8 Best Drinks to Mix Up With Your Beer

Beers are indeed one of the best companions in different moods; Whether stressed, happy, or sad, whatever emotion you may be, a can of Beer will always save you. We all know that beers can be enjoyed solo. But you might want to step up the game for whatever vibe you want to dive in.

Mixing different drinks will create new flavors, and you might never know; you might find your new favorite cocktail! Varying from different kinds of beers, from light to dark beers, combine it with these other liquors to taste that magic.

1. Lime Juice

Lime Juice With Beer

Are you feeling the summer heat already? Grab a lemon shandy to refresh yourself! Shandy is a beer mixed with lemon but not the lemon slice, but the lemon juice itself.

The combination of the citrus and Beer flavors will never go wrong in your gatherings. Lemons enhance the Beer’s flavor and are delightful to drinkers plus! It is never hard to make; In fact, you can do it on your own.

The lemon and beer ratio is up to you, depending on your taste. But keep in mind that not all Beer is suitable to mix with lime; Remember, it works best for the light Beer of your choice. If you want to try the classic lemon shandy, follow this recipe from Maggie Hoffman

You might be wondering how lemons end up with Beer. The drink originated in Germany in the year 1992, wherein 13,000 cyclists decided to take a break in a tavern.

Given the number of cyclists, the Beer started to run out. The servers then tried to mix the remaining Beer with the lemon provided, and it escalated to other towns, and the mix of lime and Beer became famous.

Given that Limes have their own health benefits, it is also advantageous to mix them with your Beer. Lemons are high in vitamin c, which is an antioxidant protector of our body.

It also enhances the skin texture as it prevents wrinkles and provides collagen. The best part of mixing lemon in our Beer is that it acts as a guard and defense against liver diseases brought by alcohol. It cleanses your body well and does not compromise the fun in the house!

2. Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice With Beer

How can you possibly go wrong with tomato Juice mixed in Beer? Michelada is definitely a crowd favorite which is a Mexican drink that catches everyone’s heart in the United States! It literally translates to “my cold beer,” It starts with a cold light beer, added tomato juice, hot sauce, and lime.

It creates excitement to add more flavors of your own, adding salt for an extra kick or tamarind for a touch of sweetness might be something you want to explore.

You can go beyond any recipes and follow your own taste preferences; examples of garnishes include celery, limes, and other items. Yet, if you’re still trying different beers, consider this simple guide by Muy Bueno to start your michelada adventure.

3. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit Juice With Beer

Walking in the grocery store’s beer aisle section, you can spot some grapefruit-infused beers. This proves that grapefruit juice is one of the best drinks to mix with Beer.

Have you ever heard of bellini? Well, this is a beer version of it. It may also be a shandy, a beer-based drink to freshen yourself up during hot summer days.

Just like lemon, grapefruits are also poured into enriching that oozing flavor. Instead of lemon’s citrusy flavor, grapefruit offers a sweeter tone with a much more fragrant aroma. Always remember to use light Beer or lager for better taste.

You can use a tall glass to hold the drink to serve grapefruit shandy. As shandy is never served with ice, pre-chill your Beer and grapefruit to a low temperature. Follow this recipe from Hoffman to serve that perfect shandy and brag to your friends.

4. Margarita

Margarita With Beer

Torn between a margarita and a beer? Why not choose both? Add a small lager of Beer to your margarita. A beer margarita is a drink for those who are undecided between the two. Other calls it beergarita.

This margarita has no lime limeade, just lime juice, and Beer. Quoted from its name, a margarita is served with a submerged beer to it. Like a typical Margarita, Tequila, Cointreau, or orange liqueur, lime juice is served, and the twist is, of course, the Beer.

If you have a hard time choosing what type of Beer you should use, try using a lager for that classic and simple flavor like Corona, or you could try IPA. Avoid old and dark beers if you want to make your beergarita tastier. Check this recipe from All Recipes to make your own beergarita at home.

5. Champagne

Champagne With Beer

Fancy up your casual Beer with champagne. Level up your game by adding champagne to your dark Beer to create black velvet, an original beer cocktail drink!

You may wonder how they blend and complement each other, but kid you not, it tastes amazing. Fancy is an understatement for this drink because it was served to the royal blood in England in the year 1861 when Queen Victoria’s husband passed away.

The mourning of the kingdom of England created a beautiful drink that was later enjoyed by the majority, not only in their country but also worldwide. You may wonder what the best stout for this drink is.

You may use Irish stout like Guinness, but be careful pouring so you can enjoy that foamy and creamy thick black base.

To make your black velvet the best, use a 1:1 ratio of stout and champagne and serve it without ice; hence, the stout and champagne should be chilled first. Notice that thick base and a foamy head; your night is going to be a blast.

6. Soju

Soju With Beer

While all western countries have their own drinks to mix with Beer, East Asian countries would not lose this battle! In South Korea, Soju and Beer are undoubtedly popular. Being individually popular, some Koreans mix them together, ending up having a smooth cocktail they call somaek.

Soju is a popular liquor in South Korea and is made up of rice, sweet potato, or tapiocas. Given that Koreans are nurtured with their culture, this drink, too, has a connection to it.

How do we make somaek? Everyone in Korea agrees that the golden ratio for this cocktail is 3:7. Soju must be 30%, while Beer should be 70%. Nonetheless, your preference in taste must still be followed, and these are just a suggestion by the locals of Korea.

Like any other beer cocktail, using light Beer or lager screams perfection for your somaek. If you are visiting Korea one of these days, you may grab some Hite and Cass Beers, which are very popular there. If you’d like to try making one at home, use Emily’s Guide for mixing techniques.

7. Whiskey

Whiskey With Beer

You may enjoy whiskey or Beer separately, but mixing them together would be a great compliment! Since the 1800s, people started to drink light beers with whiskey to aid their thirst.

Whiskey became a chaser, but as time passed, they became a great pair. Water, Grains, and Yeast; these ingredients are needed in both whiskey and Beer, making them a match made in heaven.

Both of them have this dark and nutty undertone making them complement each other. Undoubtedly, this mix tastes good, but it is believed that it is an acquired taste.

Just like any other drink mix, the flavor depends on you. The ideal ratio of both drinks is 1:1, having one shot of whiskey and one pitcher of Beer, resulting from having a boilermaker.

Preparing a boilermaker is easy as one two three, plus, there is no rule in choosing the type of Beer you need to use for this one. Although, keep in mind that there are some drinks that best come with beers.

For example, Classic Burbon makes a great pair with a light lager, while strong Irish whiskey pairs best for IPA. The Spruce Eats had a guide on how to prepare this boilermaker, so check it out!

8. Other Beers

Other Beers with Beers

Having no other option? You might want to try mixing your Beer with other Beer. English people started combining beers in the 17th century.

If you heard Black and Tan, it is a beer-to-beer action of pale ale and stout. Not stopping on the tasty drink, but also the drink is very appealing, eyeing that ombre light to Beer’s dark color.

Nonetheless, you can still do your own at your place! Start by pouring a light Beer into a glass, followed by a darker one. Despite looking cool on that glass, you may need some skills and technique to practice that proper fade. The technique by Drinks Made Easy will help you to achieve that secret!


This article showcases different beverages that are always accessible to the nearest convenience stores or grocery stores. With different characteristics, flavors, and spirits mixed altogether will surely catch everyone’s heart.

With these eight drinks you might ace those dinners you will host in the future! If you tried some on the list, share what your favorite is!

Drinks to Mix Up With Your Beer

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