30 Reasons Why Beer is Better Than Women

They say the only thing better than a woman is another woman. Well, that must be inaccurate because I found something better; beer. Beer doesn’t have a mouth to complain, nag, or scold. It doesn’t throw out your clothes while yelling at the whole neighborhood. Beer is a silent partner. Since the dawn of the … Read more


8 Best Drinks to Mix Up With Your Beer

Beers are indeed one of the best companions in different moods; Whether stressed, happy, or sad, whatever emotion you may be, a can of Beer will always save you. We all know that beers can be enjoyed solo. But you might want to step up the game for whatever vibe you want to dive in. … Read more


Why Beer Makes You Burp: The Scientific Explanation

Burping or belching is a means for your body to release the excess gas trapped in your digestive system. Like farting, burping is a natural body process, and in the wrong place, it can be rude. As a beer enthusiast, you may have noticed that you burp a lot while drinking beer. Why is it … Read more


The pH of Beer: Why It’s Important?

Brewing high-quality beer requires precise pH control. The pH readings during different brewing steps directly affect the beer’s appearance and taste. With this article, let’s explore what is the pH of beer and why it’s so essential to the process. What is the pH of Beer? When homebrewers measure the pH of a solution, they … Read more

Beer Facts: Why Does Beer Foam?

I have always been fascinated by the science behind beers. It’s interesting how there are so many things involved in the production of one beverage, including the formation of beer foam. With that said, have you ever asked the question “why does beer foam”?  I guess we will find out together! Beer Foam: What’s Up … Read more

RIMS vs. HERMS: Which is Better?

Unleash your inner engineer and start brewing with impeccable accuracy! If you have an eye for detail, now’s the time to pursue your passion for beer-making. Unlock the potential of two brewing systems that will revolutionize your mashing process. Through this article, you’ll be able to decide which is superior between RIMS or HERMS—resulting in … Read more


4 Main Types of Yeasts in Brewing

Brewing beer requires high-quality raw ingredients to produce delicious crafts— and do you know yeast is one? The same in making bread and wine, yeast plays a significant role in beer brewing. Yeast gives the beer its distinct flavor, aroma, and fizz. Understanding what is yeast and its role in the beer brewing process is … Read more


How to Identify German Beer Stein Markings?

Several tourists love to purchase German beer steins as a souvenir, but are these markings authentic? Beer enthusiasts know that finding authentic German beer steins is hard, and not all know how to recognize them from the numerous cheap copies. Let’s know how to identify German beer stein markings. What is a Beer Stein? Stein … Read more


Craft Beer vs. Draft Beer: The Pros, Cons & Differences

When it comes to the beer industry, an array of buzzwords is blooming. Some words may be familiar to you as they are common words; however, some are still striving to know what word that is since those words are bewildering to differentiate from each other! So when it comes to the differences between craft … Read more

5 Methods to Clean Beer Bottles

Sterilizing and preparing your beer bottles for reuse doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or complex process. As an essential part of every homebrewer’s know-how, understanding proper cleaning and sanitization methods is key to successful brewing. Things To Do Before Cleaning Your Beer Bottle Know What Is the Beer Bottle For Understanding the function of your … Read more