How Much Does A Keg Of Beer Cost? (Chart)

Beers in a keg are one of the mainstream drinks right now. People tend to buy these because of various situations like parties and home consumption.

So, this blog intends to help you discover how much does a keg of beer costs. As well as the factors you should consider when buying these kinds of beer. Most of all, we will make pricing comparisons.

Hang on, as this blog might become helpful for your future instances!


Keg and beer are two different things

Keg and beer are two different things

Before anything else, we should understand the importance of knowing how beer and keg differ. This is a crucial factor in buying a keg of beer. Let us tell you why!

Kegs alone are priced differently. The same thing goes for beer. You can buy them separately or hand in hand. Of course, the cost would vary too.

Keg prices differ because of the size and brand. This may also be the basis for the beer. Sometimes, people prefer to buy them hand in hand because of the lesser cost.

It is essential to assess your situation and refrain from impulsively buying these things. If you need it long-term, buying a keg and refilling it when needed is best.

But, if it is only a one-time event and you don’t need to own a keg, you can buy a beer keg. Like the one on which this blog is focused!

How much does a keg of beer cost?

How much does a keg of beer cost

The price of a beer keg differs, and we can only give you an approximate amount.

Here is a table that contains the approximate amount of each keg of beer sizes and how many cups they contain. We also included some brands that offer these kegs of beer.

Keg of beer sizes Approximate price Beer capacity (12-ounce/16-ounce) Sample brands
Half barrel keg 200 to 250 dollars   165 / 124 Guinness ($200)
Quarter barrel keg 100 to 150 dollars     82 / 62 Parkway Get Bent IPA ($110) and Modelo ($120)
Sixth barrel keg 70 to 120 dollars     55 / 41 Bud Light ($93) and Samuel Adams ($97)
Cornelius keg 70 to 100 dollars     53 / 40 Santa Monica 310 California Blonde Ale
Mini keg 20 to 50 dollars     14 / 10 Heineken Draught keg

Again, these are only estimated prices. It is always subject to change!

4 factors to consider when buying a keg of beer

1. Brand

beer keg Brand

The brand is one of the essential factors people consider when purchasing something. Simply because it is where the quality of the product mainly relies on.

Regarding beer, here are some of the valuable brands according to Brand Finance. Check the site for more of the brand names.

  • Corona (the most valuable brand of beer)
  • Brahma
  • Heineken
  • Desperados
  • Budweiser
  • Bud light
  • Miller lite
  • Asahi
  • Coors light
  • Snow

If you consider buying these brands, expect the cost to be higher.

2. Material

beer keg Material

As time passed, coopers could make various kegs made of different materials. Before, kegs were usually made of wood. Although producers still make kegs in this material, aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel are now available in the market.

Wooden kegs are cheaper than the other ones. But kegs made with stainless steel are more durable and high-quality.

THIELMANN– a company that promotes the use of stainless steel kegs, stated that these kegs are 100 percent reusable even after surpassing the 30 years approximate lifespan. This implies that you could get your money’s worth if you invest in steel kegs.

3. Size

It’s common knowledge, especially to beer enthusiasts, that beer kegs vary in size. In this case, expect that the smallest ones are more affordable. For more information on kegging, including how many beers are in a keg, check out this helpful guide.

4. Inclusions

It is always helpful to understand the inclusions when buying a keg of beer. Of course, a beer that is already included is one thing. But the parts of the keg are another thing to discuss.

Make sure that it is a complete set. Check if all the parts of a draft beer system are included. Renting kegs is advantageous, too, because the owners let you rent even the Carbon Dioxide tanks and kegerators.

Remember that CO2 tank prices vary. If you like to purchase your own, expect the price range to be 50 to 600 dollars. A 6-kilogram CO2 tank from KegLand only costs 199 dollars.

Meanwhile, renting some tanks will only cost 5 to 20 dollars per day and 1 dollar per pound of CO2. Deposit charges vary.

Can I buy my own keg?

Can I buy my own keg

If you ask if purchasing your own keg is possible, the answer is yes! However, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One benefit you can get from buying your own keg is that you can refill it anytime you want. You can reuse it. This is an excellent investment for people who really drink beer habitually.

On the other hand, it is a challenging task to maintain its quality. You have to clean it regularly. Plus, you might need a spacious area to store it.

Can I just rent a keg?

Numerous companies offer keg renting. So yes, renting a keg is possible. But, like in buying, it has its share of inconveniences and gains.

If you rent a keg, it is just a one-time payment thing. After the designated time, you need to return it to its original owner. But this is good news for individuals who barely host parties and drink beer.

Renting sometimes means cost-effective, especially if you are considering long-term usage. You will also have to spend for the deposit, which is typically calculated as 15 to 20 percent of your rent.

For example, you are going to rent a 200-dollar keg. You will have to pay another 30 to 40 dollars depending on the keg renting regulation of the retailer. The deposit will be given back to you once you return the keg.

Is renting cheaper than buying?

Is renting cheaper than buying

If you have a short-term perspective, renting kegs might be ideal. But, if you have long-term plans for these kegs, owning them is cheaper.

We cannot tell what is cheaper or not because each has different circumstances. So, we suggest that you ponder these questions first:

  • How many times will I need the keg?
  • Do I have the space to store the keg?
  • Is refilling the keg on my own won’t be a problem?
  • Will I be able to maintain and clean the keg on my own?
  • What suits my budget and circumstance?

Decide which is more cost-effective after you think about these five questions.

Is a kegerator necessary for a keg of beer?

Is a kegerator necessary for a keg of beer

A kegerator is a kind of refrigerator that can help people dispense beer. It is an equipment that could maintain the high quality of beer since it lets the beer stay cold and fresh. With this, it is not shocking if people want to own one too.

It will help if you consider a kegerator when you plan to have your own keg. You can rent this as well, alongside purchasing a keg of beer. So, add this to your budget.

But, is owning a kegerator really necessary? To be honest, it is not. Although kegerators are a huge help, they are expensive, and maintaining them is costly too.

On average, you must prepare 700 dollars if you want a new kegerator kit. Although you can already purchase one for only 50 dollars, it will only be a mini-size kegerator. A good fitting for mini-size kegs.

Note that no law would punish you for not having a kegerator. Whether you buy one or not, it is okay.

However, we recommend you just rent instead. Especially if you know that you won’t use the kegerator that much. After all, this equipment is usually made for mass dispensing of beer, like at parties, clubs, or breweries.

If you are not a fan of renting stuff, here is another tip: make a kegerator yourself. Watch this video on how to make a DIY kegerator kit:

Creating your own kegerator is ideal if you are on a tight budget and space. You can customize the size of your kegerator and make it fit in your area.

Keg of beer vs. canned beer vs. bottled beer (comparisons)

Now, let us talk about how different canned, bottled, and keg of beer are regarding prices and taste.

Generally, a beer keg is much more expensive than canned and bottled beers. No matter what the size is and the brand. As you see, the prices of keg beers vary from 20 to 250 dollars. Meanwhile, beer in bottles and cans is usually in the same price range.

On average, a single beer bottle or can in the United States costs 4.75 dollars. So, if you buy canned or bottled beers in bulk, these are the approximate amount you will need.

  • four-pack beer- 19 dollars
  • Six-pack beer- 28.5 dollars
  • twelve-pack beer- 57 dollars
  • twenty-four-pack or one case- 114 dollars
  • thirty-pack beer o one rack- 142.5 dollars

Nevertheless, always remember that beer prices differ wherever you are in the world. Check out this valuable data about the costs of 11.2 ounces of beer worldwide.

In terms of taste and quality, indeed, beers in kegs are the good ones. But between canned and bottled beers, the former is the better choice. This is because canned beers have less exposure to air.

Final words

Did you learn about how much does a keg of beer costs? If yes, then we are glad!

In this time of inflation, it is necessary to be a wise spender of your hard-earned money. Always weigh your options, especially when purchasing your beer and other alcoholic beverages.

How Much A Keg Of Beer Cost

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