Fermentor vs. Fermenter: What’s the Differences?

Hey there! Do you ever mix up the words Fermentor and Fermenter? Well, if you do, you’re not alone – lots of us do! Here’s the lowdown: Now, when it comes to homebrew, there’s nothing more confusing than these two terms. They’re like those distant cousins who always show up at family gatherings, but you … Read more


Beer Cans vs. Bottles: Who Comes Out on Top?

For years, you’ve bought beer in cans and bottles. But have you ever wondered how well they’d perform against each other? Well, we did. And we pitted them against each other through nine grueling rounds of scrutiny. Join us to discover which is better; beer cans or bottles. But before we head to the ring … Read more


What Time Can You Buy Beer in All 50 States?

The United States uses a complex system of federal, state, and local laws to police how we buy and consume beer. The federal alcohol restrictions apply to all states, while the local laws govern smaller jurisdictions. They govern different aspects of beer consumption and purchase, including: Minimum drinking age Selling hours Alcohol content Alcohol licenses … Read more


Malt Liquor vs. Beer: What’s the Difference?

Synonymous with nasty hangovers, malt liquor was a staple of college parties and ’90s hip-hop videos. But what is malt liquor, and how does it compare to beer? Beer is an alcoholic beverage brewed from fermented grains. Malt liquor is a high-powered beer known for its sweet taste. Beer is brewed from malted grains, hops, … Read more


The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Beer

Today, people are growing increasingly aware of what they consume. And one of the foods that many are turning from is gluten-containing foods. Unfortunately, beer is one of these foods since it is brewed from gluten-containing grains. Does it mean that beer is not fit for consumption by the gluten-intolerant? Not necessarily. The good news … Read more


6 Steps to Make a Beer Label (Step-by-Step Guides)

In today’s competitive beer market, simply having excellent quality and an outstanding flavor isn’t enough. Walk into any liquor store, and you’ll see rows of colorful craft beers on every shelf. What do you do to gain a competitive advantage? How do you stand out? An exciting beer label could tip the scale in your … Read more


How to Brew: Extra Special Bitter recipe?

Extra Special Bitter, or ESB, is an English-style ale famous for its intense hoppy flavor. This beer style walks a fine line between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. With an alcohol content range between 5% and 6% ABV, it is the strongest of the British Bitters. The other beer styles in this category include the … Read more


What is Beer Lacing?

The phrase “Beer Lacing” is thrown around a lot in the beer community. You may have heard of or used the term in a conversation. But what does beer lacing mean? Beer lacing is the tendency of beer to smear white foam or laces on the sides of the beer glass. After a sip of … Read more


How to Pair Beer with Seafood?

Although overlooked, beer makes the best companion for seafood. Whenever gills, tentacles, claws, and fins are on the menu, everyone automatically thinks of wine. But beers have more diversity than wines, making them a better seafood companion. Light-bodied beers pair well with spicy sea foods because they cleanse the palate with a clean aftertaste. And … Read more


How Long Does Beer Stay Fresh in a Kegerator?

A kegerator is an appliance designed to cool and dispense beer. A kegerator has three main components: The refrigeration component The carbon dioxide component The keg component All these components collaborate to preserve beer freshness. But how long does beer stay fresh in a kegerator? Depending on the beer style and alcohol content, beer can … Read more