6 Steps to Make a Red Beer (Tips, Common Questions, & Guide)

Are you tired of your regular canned beer? Worry no more, for the Red Beer will change your buds! What is a red beer, you say? Coming from the midwestern states of Nebraska, Ohio, and Minnesota, the Red Beer became the dinner basics.

The bloody Mary is often compared to this; hence, it has a vodka base. Red beer is a cocktail that uses beer to infuse the tomato, olives, pickles, and spice rub, a combination of flavors.

Get your notes and pen to jot down information because this recipe will give you the best and most healthy beer you may have.

Ingredients for Red Beer


Want to discover the secret to the best Red Beer? Choosing the right beer will elevate your red beer to the next level! Truth be told, any beer can be used for this drink; Hence, choosing something light and delicate will be supreme. This is because the flavors of tomato will cover the taste of the beer.

Expensive beers do not mean better beer. If you’re on a budget, try to find a light beer that will suit your wallet. You may consider getting lager or Ale on your next grocery trip and find out what works for your taste buds!


Aside from being the most common type of beer in the world, Lagers is a bottom-fermented beers. Yeast is used to agitating the beer at the bottom of the jar. This approach to beer creates a crisper beer that is perfect to match your tomatoes.


If you prefer a more robust flavor, then Ale may be for you. In contrast to the bottom-fermenting technique of Lagers, this is a top-fermenting technique. This produces a rich flavor noted by fruit flavors. Unparallel to the ideology of alcohol, Ale is usually aged for a short time. Nonetheless, the juice and flavors will overcome these beers.

Tomato Juice

Tomatoes stand out on their own. Starting from its bold red color to juicy and nutritious contents. Tomatoes are delicate fruits. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

To get healthier, tomatoes on beer do not sound bad at all. Tomato Juices are often found in grocery stores, so get some and put it in your grocery cart! If you want some fresh juice, grab those tomatoes, and cut them into four. Throw them on your juicer and save only what comes out.

We all want pure juice, don’t we? Run the tomato juice through a cheesecloth or a fine strainer to leave the seeds and other sediments behind. It only takes 5 minutes, 3 minutes from the juicer, and 2 minutes from straining, and behold! Your freshly juiced tomatoes are ready to use.



Spice up your beer not only with tomato juice but also with herbs and spices! This contains the following list:

Worcestershire Sauce

A small amount of Worcestershire sauce will create a tanginess and zing to your beer. This will jazz up your beer to make a tasty beer.

Hot Sauce

This is optional for those who do not want extra hot and spicy beer. Hence, this is becoming a trend and has been a phenomenon for a decade.

Lime Juice and Sugar

Want to add freshness and sweetness to your flavor? Lime Juice and Sugar will be your necessity for this drink. The Lime will create a taste while the sugar notes a sweet undertone to your beer.


Celeries produce aromatic flavor, which can be added to your beer. This can also enhance the vitamin and nutrient content of your beer.

How to Make Red Beer

Step 1: Prepare Your Beer

Start with your preferred beer. We have provided a recommended beer for red beer, but the choice is in your hand. You can use your ordinary pale lager or try stronger beers if you want a higher note. You can try Bud light, Keystone, Michelob, and Pacifico for your red beer to create a brand-new experience! After all, your preference should be the top priority.

Step 2: Prepare Your Seasoning

Prepare Your Seasoning

A range of herbs and spices may overwhelm you for your red beer. You will also need seasoning to place on the rim of the glass, which will be the flavor breaker of the drink. Specific individuals prefer simpler ones that only consist of kosher salt.

On a higher note, get those spices on your rack and prepare them on your table. Don’t worry about the specific amount of herbs because the choice is yours to handle.


Step 3: Prepare Your Tomato Juice and Celery Juice

Prepare Your Tomato Juice and Celery Juice

A freshly squeezed tomato will be the edge of your red beer from the other. Do not forget to strain the juice with cheesecloth or a strainer if you don’t have one.

The juice collected will be used as a mixture of the beer. If you like aromatic essence on your glass, try repeating the steps for the celery. This would create a fragrant beer.


Step 4. Spice up Your Rim

Spice up Your Rim

When sipping your glass, putting salt on your rim will create an explosion of flavors. To do this, you can dip your glass in honey or even rub a lime around it. Make sure to cover the whole rim for the seasoning to stick.

If you are torn between the two, Lime produces a fresh tanginess that blends well with the seasoning, while the honey creates a sweet undernote when mixed with salt. Someone with a sweet tooth often prefers the latter.

Like on some cocktails, put your seasoning on a saucer, turn the glass upside down, and press it. Bear in mind to cover all sides of the rim by pushing the glass in a circular motion to help the seasoning to stick.


Step 5. Fill the Glass with Beer

Fill the Glass with Beer

After adding seasoning to the rim, pour the beer into your glass. Keep in mind that three-fourths is the recommended ratio of beer. To achieve the best flavor, running 14oz of beer is the key. Although the amount of alcohol content is up to you, the recommendation is the perfect ratio of alcohol and flavor of tomato.

When pouring, a 45-degree angle will distribute the beer’s carbon dioxide, which is the secret to a bubbly drink. This is an excellent technique for a thicker and better beer aroma.

You can adjust the mixture depending on your taste. Time for bolder nights? Add more beer! Are you looking for a chill and flavorful shot? Lessen the alcohol content and spice up that drink with spicey flavors!


Step 6. Pour Tomato Juice

Time to put your tomato juice in the spotlight. Fill your glass with your very own tomato juice. This is the old-fashioned way for red beer but worries not because it is classic and provides a great combination of tangy flavor to your beer!

Haven’t you made or bought any juice? You can put your tomato puree on your prepared beer. However, be careful because it holds too much flavor, and you will only need a small amount for the perfect taste. You can adjust the amount of beer for the rest of your glass.


Step 7: Jazz up With Flavors

Jazz up With Flavors

As we all know, red beer consists of different flavors, so it is not time to do so. Nevertheless, many often skip this step as they want a simple beer with tomato juice. Little did they know that these seasonings create a massive difference in their beer.

Your Worcestershire sauce will be needed for an extra bang for this drink. Not that it will make your beer tastier, but it will create a zing.

Many drinkers prefer hot side dishes for their beer, but having your beer hot and spicy?

Add that hot sauce to your drink! Yet again, your preference should be the priority of making a drink, so it is up to you how much sauce you are willing to add. However, putting a double amount of the Worcestershire sauce makes the best.


Step 8: Serve

Now that it is well-done, mix the ingredients to prepare for drinking. Consider doing so with a celery stick to provide more flavor and aromatic essence to the drink. Drink your red beer with a side dish to enjoy your moment.


Is Mixed Beer and Tomato Juice Healthy?

Beer is a go-to drink for everyone who wants to chill with alcohol. It was never placed on the healthy options side of the supermarket. How do we make it healthier? Do you say? How about mixing it with a tomato? Tomato holds plenty of Vitamin C and is also an antioxidant!

Beer and Tomato juice are nutritious, just like a regular drink. Despite drinking beer, the strong vitamin content of the tomato overpowers the beer. If you have taken the beer alone, trying it with tomato will help your body to cleanse and efficiently absorb the vitamins.

Although beer and tomato juice is not as healthy as those diet drinks, smoothies, or low-carb drinks, it is an excellent beverage for those who want to be healthy while having alcohol. Remember that too much of these will still affect your body.

How Does Tomato Affect Beer?

How Does Tomato Affect Beer

You are throwing up. Dizzy Head. Cloudy thoughts. These hangover effects may cling to you if you overdrink during the night out. This, however, can be reduced by taking red beer.

How does it oppose alcohol? The enzymes in your liver are triggered when taking tomatoes. These are released when you drink; foremost; they metabolize the alcohol you took along with the tomato.

Tomatoes hold a lot of vitamins and nutrients for our body; little did we know that it is also helpful for drinking. Take four to five medium-sized potatoes when you drink, or take one-third cup of tomato sauce and see the difference. This makes the red beer perfect for enjoying those chill and fun nights without thinking about the aftermath of those beers.

The Bottom Line

And we are done! Red Beer is a healthy and nutritious drink without getting pumped up. Although a lot of seasonings are needed for this drink, it is your preference to choose for your beverage.

These ingredients can be found at your nearest grocery stores, so prepare your beer and tomato juice; now, you are ready to invite your guests to your home for a chill-out party.

Red beer will be your best friend for that late Friday night or in a chill room with friends. You can now drink without worrying about your hangover for tomorrow, for this drink will never let you down.

We all want to chill, don’t we? But we should not forget to drink moderately because too much will always negatively affect us.

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