15 Entertaining Beer Olympics Game Ideas

Take all your best buddies, throw in a couple of beers, and add a few fun games; that’s the recipe for a good time. And that is precisely what beer Olympics games are, catalysts to a good time. They are a set of challenges that encourage everyone to drink and have fun while tapping into our innate competitive spirit.

There are tons of beer Olympic games, and they pit teams against teams and individuals against individuals. And we’ve gone through all of them to pick the best 15 beer Olympics games ideas for a memorable night. Well, let’s jump in.

1. Beer Pong

Players: 2 Teams or 2 Individuals

Requirements: Plastic Cups, Table, Ping Pong Balls

Skills: Hand-Eye Coordination, Accuracy

Beer Pong

This is the game that pops into mind whenever anyone mentions beer Olympics. Beer pong is a classic and a regular at frat parties and teenage house parties (keep off the booze, kids, you’ll soon turn 21).

The point of the game is to get the other player or team to drink more by shooting a ping pong ball into their beer cups. The more they drink, the more their hand-eye coordination is compromised. Great game with simple rules.


2. Flip Cup

Players: 2 Teams of at Least 3 Players

Requirements: Plastic Cups, Table

Skills: Beer Chugging, Cup-Flipping

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a team sport. Both teams stand facing each other on opposite sides of the table as they compete for supremacy.

With Flip Cup, you only fill a third of the plastic cup. It’s like a relay in that the first players on each team start together, and once the cup is flipped, the next team member participates. The first team to flip all their cups wins bragging rights and the respect of their crew.

Howcast does a better job explaining the rules of playing Flip Cup. Give their video a watch.


3. Quarters

Players: 3 or More Players

Requirements: 1 table, 1 Quarter (coin), Drinking Glass

Skills: Accuracy, Aiming


If you want a drinking game that puts aiming and accuracy to the test, then you ought to try quarters. It doesn’t require a lot of participants and involves bouncing a quarter-dollar coin off a coffee table and into a drinking glass. Each participant gets three chances. And for each successful shot, the player nominates another player to drink the beer.


4. Civil War

Players: 2 Teams

Requirements: Two Tables, Plastic Cups, Ping Pong Balls

Skills: Beer Chugging, Hand-Eye Coordination, Accuracy, Cup Flipping

Civil War

Civil War is a fast-paced version of beer pong. It involves two teams, and everyone has their designated beer cups. You can also include cup flipping to spice up your game. As for beer, don’t choose high-alcohol brews; keep it between 3.5% ABV and 5% ABV.


5. Drunk Jenga

Players: 2 or More Players

Requirements: 1 Drunk Jenga Set

Skills: Jenga, Steady Hands, Beer Chugging

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is just Regular Jenga with a twist. The Jenga blocks have instructions written on them. With every block you draw, the participants must follow the written instructions. If a player knocks over the Jenga tower, he or she must chug what is left of their beers.

Are you having difficulty getting your hands on a Drunk Jenga set? Backyard Games have instructions to DIY your own Drunk Jenga tiles.


6. Power Hour

Players: Any Number of Players

Requirements: 1 Shot Glass

Skills: Alcohol Tolerance

Power Hour

Power Hour only has one rule: take a shot of beer for every minute of a whole hour. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Beer takes its toll (in some people more than others). After 10 shots, some people will get drunk, others will feel bloated, and that’s just the first 10 minutes of the game. But that’s the point of the game; seeing how many of your friends make it to the 60th shot.


7. Anchorman

Players: 2+ Teams of 3 or 4 Participants

Requirements: 1 Pitcher of Beer, 6+ Quarters

Skills: Aiming, Accuracy, Beer Chugging


For the Anchorman, you have to form teams of three. Each team nominates an anchorman, the player that will shoot coins into the pitcher. The aim of this game is to avoid being the last team to shoot all three of your quarters into the pitcher of beer. Why? Because the losing team drinks the pitcher of beer.

Check out DrinkingGameZone’s article about Anchorman to learn more about the game.


8. Kings

Players: 2+ Participants

Requirements: Plastic Cup, Deck of Cards

Skills: Luck

beer Kings game

Kings or King’s Cup involves spreading a deck of cards (back facing up) around and a cup of beer. Players take turns drawing cards, and depending on the card they draw, they can give a drink, take a drink, or take an action. And yes, each card is assigned a rule or instruction.

Below is a YouTube video demonstrating how to play Kings.


9. Drunk Waiter

Players: 4+ Players

Requirements: 1 Tray, 12 Cups of Water/Beer, 1 Bat/Broomstick

Skills: Balance

Drunk Waiter

Here’s an outdoor drinking game with lots of laughs. To play the Drunken Waiter, you have to spin around for 10 seconds using a bat or broomstick as your axis. After the spin, grab the tray of drinks and run to the finish line. It’s that simple. But wait, there’s a catch; you mustn’t drop any drinks.

Learn more about the Drunk Waiter game in this guide by GameRules.


10. Straight Face

Players: 3+ Players

Requirements: Paper, Pen

Skills: Keeping a Straight Face

Straight Face

If you’re the giggly sort of drunk, Straight Face might be impossible for you to win. This game involves every participant writing a line of their funniest jokes. Once you’re done, have someone read your line out loud. If anyone as much as snickers at the joke, they have to take a shot of beer. If you like your beer with some laughs, convince your friends to play this game.


11. Baseball Drinking Game

Players: 2 Teams

Requirements: Table, Plastic Cup, Ping Pong Balls

Skills: Hand-Eye Coordination, Cup Flipping, Aiming, Accuracy

Baseball Drinking Game

What happens when you combine the gameplay of Beer Pong and Flip Cup? You get Baseball, a drinking game that resembles the sport of baseball. Baseball, the drinking game is intense; it will test your competitive spirit, your alcohol tolerance, and the bond between you and your friends.


12. Drunk Twister

Players: 2+ Players

Requirements: Twister Game Set

Skills: Flexibility

Drunk Twister

Whether you want to call it Drink Twister, Drunk Twister, or Tipsy Twister, one thing is for certain; you are going to get drunk. The game plays like the regular Twister game except for a small twist; whenever each participant falls, they have to take a shot of beer before rejoining the game.

Or you can raise the ante and take a shot for every circle you land, Jimmy-Fallon-style.


13. Chandelier

Players: 4+ Players

Requirements: Plastic Cups, 1 Ping Pong Ball

Skills: Accuracy, Hand-Eye Coordination

beer Chandelier game

The Chandelier is a variation of beer pong. No, you don’t need an actual chandelier. Instead, you make one with plastic cups.

There’s an elevated cup (full of beer) at the center of a ring of partially-filled cups (each representing a player). When playing, it is your job to land the ball on the center cup. If you fail and the ball lands on any of the cups on the ring, the owner has to drink it. Once they are done, they have three chances to flip their cups. If they fail to do so, they are out!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chandelier Drinking Game.


14. Beer Darts

Players: 2 Players or 2 Teams

Requirements: Canned Beers, Darts, Chairs, Cardboard

Skills: Hand-Eye Coordination, Accuracy, Aiming

Beer Darts

Picture darts with beer cans as the bull’s eye. Yes, that is exactly what Beer Darts is. As a player, you aim to hit and puncture your opponent’s beer can with a dart. If you are successful, your opponent has to drink the entire thing. Darts are pointy and dangerous; always protect your legs and feet with cardboard.


15. Movie Drinking Games

Players: 2+ Players

Requirements: TV Set & Movie

Skills: Alcohol Tolerance

Movie Drinking Games

Or you could lay back with your friends, put on a movie, and turn it into a drinking game. But first, you have to settle on some rules. Usually, everyone has to take a drink when they hear a specific catchphrase or witness a certain quirk. For example, everyone has to drink whenever the cast of The Fast and the Furious says, “Family.”


Final Thoughts

And those are 15 beer Olympic game ideas for you and your friends. As I said, nothing beats good alcohol, your best buddies, and fun activities to pass the time. Not to be a bummer, but excessive consumption of alcohol is still harmful to your health. For everything holy and pure, drink responsibly, and please, do not drink and drive.

15 Entertaining Beer Olympics Game Ideas

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