5 Quick Steps to Shotgun a Beer like an Expert

There’s nothing more beautiful than enjoying and savoring a cold beer! Imagine having it while lazing and chilling in a bar with your buddies. Or maybe drinking it straight in ten seconds flat without soaking your clothes might sound tempting to you.

To shotgun a beer is a fun way to drink cold beer. So whether you’re preparing for the hottest party in town or just dreamt of chugging your beer straight, you are in the perfect place. This blog will give some hints about how you can shotgun a beer faster than a pro!

The Art & Beauty of Shotgunning a Beer

The Art & Beauty of Shotgunning a Beer

Come to think of it. We’ve always seen shotgunning a beer on teen TV shows, random flicks, or maybe in person. I know you’ve come to a point where you just feel curious about it. If you have the guts to try it yourself, let’s first discover the art and beauty of beer shotguns.

So, what does it really mean to shotgun a beer? To shotgun a beer is to drink at the bottom of the can in a large gulp at speed. At the onset, shotgunning might look intimidating for beginners. But for some, it might only sound like a pretty silly idea. After all, you will smell like beer and burp after shotgunning a beer.

However, the truth is there’s art and beauty behind chugging a beer. When you shotgun a beer, you allow the beer to flow directly without any struggle. It’s like breathing and opening your throat for the beer without swallowing and tasting it. Sounds impressive, right?

Tips to Shotgun a Beer Faster

Yes, I got the idea that shotgunning a beer is fun. One gulp like crazy, and voila, the beer’s gone in no time! In every drinking and party game, chugging a beer is something everybody doesn’t want to skip and miss.

But before you go out and start shotgunning beers, here are some tips to keep, making every beer shotgunning fast, easy, and memorable!

Pick the Best Beers with Precaution

Pick the Best Beers with Precaution

Every beer enthusiast in town would tell you that if it would be your first time to shotgun a beer, it’s best to pick a canned beer. Because people, it’s pretty apparent that a beer bottle might sound off. So, the bottom line is to go for a canned beer.

On top of that, choose a beer you like or have tasted before. After all, it will be difficult to shotgun and drink a beer in one gulp if you’re unfamiliar and don’t like the taste.

Lastly, light beers are the ultimate go-to when you want to shotgun a beer. Always choose beers with low alcohol content since shotgunning means drinking a beer at a quick speed. No more than five percent ABV or alcohol by volume would be perfect!

Find the Perfect Location

Find the Perfect Location

Choosing the right location is essential in every shotgun beer game. After all, we know that shotgunning beer often involves a lot of spilling. Even a pro can spill.

So, to avoid incidents, it will be helpful not to shotgun a beer in slippery or wet spots. Experts tell us that hosting your shotgun beer game outdoors would be best! Believe me-we all want to avoid ruining our carpets or creating a mess on our furniture indoors.

Balconies, boats, and places with few objects might be the perfect location But if you can’t help shotgunning a beer inside your home, do it near the bathtub or sink.

Check the Temperature

Check the Temperature

There’s no absolute rule on the perfect beer temperature you might want to shotgun. Some people would like room temperature or warm beers since they say it’s much easier to gulp. But the truth is warmer beers tend to be foamier. And when the beer’s foamier, it will probably slow the time to drink it.

Conversely, it’s not a good idea to shoot a freezing-cold beer. After all, a brain freeze is not a good idea to entertain. So, if you put beers in the freezer, defrost them for around ten to twenty minutes before you shotgun them.

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Shotgun a Beer like a Pro

The art of shotgunning a beer is fast and easy. However, one wrong move can make us spill the beer and feel embarrassed in return. Regarding safety precautions, we also don’t want a sharp metal exposed that could cut our lips.

But since we know the tips on how to shotgun a beer faster, let’s now walk step-by-step through how you can pull the effort and do it like a pro!

1. Turn the Canned Beer Horizontally

Lay the beer on a table sideways and hold it with your hand. Doing this step is essential since it allows the air bubble inside to flow into the side of the can. Also, turning the can sideways would waste less beer when you make the hole.

Remember that when the canned beer is upright, the air bubble sits on the top. But since you’ll shotgun the beer and drink from the bottom of the can, you must move the air bubble there. So, start doing so by turning the canned beer sideways.

Again, it will be best to pick light beers since swigging flavorful or heavy beers will be much more complicated.

2. Find & Mark the Spot

Find & Mark the Spot

After you move the air bubble on the side of the canned beer, the next step would be finding the spot where you’ll puncture the hole. The perfect location for shotgunning a hole is about 1 inch up or 2.5 cm from the canned beer’s bottom.

Since the aluminum is soft in this position, I’m sure you’ll puncture the canned beer easily. On the other hand, the metal much closer to the can’s bottom proves hard to punch because of its shape.

It’s good to remember that the aluminum can is not of the same texture in all locations of the beer. So, it’s always best to find the sweet spot close to the can’s bottom but the softer part of the metal. One inch up or 2.5 cm centimeters is where the metal gets softer.

After you find the right spot, it’s high time to mark the spot. Slowly press on the canned beer until you feel the pocket of air inside it under your thumb. Push a slight dent to remember where to punch the hole later.

Placing the mark with an indent or slight scratch will make your life easy. It’ll ensure that you cut the perfect spot once you’re ready.

3. Keep a Shotgun Tool or Sharp Object to Puncture the Hole

Keep a Shotgun Tool or Sharp Object to Puncture the Hole

At this point, you might use sharp objects like a knife or key to puncture the canned beer easily. If you use a key, hold its end precisely at the dent you’ve marked with your finger.

In a swift motion, push it down to make a hole in one side of the canned beer. Once this is done, expect some foam or beer to come out of the hole after it’s punctured. While you may use any sharp object you prefer to make the hole, always be cautious. You might not want to punch through the canned beer.

But in cases where you can’t find or don’t have the right tool, you can push the denture confidently using your thumb. With your palm and fingers, brace the other side of the canned beer as you slowly make it in. Move your thumb to the can’s bottom to prevent scraping it on the aluminum.

However, it would be best if you were not timid when you use your thumb. Just push the dent of the can hard, and it will open. In addition, exercise precaution when taking your thumb out. Since the metal is sharp, it could cut the finger.

4. Position your Mouth on the Hole

Position your Mouth on the Hole

Once you properly make and puncture the hole, keep the canned beer in a horizontal position until you’re ready to shotgun. The rule of thumb is the hole should be facing upward, and the canned beer is pointing up to keep the air pocket aligned.

Before drinking, it’s best to position your mouth on the exact spot of the hole. Also, make sure that your lips would keep a solid seal. Once you turn the can vertically later and try to find the hole, you might miss the beer and end up spilling.

5. Turn the Can Vertically

Turn the Can Vertically

Now, let gravity do its work. Tilt the canner of beer vertically. Keep your hand on the tab and open it right away. Tilt your head to the side for easy access.

Then, use your dominant hand and pop the tab swiftly. Opening the tab will allow the air to flow to the canned beer. Finally, beer will start flowing smoothly from the hole.

Want a live video on how you can level up the game and shotgun a beer? Watch this video!

Bottoms Up, Ready, Shotgun!

There are days when you want to savor a beer slowly. But believe me, that day will come when you like to shotgun a beer. After all, it seems pretty exciting and fun. But at least now you’re prepared when the occasion calls for you to shotgun a beer. So, bottoms up, ready, and shotgun!

5 Quick Steps to Shotgun a Beer like an Expert

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