What is IBU in Beer

What is IBU in Beer: A Guide for Home Brewers and Beer Connoisseurs

Knowing what is IBU in beer is important for anyone who indulges in beer, especially brewers. This is because the International Bitterness Units or IBU is the best method for determining the level of bitterness present in a beer. Though the beer’s bitterness is just one of many components that go into creating a flavor … Read more

What is Draft Beer

What is Draft Beer? (Compare with Other Beers)

Many beer enthusiasts have a particular affinity for draft beer. They especially like the fresh and crisp taste of this unique drink. So, what is draft beer? It’s an ideal way of showcasing the incredible flavors and aroma of this popular alcoholic beverage. This article introduces you to what makes it stand out from the … Read more

How Many Beers Are in a Case (Charts)

How Many Beers Are in a Case? (Charts)

Are you wondering how many beers are in a case? It is a simple question, but you might be surprised. You could get as many different answers as many people you ask. It could get confusing. However, you need not worry. Today, we will answer this question, clear up your confusion, and much more! We … Read more

How Many Beers In A Keg? (With Basic Computation)

Beers in a keg have their own advantages. Thanks to these containers, beers could maintain their freshness since they could block contact with sunlight. Using kegs also tends to be economical in certain situations. Knowing that many people use beers in kegs rather than in individual bottles. With that information, are you now wondering how … Read more

9 Methods to Open a Beer Bottle Without Opener

9 Methods to Open a Beer Bottle Without Opener

Who wouldn’t want a cold bottle of beer after a long day? Unfortunately, a bottle opener is not always available. Don’t worry! This instruction will show you the ways how to open a beer bottle without opener. You can choose between these nine methods you can try out. 1. Remove with Another Bottle It might be surprising, … Read more

All You Need to Know About IPA Beer

All You Need to Know About IPA Beer

Craft beers are rapidly gaining popularity. One of the most trendy drinks in the bar scene is IPA beer. So, what is an IPA beer? It is a beer style that spotlights the hop’s flavors, giving it a bolder, richer taste. This article will introduce you to this exciting drink that’ll surely tickle your taste … Read more

How Many Beers to Get Drunk

How Many Beers to Get Drunk?

Drinking beer can be fun and relaxing. However, consuming too much can result in irreversible consequences. The key is knowing how many beers to get drunk. When you know your limit, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. This article walks you through alcohol levels, signs of drunkenness, and safe alcohol consumption. What Does … Read more

How Much Alcohol is in Beer (Charts)

How Much Alcohol is in Beer? (Charts)

We all can agree that having a nice, cold beer is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re up for a fruity or robust and bitter flavor, beer is something we’ve always wanted if we like to chill with friends or celebrate a special moment. But has it ever crossed your mind how much alcohol … Read more

5 Quick Steps to Shotgun a Beer like an Expert

5 Quick Steps to Shotgun a Beer like an Expert

There’s nothing more beautiful than enjoying and savoring a cold beer! Imagine having it while lazing and chilling in a bar with your buddies. Or maybe drinking it straight in ten seconds flat without soaking your clothes might sound tempting to you. To shotgun a beer is a fun way to drink cold beer. So … Read more