Can a Minor Buy Non-alcoholic Beer?

Non-alcoholic drinks are a great alternative for people who can’t have alcohol. If you’re under 18, you can drink non-alcoholic socially without facing negative consequences. But can a minor buy NA beer? Minors can buy non-alcoholic beer because it’s technically like coffee, tea, or a soft drink. But the rules vary widely across different states. … Read more

13 Steps To Brew Hefeweizen

Do you enjoy crushing your thirst with a glass of cold beer you’ve made from scratch? Hefeweizen is an ideal beer for home brewing. And Americans have mastered it perfectly over the years. It has a simple brewing process that you can complete with basic home brewing kits. Why This Recipe Works We like this … Read more

15 Popular Swiss Beer Brands

If you’re in Switzerland, nothing can create an unforgettable visit like a crisp, refreshing pint of beer. The country has a rich drinking culture that creates a pleasant experience for visitors, along with the mesmerizing scenery. So, don’t miss these craft beers while in the country. The largest and most famous breweries in Switzerland are … Read more


6 Common Signs to Tell if Beer is Oxidized

Oxidized beer, yuck! It smells like a skunk’s fart and tastes worse. Obviously, I’m exaggerating, but you do get the point. Beer is a very sensitive beverage, and if you don’t take the necessary measures to preserve its quality and freshness (both in production and storage), then its flavor will suffer. We’re talking about oxidization, … Read more

16 Best IPA Recipes You Must Try

An India Pale Ale (or IPA) is the beer style that pops to mind when you’re craving a hoppy beer. And for good reasons, these beers have complex flavors, and most of them are not shy about alcohol content. Most craft breweries use the IPA as a canvas for combining different flavors. But it wasn’t … Read more

8 Popular Australian Beers You Need to Try

8 Popular Australian Beers You Need to Try

Beer drinking is essential to Australian culture. Aussies have favorite beer styles depending on their hometowns. But some of them are nationally popular. The most popular Australian beers include: Tooheys New Coopers Original Pale Ale Victoria Bitter Carlton Draught James Squire 150 Lashes XXXX Gold Iron Jack Lager Young Henrys Newtowner This guide outlines everything … Read more

Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer Guide and Facts

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Mug Root Beer is an iconic drink. It has been bobbing around the internet as a meme for a couple of years now, inspiring many laughs and Mug Moments. But where did Mug Root Beer come from, and how healthy is it? Well, these are the kinds of questions … Read more

6 Best Snacks To Pair With Beer

Don’t get me wrong, beer is a great indulgence. But there are those evenings when you need a delicious accompaniment for your beer. Maybe you’re not ready for a full meal, and you just want something to mindlessly nibble on as you watch your favorite sports team lose a third consecutive match; damn you, Rams! … Read more


11 Popular Types of Coffee Beer to Try

Ever since people learned how to brew beer with hops, we have been trying to incorporate all sorts of flavors into our beers. Some brewers have successfully added vanilla to their brews. And there are even rumbles about a cannabis-infused ale. Well, that would be a riot, wouldn’t it? How about a coffee-infused beer? Not … Read more


15 Best Cream Ale Beer Recipes

Summer is here! The sundresses are out, and everyone is on vacation mode; suffice it to say, it’s time to party. This is the perfect moment to break out the summer beers. One lesser-known summer beer is the Cream Ale, a uniquely American beer style. It may be called a Cream Ale, but the beer … Read more