Does Beer Go Bad

Does Beer Go Bad? (Lifespan & Storage Tips)

Although beers are fermented beverage, many people wonder does beer go bad. With this article, we will explore the shelf life of the beer and the factors you need to watch out for. You will learn the ways you can keep your beer fresh and tasty. Does Beer Go Bad? To answer the question shortly, yes, … Read more

3 Ways To Chug A Beer Fast

3 Ways To Chug A Beer Fast (5 Tips Before You Do it)

If you have been to parties in the past, you probably have seen people chug beers for whatever reason. If you want to join in on the fun, you have to know what you are doing. One of the things you should know is how to chug a beer fast! What’s Chugging, folks? Chugging is … Read more

How Much Does a Case of Beer Weigh (Charts)

How Much Does a Case of Beer Weigh? (Charts)

Are you planning to serve beer at a party? Perhaps, you’re starting a liquor business. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to know the answer to “how much does a case of beer weigh?” The answer can help you decide how to transport your beverages safely. This article sheds light on the weight of various beer … Read more

How Much Gluten is in Beer

How Much Gluten is in Beer?

In recent years, many people have become conscious of gluten. A lot of typical food and drinks have gluten. These products include pasta, bread, and beer. Do you want to know how much gluten is in beer? This article will show you the amount of beer gluten and its effects on the body. Does Beer … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Make Beer Taste Better

The Ultimate Guide to Make Beer Taste Better

Although beer ought to have a wonderful flavor, not all beers are crafted equally in terms of flavor and style. Furthermore, since every one of us possesses a unique taste bud, there are bound to be certain beers that are less tasty to you than others, based on the fact that you enjoy particular flavors. … Read more

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine? (Mug, A&W, IBC, Barq’s)

Root beer looks like your ordinary drink. However, it is more complex than many of your typical refreshments on the market. You could say it is a lot of things, but it does not fit perfectly anywhere. For one, it is called root beer, but it is not beer. For another, it is a soft … Read more

What are Hops in Beer (Different Types of Hops)

What are Hops in Beer? (Different Types of Hops)

Hops are essential to beer-making; however, many don’t know what hops are in beer. Well, you don’t have to ask that question anymore, as this ingredient overview will give you all you need to learn about hops in beer. Hops: An Overview Humulus Lupulus, otherwise known as common hop, is the plant in which hops … Read more

12 Best Breweries in Boulder, CO (Photos, Reviews, Maps )

Boulder, Colorado, does not limit its offers to magnificent forestry, excellent museums, and beautiful scenery. This list of 12 Best Breweries in Boulder, Co, will let you explore the delicate taste of beers from the local area. Whether you love some smooth craft beers or strong drinks, Boulder has a brewery. 1. Avery Brewing Co. … Read more

How Much is a Case of Beer (Price-Check & Data)

How Much is a Case of Beer? (Price-Check & Data)

Summer season is one of the most things we look forward to every year. With the heat coming up, it’s a fantastic time for barbecues, beach hangouts, and pool parties. And, of course, for every social event we can think of, drinking a cool glass of beer would never go out in a circle. But … Read more


The History of Root Beer: Why it Called Root Beer?

Root beer has been around for a long time already. Today, it is now one of the most common drinks out there. We have become so used to it that many have overlooked that its name does not exactly fit it. After all, root beer is not, well, beer. With that, you might now be … Read more