Why Does Beer Taste Bad? (Unlocking the Mystery)

People love to quench their thirst with beer on a hot day. But for others, the taste of beer is bad and downright unpleasant for them. So, why do some find beer unpalatable while others cannot get enough of it? Let’s explore the science behind why beer might taste bad to some people. Science of … Read more


What is Helium Beer and How to Make it?

In 2014 a video showing brewer and entrepreneur Jim Koch drinking a helium beer went viral across multiple social media platforms. In the video, the Samuel Adams founder’s speech changes from normal to a high-pitched voice. What exactly is helium beer? Helium beer is a beer style that is infused with helium gas. The lightness … Read more

Metheglin: What is it, and How Do You Make it?

Metheglin is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man. The word metheglin comes from the welsh word meddyglyn, which translates to medicinal liquor. Metheglin is a spiced or flavored mead developed by the Welsh to cure and prevent diseases. It is made from honey, yeast, water, and some spices. This article will help … Read more


How To Grow Hops At Home? (Planting, Harvesting, Drying Cones)

From ancient remedies to a valuable component of beer, it is no surprise why hops established their name today. In bygones, people harvest hops in the wild. Then eventually, they began to grow their own in their land. But who says you can only grow hops on acres of ground? Today, we will share how … Read more


Unlocking the Mystery of What Makes Beer Bitter

Bitterness is an essential component of a beer’s flavor. It is a sharp and sometimes unpleasant sensation we feel on our tongues. Not everyone appreciates beer’s bitterness on their first try; it’s an acquired taste. But what makes beer bitter? The alpha acids that reside in hops are the primary contributor to bitterness in beer. … Read more


12 Popular Costco Beers

Regarding the best deals in retail, no one holds a candle to Costco. Sure, you must contend with membership fees, but that’s a sacrifice you must endure to get wholesale prices. Costco sells everything from cereal to furniture. In our quest to investigate whether Costco sells beer in bulk, we stumbled upon various brews. We … Read more

30 Reasons Why Beer is Better Than Women

They say the only thing better than a woman is another woman. Well, that must be inaccurate because I found something better; beer. Beer doesn’t have a mouth to complain, nag, or scold. It doesn’t throw out your clothes while yelling at the whole neighborhood. Beer is a silent partner. Since the dawn of the … Read more


8 Best Drinks to Mix Up With Your Beer

Beers are indeed one of the best companions in different moods; Whether stressed, happy, or sad, whatever emotion you may be, a can of Beer will always save you. We all know that beers can be enjoyed solo. But you might want to step up the game for whatever vibe you want to dive in. … Read more


Why Beer Makes You Burp: The Scientific Explanation

Burping or belching is a means for your body to release the excess gas trapped in your digestive system. Like farting, burping is a natural body process, and in the wrong place, it can be rude. As a beer enthusiast, you may have noticed that you burp a lot while drinking beer. Why is it … Read more


The pH of Beer: Why It’s Important?

Brewing high-quality beer requires precise pH control. The pH readings during different brewing steps directly affect the beer’s appearance and taste. With this article, let’s explore what is the pH of beer and why it’s so essential to the process. What is the pH of Beer? When homebrewers measure the pH of a solution, they … Read more