The Ultimate Guide to Make Beer Taste Better

Although beer ought to have a wonderful flavor, not all beers are crafted equally in terms of flavor and style. Furthermore, since every one of us possesses a unique taste bud, there are bound to be certain beers that are less tasty to you than others, based on the fact that you enjoy particular flavors.

how to Make Beer Taste Better

Thus, it is expected that some folks might look for ways to improve their beer taste for a better drinking experience. The good thing is in this guide, we will give you advice and ideas on how to make beer taste better.

Improve Your Beer Drinking Experience

You can do many different things to get your beer to taste how you want it to. Some eateries and drinking establishments, such as taprooms and taverns, use various techniques to create new flavors for their patrons and improve the quality of the beers they provide.

However, we understand not everyone can go to these establishments. So don’t worry, as you can participate in some of them from the convenience of your own home. With the following guide, you can easily improve your drinking experience anywhere you are.

Serve in Warmer Temperatures

Serve in Warmer Temperatures

Though it may seem odd since most of us have grown accustomed to drinking beer at cooler temperatures when dining out, consuming beer that is not cold might actually improve its flavor.

However, sometimes the greatest flavors of a beer become apparent when it is served slightly warm. While a cold beer is nice and refreshing, a beer that’s been warmed up might have a much more pronounced flavor.

However, of course, this will still depend on how you are drinking your beer. If you pair it with roasted pork or pizza, an icy glass of beer is still the best. But if you are solely drinking, then try this tip.



There is a difference in how a beer tastes depending on the glass you are using. Utilizing a specific glass can improve a beer’s visual and smell. Many pubs even utilize their own glasses for this very reason.

You might only know a pint glass as this is the most common glassware taverns use, but there are actually many types of glass you can try.

However, it will depend on the beer you want to drink. For example, IPAs and lagers are best in American pints, Thistle glasses for Scottish ales, and goblets for heavy beers.

Proper Pouring

Though it may seem unlikely, how you pour beer also affects the entire flavor and experience of drinking beer.

Some folks just pour it out at the beginning, leaving you with nothing but the foam from the drink. It makes a significant difference to pour it properly and place it in the appropriate glass. And proper pouring is a method that doesn’t cost any money.

Add Flavor to Your Beer

Add Flavor to Your Beer

Since you are after the taste, putting fruits or mixers for additional flavor is a great move to improve your beer. Below are some of the best additions you should try:

1. Soda

The addition of any clear soda can improve the flavor of the beer. As what people call this mix, Shandy, has become commonplace in the booze industry, and for a good reason: adding sugar to beer without eliminating the carbonation results in a more enjoyable beverage.

2. Campari

You can make even a subpar beer taste better with the addition of Campari. Adding a dash of Campari’s rich taste to a beer is a great way to help boost its complexity without overwhelming the drinker, and the malty taste of the beer works to balance off the Campari.

To even further enjoy an elegant drink that will keep you cool during the hot season, just add a slice of lemon to give it a citrusy kick.

3. Fruits

Adding fruits to your beer is common, as many bars present their beverages with a piece or slice of fruit. This is because beers often have quite unremarkable and plain flavors. So try to add citrus or other fruits to your beer to improve its taste.

4. Beer Salts

Although somewhat unusual, salt is probably the most popular flavor enhancer, and it helps mitigate beer’s natural bitterness, making it more drinkable. Putting salt and lemon in your beer may seem strange, but it’s a common practice and a classic trick for experienced beer drinkers.

Make a Beer Cocktail

Make a Beer Cocktail

It may sound weird, but a beer cocktail is indeed a drink. Even the beer with Campari mentioned before is considered a beer cocktail. So, you should try this one to remove the taste you don’t want in beer and turn it into a much more drinkable and pleasing beverage.

Beer of high quality has both complexity and body, making it ideal for enhancing the flavor and longevity of cocktails made with other spirits.

The secret to making a drink that really packs a punch and satisfies a thirst is in isolating the primary flavors of your brew and playing them off of one another. Below are some easy and fun beer cocktails you can easily make at home.

Beer Cocktail


Summer Shandy

Wheat Beer, Syrup, Lemon, Sparkling Water

Beer Margarita

Tequila, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Beer


Mexican Lager Beer, Lime Juice, Salt

Espresso Stout

Cold Espresso, Coffee Liqueur, Stout

Raspberry Beer Mojito

Lime, Spiced Rum, Mint Leaves, Raspberries, Raspberry Beer

Try Brewing Your Own Beer

Sure it may take time to brew your own beer, but this will give you the flexibility and result you want. Moreover, it’s the attention to detail that will make your beer truly remarkable.

This is because you are not concerned with meeting production quotas or creating recipes that will appeal to a wide market. Therefore, you are free to utilize ingredients that retail brewers are prohibited from using, which means crafting the beer that aligns with your taste.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, you can watch this guide from TheBruSho and learn homebrewing techniques and the process you need to craft your own beer at the convenience of your home.


Now that you know some ideas on how to make beer taste better, it’s time for you to try these out. Make sure to only follow what feels right to you and find the taste pleasing to your palate.

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