9 Methods to Open a Beer Bottle Without Opener

Who wouldn’t want a cold bottle of beer after a long day? Unfortunately, a bottle opener is not always available. Don’t worry! This instruction will show you the ways how to open a beer bottle without opener. You can choose between these nine methods you can try out.

1. Remove with Another Bottle

Remove with Another Bottle

It might be surprising, but you can remove a beer bottle cap with another bottle. With a bit of strength and some friction, you can enjoy your drink.

Most people don’t buy a single beer. Most comes in cases or buckets, especially if you are out partying. Fortunately, if you don’t have an opener, you can use these bottles to pry open the cap.

How to do it:

  1. Place the bottle caps facing each other. One of the bottles should be facing down while the other is facing upwards.
  2. Once the caps are clinging against each other, gently pull the bottle facing downwards. It should gently lift the bottle cap from the bottle that is facing upwards.

Note that if you don’t have a surface to settle the bottle facing upward, you can hold it in your hands to make it steadier.

2. Pop Off with Scissors

Pop Off with Scissors

Scissors are not just excellent for cutting; they are also great as an impromptu can opener. However, scissors have an open blade, so you must be careful while using them as a tool.

Much like many metal tools that we will go through on this list, scissors provide a sturdy clasp that can easily remove your bottle caps.

How to do it:

  1. Place the two scissor blades against either side of the bottle cap. It must anchor against the underneath metal cap. For a better angle, let the
  2. Gently lift off the scissors to pop off the cap. Be careful while doing this step; you can cut yourself if you pop the lid off harshly.

If you want a safer way to do this method, you can use duller scissors. In fact, it’s safer as it lessens the risk of cutting yourself with the blades. It’s best if you leave this hack for a person that doesn’t have any alcohol in their system yet.

3. Use Crisp Edges

Use Crisp Edges

Tabletops, countertops, and door frames—crisp edges are a long-time part of the alternative bottle cap opener. These sturdy parts of your home can be an excellent way to remove bottle caps.

However, you might note some things before trying out this method. Make sure that your tabletop is not ceramic or easily dented. The friction from the bottle cap might cause a dent if you are not careful.

How to do it:

  1. Place the bottle cap against the edge of the counter or any flat and hard surface.
  2. Gently let the edge of the cap cling against the edge.
  3. With some force, push the bottle downwards to let the cap pop off. The cap should pop off from the bottle.

4. Folded Paper Method

Folded Paper Method

It might be a surprise, but paper can easily remove your bottle cap. It might sound impossible, but with this guide, we can assure you can do the folded paper method in no time. You can even use any piece of paper money to make this hack.

How to do it:

  1. Get a piece of paper; the thicker it is, the better. A nice part of a cardboard or paper folder for this hack will be the best. However, a standard paper is also all right.
  2. Once you get the paper, fold it until you reach a tiny piece. You can fold it for a standard paper part until it’s just an inch long.
  3. The paper should be thick and sturdy by this time. Place it underneath the cap and gently tug upwards.

Note that the paper must cling from underneath the bottle cap. It will act as the anchor you can see in a bottle opener.

5. Pop with Metal Rings

Pop with Metal Rings

Rings are a long staple as an alternative to a bottle opener. Make sure your ring is not pure silver or gold, as they are not hard enough. For this method, an excellent mix of aluminum and other hard metal will fair the best.

How to do it:

  1. Place the metal ring against the underneath part of the bottle cap. Make sure that the ring clings to the cap before tugging.
  2. Place your fingers on the upper side of the bottle.
  3. Let the ring lift off the bottle cap with a gentle tug with your fingers and hands. Make sure that the ring goes against the lid to open it.

Using cheap and thin metal rings can damage the accessory and cause it to bend. The risk of damage is lessened by utilizing more rigid metals such as aluminum.

6. Remove with a Lighter

Remove with a Lighter

Beer and cigarettes often go together. Finding someone with a lighter during some beer time is not surprising. Your buddy might have one, or even you have one in your pocket.

How to do it:

  1. For this hack, use the down part of the lighter where the opening is not present. It’s better if your lighter is metal or made with something sturdy. However, a plastic one will do.
  2. Place your hand on the base of the neck. Hold it firmly to let the bottle cap pop off.
  3. Once the butt of the lighter is placed underneath the bottle cap, swiftly flick it in an upwards motion. The friction will cause the bottle cap to pop off.

Lighters are an excellent alternative to bottle openers as they are accessible and light in the pocket.

7. Use a Key

Use a Key

Much like many metal tools, you can use a key to open your cold beer bottle. The key is two essential things needed to be a bottle opener: sturdy with sharp corners.

How to do it:

  1. Place the key underneath the bottle cap. Make sure that the metal end of the key is placed between the neck and lid of the bottle.
  2. With your other hand, steady the bottom of the bottle. It will help you pop off the lid easier.
  3. Gently but swiftly move the key in an upwards fashion. The force from your hands will cause the beer bottle to pop right off.

Another pro in using the key is that almost everyone has it. If you are out drinking, it’s not surprising for you to have this in your pocket.

8. Metal Tools

Metal Tools

Metal tools such as pliers and screwdrivers are not just excellent for fixing up things; they are also great for opening your beer bottles. Like scissors, these hard metal tools are sturdy enough to open your bottles without getting bent.

How to do it:

  1. With the metal tool of your choice, place it underneath the bottle cap lid. If you use a tool such as a screwdriver, place the metal tip and hold it against the cover. Meanwhile, if you use pliers, hold the two claws, one underneath and the other on the top.
  2. Gently apply the pressure on the tool and move it in an upwards fashion. It will cause stress on the lid, leading to it being popped open.

Note that open tools such as screwdrivers are risky if not handled properly. It can cause injury if not handled properly.

9. Use Metal Cutlery

Use Metal Cutlery

Metal cutlery, such as knives and spoons, is great for removing bottle caps. They are not just excellent for eating out your snacks that go along with your drink. Depending on your cutlery, there are two methods to do this trick.

How to do Knife Method:

  1. You will need a sturdy and sharp knife for this hack. Once you have your sharp knife, plunge it through the middle of the bottle cap.
  2. With your other hand, keep the bottle steady. It will help the force from your other hand to pop off the lid.
  3. Once the knife is plunged through the middle of the lid, move it in an upwards motion. It will cause the cap to pop off.

How to do Spoon Method:

If a knife is unavailable for you, this hack will need only a spoon.

  1. Place the spoon underneath the bottle cap. You can use either end of the spoon; it depends on the sturdiness and hook of the spoon.
  2. With your other hand, steady the lower part of the bottle.
  3. With a bit of force, pop off the lid of the beer bottle.

Using this guide, you can open your beer bottle in no time. Note that you can use the knife and follow the directions for the spoon method. However, it will not work the other way around.

In Summary

With these nine methods, you can open your beer bottle without a bottle opener. Choose one, and we can guarantee you can enjoy your cold beer in no time. Whether you have some key, a dollar beer, or just another bottle, you can open your beer bottle trouble-free.

9 Methods to Open a Beer Bottle Without Opener

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