How Many Beers Equal a Shot? (Chart)

Are you wondering how many beers equal a shot? Well, you came to the right place! We will get to the bottom of this question and these drinks today. By the end of this talk, you will not only know the answer to your question but your drinks better.

We are in for a long but fun haul today. With that, let us get right to the discussion!

What Is a Shot?

What Is a Shot

First thing, first. Let us briefly discuss what a shot is.

Now, you might be wondering why we will be defining a shot. It is a common term that even non-drinkers would likely have an idea what it is. However, that is why we are defining it. As you will see, the common definition you know might not be so common!

A shot is 1.5 oz of liquor with a 40% ABV. We say that, but that is not always the case. While it is the standard, the amount, drink, and ABV could all vary from one place to another.

Sometimes, even from one person to another. However, to ensure we are all on the same page, this is the definition we will go for in the following portions. Unless stated otherwise, that is.

Country Standard Wine Glass Size Standard Shot Size
United States 5-8 oz. 1.5 oz.
United Kingdom 125-175 ml 25 ml
Australia 150-200 ml 30-60 ml
France 150-200 ml 30-60 ml
Italy 125-175 ml 30-60 ml
Spain 125-175 ml 30-60 ml
Mexico 150-200 ml 30-60 ml
Germany 200-250 ml 20 ml
Russia 200-250 ml 50 ml

What Is ABV?

What Is ABV

Next, let us talk about the term ABV. It is short for alcohol by volume, an alcohol-related term essential in comparing beers and shots.

Simply put, ABV is the measurement used to determine how much alcohol a particular volume of alcoholic drink has. Today, we will use this term a lot with beers and shots. However, keep in mind that the use of this term is not only limited to these two.

It is also a phrase used for other alcoholic drinks (e.g., wines). While we are at it, it is as essential to the talks of other alcoholic beverages as it is with shots and beers. In a way, it is a core component of such drinks!

Drink ABV Percentage
Beer 3-12%
Wine 5-15% (white), 12-18% (red)
Champagne 11-13%
Gin 35-50%
Vodka 35-50%
Whiskey 40-50%
Rum 37-50%
Tequila 35-55%
Cider 4-8%
Sake 15-20%
Mead 8-20%
Port 18-20%
Sherry 15-20%

Difference Between Shots and Beers

Difference Between Shots and Beers

Okay, we have now defined what a shot is and what ABV means. Now, let us go and differentiate shots and beers to get to know these drinks better and to answer the main question later on more sufficiently.

Characteristic Shot Beer
Serving Size 1.5 oz 12 oz
ABV 40% 5%
Calorie Count 65 149
Carbohydrate 0 g 12.6 g

Before we continue, remember that these measurements are only a general look at shots and beers. As we have said above, there are different kinds of the former. On the other hand, as you probably already know, there are also different kinds of beers too.

For both, it is possible to find varieties with higher or lower counts of these characteristics. However, again, to ensure we are all on the same page, we will use these numbers for the following parts.

Now that we got that out of the way, if you look at the chart, you can see that the difference between shots and beers is undeniable. Shots come at a smaller serving size but do have a higher ABV. On the other hand, it does have a lower calorie and carbohydrate count, though.

With that, the answer to our question for today might surprise you!

How Many Beers Equal a Shot?

How Many Beers Equal a Shot

There are many things to compare with shots and beers. There is the calorie count for one. On the other hand, there is also the total carbohydrate count. However, when this question arises, it often is in reference to the ABV or the alcohol content of the two.

Using the numbers on the chart, a serving of beer equals a shot. Seeing how different the characteristics of the two are, you might be wondering how. Well, we will show you how! However, it involves a little bit of math. We know math and alcohol do not seem to go well together, but stay with us now!

To get the alcohol content of shots and beers, we will be using this simple formula:

Volume x ABV

First, let us show you the alcohol content of a standard serving of a shot:

  • Serving Size: 1.5 oz
  • ABV: 40%
  • 1.5 x 0.4 = 0.6

Now, let us calculate the alcohol content of a standard serving of a beer:

  • Serving Size: 12 oz
  • ABV: 5%
  • 12 x 0.05 = 0.6

As you can see, both shots and beers have 0.6 oz of alcohol. While the two’s features are undeniably different, ultimately, they have the same alcohol content.

Usually, a single serving of beer equals a single serving of a shot. However, that is not always the case. As we have discussed, a shot is not always 1.5 oz of liquor with 40% ABV.

Additionally, the same is true with beers. The volumes and ABVs of the two can change. With that, a serving of a shot can be more than a serving of a beer and vice versa.

The Old Myth About Beers and Shots

The Old Myth About Beers and Shots

With all that, it might be the best time to debunk an old myth about these two drinks.

At one point, you might have heard that a shot is stronger than a serving of beer. However, as you can see, that is not entirely true. A standard serving of the two contains the same amount of alcohol.

Many believe a shot is stronger than a serving of beer because it can get a person drunk faster. That is true. However, that is not because a serving of a shot is stronger. It is because it is easier to consume faster.

As you can imagine, seconds might suffice to finish a serving of a shot. On the other hand, it could take minutes or even hours to consume a whole serving of beer.

Are Beers Better Than Shots?

We compared and contrasted beers and shots, discussed their ratios, and even debunked the old myth about the two. With all that, you might now be thinking about which is better between the two.

Well, the answer is not that clear-cut. That is because it all depends! As you have seen in the chart above, the two have different amounts of things. On the other hand, there are different types of the two too. With that, it would all come down to goals and preferences.


Shots and Beers FAQ

We have already tackled a lot about shots and beers. However, you might still have lots of questions playing in your mind. With that, allow us to try and cross off some of your questions. Let us answer some of the frequently asked questions in the alcohol scene here.

1. Is It Okay to Drink Every Day?

Drinking is alright in moderation, that is, one to two drinks daily. Despite that, we still do not recommend it on a daily basis! It might be best to save it for gatherings and celebrations. Not only for your health but to keep it a special drink too!

2. Can You Get Drunk from a Single Drink?

Absolutely! While drinking a standard pour of beer or shot will unlikely get a person drunk immediately, it is possible. Different people have varying tolerance to alcohol. Even if most people will not get drunk from a single drink, you might.

Additionally, different drinks have different alcohol contents. If you happen to get a single serving with a high ABV, the more likely getting drunk from a single pour is possible!

3. Can I Drink Shots and Beers Together?

Like the previous question, the answer is absolutely! You can drink one after the other or consume them together in a concoction known as the boilermaker.

Do Not Forget to Drink Responsibly

You now know how many beers would equal a shot. Additionally, you now have a good idea of how much alcohol each one has. Before you go, allow us to leave you with a word of caution.

As we have said above, shots and beers differ in many aspects. However, when it comes to alcohol content, the two have the same amount. With that, you want to watch how much you drink, whichever you choose.

With shots, you want to watch out how fast you consume them. They come in small serving sizes. With that, it could be easy to drink too much too soon.

On the other hand, with beer, you want to keep track of how much you consume. It takes time to finish a glass. With that, it could be easy to lose track of how much you have already drunk.

Final Words

Are you still wondering about how many beers equal a shot? We hope not! We hope we have answered this beer concern satisfactorily and that you are no longer wondering. However, you might have other beer questions and concerns. If so, you can check out our other talks. We might have the answer or beer for you!

Now, go get a shot or a glass of beer to enjoy! We hope to see you again soon, but for now, that will be all from us! Cheers!

How Many Beers Equal Shot

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