What is a Beer Flight? (Why is it Called Like So)

What is a flight of beer? Do you need a plane ticket for a beer flight? How did aerodynamics and beer come together?

If these are the exact questions on your mind right now, then you are in the right place! Today, we will discuss beer flights, answer these questions, and many more! As you can guess, we have plenty to discuss today. So, without further ado, let us get on with this discussion!

What Is a Beer Flight?

What Is a Beer Flight

A flight of beer, also known as a beer flight or tasting, is a selection of beers presented or served in a small rack or tray of some sort.

Typically, the beers are in a sample-size glass. Generally, there are five of these on the tray, and each glass usually holds approximately five ounces. All these things can vary from one place to another, though. However, these are not the only factors that could change from one location to another.

On the other hand, the beer selection would vary in more ways than one. Each place would likely offer a different variety from another.

However, that is not all. The process of how the selection comes about could also vary. In other words, a place could have a predetermined set or allow you to make your own flight. Finally, the type of flight could also differ.

There are several types of beer flights out there, but here are some of the most common ones you would see:

  • Horizontal Flight: It is a beer flight that consists of beers from the same brewery.
  • Vertical Flight: It is a beer flight that consists of the same beers but at different vintages.
  • Single Style Beer Flight: It is a beer flight that consists of beers from the same style.

We did not include all the beer flight types here. However, it might be the best time to note that a beer flight does not only have to adhere to one style. A place can choose to combine styles in their flight.

Of course, with all that, prices could also vary!

Why Is It Called a Beer Flight?

Why Is It Called a Beer Flight

By now, you likely know that you do not need a plane ticket and your passport for a beer flight. You might be wondering then why or how it got its name.

Well, nobody seems to be sure. Some say its name is after the alternate definition of flight in the dictionary.

However, some say that this second definition did not always exist. It is possible the term beer flights were already in use before this definition came into the scene. With that, as we have said, nobody seems sure of the term’s origin.

Why Get a Beer Flight?

You now know what a beer flight is. Now, you might be wondering about the why. That is, why get a beer flight? After all, the sample-size glasses are undoubtedly less than the regular ones.

Well, there are a few good reasons. Let us discuss five of them here.

You might be surprised, but beer flights can show you that sometimes, less is more.

1. A Flight of Beer Is a Great Way to Get to Know What You Like and Do Not Like

A Flight of Beer Is a Great Way to Get to Know What You Like and Do Not Like

Beer flights are ideal for those new to the beer scene.

When one first decides to get into this drink, knowing what one likes could take a lot of trial and error. With that, beer flights could be an ideal way to jumpstart one’s beer journey. It can introduce a person to a good number of beers without overwhelming him.

2. A Flight of Beer Is a Great Way to Explore

Beer flights are not only for those new to the beer scene, though. It could also help old zythophiles get to know new favorites too. Whenever a beer lover is feeling adventurous, a beer flight could be the best way to venture!

3. A Flight of Beer Can Help You Watch Your Alcohol Intake

A Flight of Beer Can Help You Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Some might argue that the first two points are also possible by getting a whole glass or pint. That is true. However, exploring beers this way could be detrimental to one’s health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only one to two drinks are ideal when one consumes alcohol to prevent alcohol-related health problems. As you can see, while it is possible to explore beers by glass or pint, it is not the best way to go health-wise.

On the other hand, beers generally have low alcohol content. However, some beers out there go beyond the typical ABV. A beer flight could be the best way to sample these beers at once while avoiding adverse effects.

4. A Flight of Beer Is a Great Way to Taste a Little Bit of Everything

Are you the type of person who gets bored fast? If so, a whole glass or pint might bore you from time to time. Beer flights could be a great way to get a little bit of everything then!

5. A Flight of Beer is Affordable

A Flight of Beer is Affordable

Finally, in addition to all that was mentioned above, beer flights are often affordable. In some cases, it might even be free!

Additionally, beer flights are also affordable in that it helps you not waste. As it offers variety in small amounts, you will likely not not finish everything. In addition, even if you end up not liking one or two of the samples, you will not have to throw the whole thing away.

With that and all the perks and benefits a beer flight offers, it is an ideal way to get the worth of one’s money!

Tips For Enjoying Beer Flights

There are no rules when it comes to beer flights. However, here are five tips for you to consider to enjoy beer flights better.

1. Research About the Place

First, as we have said above, beer flights come in different shapes and sizes. Doing some research before you visit a place for a beer flight or two would be ideal before dropping by. This way, you can save time and the line! Never hold the line as best as you can!

2. Do Not Order Blindly

Do Not Order Blindly

One of the reasons to get a beer flight is to be surprised. However, that is no reason to go in blindly. Try to get to know your selections before ordering.

3. Go from Lightest to Darkest

When getting a beer flight, often, some would be lighter or darker than others. When this happens, you want to first go for the lighter ones and save the darker ones last. This way, the darker ones will not overwhelm your palate, and you will no longer taste the lighter ones properly.

4. Get an Assortment of Food Too

Get an Assortment of Food Too

When you get a beer flight, you might also want to get some food with it.

As you might already know, beer and food go well together. The two have a symbiotic relationship. Food can enhance a beer and vice versa.

However, that is not the only reason to get food with your beer flight. Snacks and such could also help cleanse the palate between sips to ensure you taste each sampler well!

5. Do Not Hesitate to Ask

Finally, do not hesitate to ask your server whenever you do not know how to go about your beer flight.

Whether it is about what you should get, the best order to drink the samplers, or even what food to pair with your flight. If you are not sure about anything, do not hesitate to ask to get the best experience!

Drink Beer Flights Responsibly

Drink Beer Flights Responsibly

Before you go, allow us to leave you with a word of caution.

As we have said above, beer flights can help you watch your alcohol intake compared to getting glasses and pints. However, that does not mean you do not have to watch out for how many beer flights you consume.

Again, CDC says only consuming one to two drinks on a drinking day is ideal to avoid alcohol-related problems. Now, generally, a beer flight has around 25 ounces of beer. On the other hand, a standard drink of beer is 12 ounces. As you can see, consuming more than a beer flight might not be ideal.

You likely noted that emphasis on the word might. Well, it got emphasized because that is not always the case. As we have said earlier, beer flights come in different shapes and sizes. Some flights might only have 12 ounces or even lower. As you can guess, you can have more than two flights in this case.

Final Words

What is a flight of beer? Today, we answered this beer question and so much more!

A beer flight is a selection of beers in sample-size glasses presented in a tray. It comes in different shapes and sizes but almost always offers a good set of perks. With that, a beer flight is something any zythophile should know!

We hope we got to help you with this beer matter today. If you have other worries and concerns about this drink, feel free to check out our other talks!

What is a Beer Flight

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