What Does Beer Do for Your Hair?

It might come as a surprise that beer is not just for drinking. It can also be for the enrichment of your hair. Beer is rich in vitamins and minerals that can make your hair healthier. Let’s explore what does beer do for your hair.

What Does Beer Do for Your Hair?

Beer might be excellent for refreshing yourself, but it also offers many benefits for your hair. The hop acids in beer can act as a natural cleaning agent, helping to remove built-up oils and residue.

The malt and barley in beer also contain nutrients that can help nourish your hair’s roots. And finally, the alcohol in beer can help open up your hair’s cuticle. It can allow the moisture and other treatments to penetrate deeper.

One of the main benefits of beer on hair is its ability to improve shine. The hops in beer are a natural source of silicone. The chemical helps to protect the hair and add shine.

Beer can also help to add softness to hair—thanks to the malt in most brews. Malt is a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates, which can help nourish and condition the hair.

Another benefit of beer on hair is its ability to protect against damage. The antioxidants in beer can help scavenge free radicals, which can cause damage to the hair. Beer can also help improve the hair’s elasticity, making it less likely to break.

In addition to its benefits for the hair, beer can promote a healthy scalp and hair follicle function. The vitamins and minerals in beer can help nourish the scalp and hair follicles, keeping them healthy and functioning correctly.

Although you can have these benefits by drinking beer, we have a more beneficial way to use beer for your hair.

How to Use Beer as a Hair Treatment?

How to Use Beer as a Hair Treatment

Hair treatments are all in one way you can increase the overall health of your hair. With the alcohol opening up your follicles, any products you use can have more prominent effects.

In this method, we will use the penetrative properties of the beer. Using it before you shampoo and conditioner will help the products seep into the roots. Thus, making it more effective.


  1. Grab a de-carbonated beer: It’s essential to use stale beer as a hair treatment. Carbohydrates can affect shampoo. If your beer is not stale, grab a flat bowl and let it sit for an hour or two.
  1. Dilute the beer: In a bowl, mix equal parts of water and beer. The dilution will make the beer less sticky and spread better in your hair. You can also add a drop of olive oil for shinier hair.
  1. Put the beer mixture in your hair: You can either pour it or use a brush. Ensure to touch the roots of your hair to open up your follicles.
  1. Massage your scalp: Massage your scalp to ensure you get the most out of the treatment. It will help the beer to penetrate your hair follicles.
  1. Leave the beer for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Use a shampoo and conditioner, and rinse your hair as usual: You will notice your hair to be much smoother and shinier after just one use. By doing this hair treatment method, your hair care products can penetrate your roots more.

How to Use Beer as a Hair Conditioner?

How to Use Beer as a Hair Conditioner

Beer can be used as a hair conditioner in two different ways. The first way is to add it after using your shampoo. It will help to add shine and body to your hair.

The other way is to have it as a leave-in conditioner. It can make your hair shiny and smooth throughout the day.

Like the hair treatment method, you should use a de-carbonated beer to make this leave-in conditioner.


  1. Make a leave-in conditioner mixture: It would be best if you combine equal parts water and beer. You can also add olive oil and other fragrant essential oil for an added shine and fragrance.
  1. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle: This makes your leave-in conditioner a lot more convenient. Transfer the mixture and use it throughout the day.
  1. Spray the mixture on your hair: Always spray it on the hair strands only, as the mixture will cause grease and oil buildup if you leave it in the roots.

That’s it! You have a natural home remedy to make your hair shiny and voluminous throughout the day.

What is Beer Hair Rinse?

What is Beer Hair Rinse

Beer hair rinse is another way to make the best out of the hair benefits. It works by leaving the beer in your hair after shampooing. The beer will then act as a conditioner.


  1. Start by shampooing your hair as usual: This beer rinse will start by cleaning your hair. Start with shampoo; you don’t have to use conditioner. The beer rinse will act as a softener for your hair.
  1. Then, pour diluted beer on your hair: Be sure to cover it from root to tip. It will leave your hair coated and enriched from follicles to hair strands.
  1. Let the beer sit in your hair for a few minutes: Leave the beer to sit in your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s better to have a shower cap to help the mixture penetrate your hair roots more.
  1. Massage your scalp: To help the beer enter your follicles, add a minute or two of massaging your scalp. This will help the beer get into more secluded spots.
  1. Rinse it out with warm water: After massaging your scalp, you can rinse the beer with warm water. However, don’t rinse your hair dry. Be sure to leave a good amount of beer to help your hair throughout the day.

You can repeat this process once or twice weekly for the best results. Don’t do it daily, as the alcohol of the beer can dry your hair strands. After one wash, you will notice your hair is smoother and silkier than usual.

Benefits of Drinking Beer on Your Hair

Benefits of Drinking Beer on Your Hair

Here are some other benefits of beer that can help your hair. Use the above methods to get the most out of the drink.

Results of Shinier Hair

Beer can also help to keep hair looking shiny and lustrous. This effect is because beer contains malt, a natural protein source. Protein is essential for healthy hair, as it helps to repair damage and keep hair looking strong and durable.

Adding Volume

We all know that beer in moderation is good for our health. But did you know that beer can also add volume to your hair?

Beer is not only good for your health but can also help give you fuller, healthier hair. It’s due to the nutrients and minerals present in the drink.

First, beer is rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect your hair from damage. Second, beer contains vitamins and minerals that can help to nourish your hair. Third, beer can help to remove built-up dirt and oil from your hair.

Your hair will look fuller and brighter with healthier roots and shinier strands.

Increasing Hair Growth

Finally, beer can also help to prevent hair loss. It’s because beer contains hops, a natural source of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen helps to keep hair follicles healthy, which in turn helps to prevent hair loss.

It’s also crucial to know that hair growth is different for everyone. What works for others’ hair may not work for you. Drinking beer will not magically give you a head of thick, luscious locks. However, if you want to improve your overall health, a moderate beer intake can be part of a healthy diet.

Does Beer Thickens Hair?

It is a common belief that beer can help thicken hair. But does this folk remedy work? Let’s take an in-depth view of the science behind this claim to see if there is any truth.

The main ingredient in beer that promotes hair growth is hops. Hop is a type of flower that is used to flavor beer. This ingredient contains several compounds that are known to have a stimulating effect on hair growth, including silica and keratin.

Beer also contains a significant amount of vitamin B, essential for hair growth. In addition, the beer includes selenium, another nutrient that has been linked to hair health.

So, does beer help thicken hair? There is evidence to suggest that it promotes hair growth. However, consuming too much beer can have the opposite effect. Too much alcohol can lead to dehydration, making hair brittle and break.

Moderation is vital when it comes to reaping the hair-thickening benefits of beer. So, if you want to try this home remedy, drink in moderation and supplement your beer consumption with plenty of water.

In Summary

As you can see, there are several ways in which beer can be beneficial for your hair. So next time you’re looking for a hair treatment, don’t forget about beer! With this, you now know what beer does for your hair and more.

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