Who says you can’t have delicious craft beer and watch your calories at the same time? Feather light is Charlotte’s first light craft beer! This low-calorie light Berliner tale is slightly tart and has a crisp taste from kettle sour blend.

If You’re Not Living On The Edge, You’re Taking Up Too Much Space

We’ve never been to India and neither has this beer. We believe the American Style has changed what an IPA is. More Hops, more grain, and more flavor. This is an American IPA.

Over the Edge takes a great balance of 5 grains and then ramps it up with West Coast hops that were born in the shadows of the cascades. We use these Hops in 7 different additions to create an adventure from the beginning of the sip all the way to the burp.

This beer has a blood orange color and thick white head. The beer starts with great hop aroma and malty sweetness followed by citrus orange full bodied flavor, finishing with clean piney end and cascade aroma’s. This beer will not only show you what an American IPA is, it will take you Over the Edge!

You wake up and that first thought is . . .

Today is going to be a big day.  It may be a tail gate, a pontoon party, a wedding, or it may be getting ready to run with the bulls.

The fact remains you’ve got to get ready for the big day or prepare for a long night. It’s time to Pre-Game.

Pre-Game is a Session Ale, this means this beer has great drinking potential. At 4.5% it beholds all of the craft flavor that you crave, but stays away from being too heavy. This beer is golden in color and low in bitterness.  Hops do come through in a sweet piney aroma that makes the end of every sip sound like . . . Game Time!

This aromatic IPA is made with 7 hop additions. All those hops are thrown in at special timed editions to create flavor, a nose full of goodness, and light bitterness.



The name says it all. That simple. No really, that simple. Ginger drops of heaven, creamy smooth wheat. Now go out and live!

Our Ginger Wheat has all the wonderful light citrus mouth feel of our No Shame wheat with the addition of just the right amount of ginger to have a light, creamy finish with bursts of flavor.


Tele-porter is a robust porter with a rich grain bill and dark malts that we brew with local cocoa nibs from French Broad chocolatiers in Asheville, NC, milk sugar and aromatic coffee roasted by our friends at Enderly Coffee in Charlotte.  These ingredients give this beer a wonderful nose of coffee and chocolate, a creamy tan head, and rich mocha taste.

Made with black tea leaves and sweet orange blossom honey, this beer is on the lighter side with great caramel malts. The finish of sweet tea and hops provide a new floral lemon aroma. Plain and simple, Hospitali-tea is refreshing.



Hoppy, roasted and smooth. This India Brown Ale will stay on your mind long after the last taste, like a song of the classic variety which may or may not have inspired this beer.

We brew this American stout with 7 grains and all west coast hops. The beer has a beautiful, tan head and the malts provide a smooth roasted taste and chocolate notes. It finishes with a slight pine flavor and a little more hops than most traditional stouts.
Cognac simmered raisins and cinnamon blended in this Belgian Quad. A big beer that brings the taste of cinnamon raisin bread with every sip and a good warmth behind it. Need we say more?

This scotch ale is a great beer with warm body and sweet caramel notes. Light hop additions and roasted grains give it a nice malty aroma. Drink this beer and enjoy with or without your kilt.

Lets Get Tropical is a 5.8% IPA. We used a Weizen yeast to create banana flavors. experimental hops with flavors of pineapple and then we dry hopped this beer with roasted coconut. When you are done drinking this beer you will find that your hair has been braided with pukka shells and you will have on a pink t-shirt that says “Island time”!


This stout is big. 7 different grains give this beer a great taste of chocolate and toasted toffee. It has a thick brown head with a warm mouth feel that will hold up against the coldest winter months. Even with its high gravity this beer is not overly thick or syrupy even though it’s made with enough grain to Krash The Kremlin.

When we think of Russian Imperial Stout, we think cold, dark, and filthy rich. We’re not historians but another dark, cold leader comes to mind. This beer weighs in at more than 4,000 pounds of grain and would easily tax the resources of premier Stalin.

We added bourbon-soaked red cherries to make this a real bear. Instead of starting a cold war, he would have been better off brewing a delicious beer. And, unlike the former Soviet Union, this beer ages well!

We brewed this IPA with some hazy juice hops and fermented it with a blend of an ale yeast and brett drie. And dry hopped it with a very aromatic hops.

What could be better than Tele-Porter. A wonderful porter brewed with milk sugar, and aromatic coffee roasted by our friends atFrenchh broad and Enderly Coffee. These ingredients give this beer a wonderful nose of coffee and chocolate, a creamy tan head, and rich mocha taste.

We started with 25-year-old Dominican rum barrels and said “what should we put in them?” Well we went with a light tart gose and added fresh key lime juice so that you end up with a light quenching beer with a smooth rum vanilla finish.