one of the main ones includes driving. Whatever happens, avoid chugging beers and driving after.

After chugging copious amounts of beer and getting drunk, you know you are in no shape or form to drive. Remember this the next time someone convinces you to chug beers.

Chug It Fast And Win

It’s always an advantage in a drinking challenge if you know how to chug a beer fast and in the best possible way. However, before and after chugging a beer, don’t forget about your limits and responsibilities to yourself and others!

Chug A Beer Fast

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