What is Small Beer?

Summer is almost coming, so an ice-cold bucket of beer is a must-have during this time of the year! Of course, there is plenty of beer to choose from, be it a large beer, bottled beer, canned beer, and a small beer.

Oh wait, did we just say small beer? Correct! You’re reading it right; small beers are still popular these days—who would have thought, right?

We probably piqued your curiosity as you started to question yourself, “What is small beer?” and “What do they mean by small beer?” Well, we’re here to help!

With this blog, we will answer your questions regarding the origin and history of small beer, its benefits, and of course, its food pairings! So what are you waiting for? Let’s now proceed, shall we?

Small Beer: A type of beer

Small Beer A type of beer

Small beer, the idea that pops into your mind when we say that word is probably the same as our idea—it’s a beer that comes in a smaller bottle. But what if we tell you that that idea is absurd and wrong? Yes, the definition of small beer differs from what we expected it to be.

Actually, small beer is not the type of beer where you can literally explain its definition. So when we say “small beer,” it is a beer that did not reach the average alcohol volume of a standard beer, which is between 5 percent to above.

Because of this, it was known for its weaker content and lower ABV; that’s why it was called “Small Beer.”

Let us tell you something, small beer may not be popular as it was before, but in all honesty, small beers were chart-topping during old times, making it their go-to drink, same as water—we’re not kidding, it was really equivalent as water.

You’re probably questioning yourself, right? Since who would’ve thought that this beer could be a substitute for water centuries ago? Well, the people in Europe, especially in Medieval times, are the ones who started this thing!

So as we dig deeper into this blog, you’ll gonna learn some significant lessons regarding small beer.

Before you proceed reading, you can watch this video regarding small beer:

Where it (small beer) all started!

Now that you’re clear on what small beer is let’s now go back from the past! Prepare yourself as you’ll be blown away by how unique the history of small beer is . Are you ready? Let’s proceed!

As we have stated recently, small beer was well-known and famous during Medieval times—centuries ago. Do you want to know how popular it was back then? Well, it’s really popular to the point that some well-known people, such as Shakespeare, are even drinking this type of beer!

Some of the arts and literature of Shakespeare mentioned small beers—well, if you want to know more—you can click this link for a reference.

Moving on to the year 2017, small beer resurfaced its popularity when the people from Britain and other parts of the world demanded a new lower-alcohol beer! Because of this, someplace in London—specifically the southern region, dreamt of brewing a superb and unique flavor of beer that would adapt the today’s modern living.

Since they have created a new idea that changed the small beer in a good way, the small beer—that was once a beer about quenching your thirst, it is now far more beyond that! It is now connected and provides wellness and health!

Once you’re done reading this part, we will tell you the benefits of a small beer—just be patient; we’ll get there soon. So if you prefer a beer that tastes wonderful but will not get you drunk and give you a hangover, indeed, the small beer is the perfect drink!

Different benefits of Small beer

As promised, we will now discuss some benefits of drinking a small beer. You should keep in mind that not because this kind of beer contains alcohol, it means that it has no benefits—of course, it has, that’s why we’re going to tell them to you. Focusing mainly on your emotions, self-care, and its taste!

1. Enjoyment everywhere

There’s a study from the National Library of Medicine that indicates—when people are given beers that have three to seven percent of alcohol, they will be most likely to have a good time enjoying themselves with their friends and family!

But having a seven percent of alcohol as your drink can cause stress for you or some people! So preferably, the best option you can have is this small beer! Who wouldn’t choose this type of beer if it can give you enjoyment and will not get you drunk, are we correct?

2. It can Provide Hydration

If you’re hanging out with your friends and totally wasted from the drinks that you ordered, your hangover will probably be the worst! You can feel dehydrated once you open your eyes. How many times have you felt like that?

Well, if that’s mostly your case when drinking a beer, you should thank small beers! Since small beers have a low level of alcohol, they will make you feel hydrated instead!

3. Flavorful even if it has a Lower ABV

As you can see, small beers may contain low levels of alcohol—yet, they are hundred percent flavorful! So, even if you love drinking beers, you don’t need to consume high levels of alcohol—more like chugging it for you to enjoy.

Since small beer is very flavorful, you’ll still get to sip your desirable beer with a lower level of alcohol in order to enjoy it! We love the idea of that!

Food pairings

Proceeding on to food pairings, in some areas, small beers are often know as lager or ales. And since we love our readers so much, we created this food guide for you to know what food goes the best with your small beer!

  • If you’re drinking pale ale, the best food to pair with this drink is barbecue, steaks, or some Mexican food!
  • If you like dark lagers, then pizza, hearty stews, and burgers would be your best pick.
  • When you prefer light lagers, it’s best to pair it with spicy foods, salads, or one of the most popular food—burgers!
  • For brown ales, some seafood such as fish, sushi, or sausage is the best.
  • However, if you want to drink amber ale, some fried foods, smoked pork, or even pizza will be great with this drink!

Best Small Beer that you should try

You know that we value our readers the most; that’s why we have created this table guide regarding small best beer that you can try, so you would know what small beers are worth trying!

Don’t worry, almost all of them can be found at any supermarket—we don’t want you having a hard time.

No. Name of the Beer Popularity Score ABV (Alcohol By Volume)
1 Hangar 24 Small Stout 84 4.80%
2 Three Floyds Slave Princess 78 4.50%
3 Cloudwater Small Vic Secret Pale 94 2.90%
4 Goose Island Willies Small Beer 72 4.5%%
5 Revolution Gomorrah 78 3.40%


Small beers are emerging at a rapid pace in today’s market, and we have no doubt that they will come to claim their place.

The only disadvantage is that people may overdrink small beers simply because they don’t feel drunk enough. But, if taken in moderation, whatever beer, small or large, brightens your day, doesn’t it?

We hope that we did our job answering some of your questions regarding “What is small beer?” For more blog posts like this, make sure to check our site! Goodbye!

What is Small Beer

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