10 Proven Ways to Get Drunk Faster

At times, we feel that moment in life when we all ever wanted to do is gulp down a tremendous amount of alcohol and get drunk faster. There are days when you want to drink for entertainment. But of course, we can’t deny that there are days when getting intoxicated is the end goal.

There are many proven ways to get lightheaded and drunk faster than usual. Whether picking the right drinks to have or the amount of liquor you need to consume, it’s all in this blog! So, let’s start the ride, and here are the 10 proven ways to get drunk faster!

1. Check the Alcohol Content

Here’s how you can jumpstart your goal of getting drunk faster! Our first tip would be perhaps the most apparent tip you must do to get intoxicated sooner enough than you think. As you might be aware, beverages like wine, beer, ciders, and liquors have different alcohol levels.

So, if you like to get drunk a bit faster, the best way to go around is to pick drinks with increased alcohol content. You might want to check the side of the bottle to check the alcohol percentage. The higher the ratio, the more likely you’ll get drunk way faster than usual.

Generally speaking, beers with higher alcohol levels contain around 15 to 18% alcohol. But beers with an 11% alcohol level range are now considered robust!

But of course, let us tell you this. A few intense beers can get you on edge. So, it’s always helpful to know the limits. Once you feel buzzed, it’s high time to slow down your drinking phase. Of course, if you have dizziness, it’s better to stop drinking all at once. After all, you don’t want to end up in a sickbed after consuming a lot of beers!

2. Choose Diet Spirits with Liquors

Choose Diet Spirits with Liquors

Because of their acidity, mixers such as energy drinks and cold sodas have the ability to make one feel the alcohol much faster. Our bodies may not treat soda like regular food. Thus, our system allows the alcohol to get absorbed quickly.

3. Go for Hard Liquor

If you feel like your body has an unquenching thirst for alcohol, maybe it’s time to give a go signal for hard liquors. Unlike wine and beer, these drinks hold a higher alcohol percentage. On top of everything, doing shots proved to be effective.

Taking and trying shots can make one absorb alcohol much easier. For the record, experts say that vodka can significantly increase intoxication speed. So, why not go for hard liquors when the ultimate goal is to get drunk faster?

But remember that the drinks we consume always depend on our go-to bar. Drinks might be weak or strong. You can ask the bartender to offer more than one serving of liquor found in a mixed drink. Of course, there’s no stopping you from upgrading your glass and going double!

And again, another piece of advice. Liquors hold high alcohol levels. Drinking too much of it can land you sickness. So, while you might want to get drunk before dawn, stick to a drink of one or two!

4. Avoid Caffeine or Water Beforehand

Avoid Caffeine or Water Beforehand

Both caffeine and alcohol have diuretic properties. That means these beverages would make you want to pee more than usual.

So, possible case scenario, hydrating and switching drinks with coffee will clear the alcohol in your body. And, of course, this dilution will take you longer to get drunk. On top of everything, it adds up the time between each beverage.

Instead of being intoxicated way sooner, you’ll get sober after each drink. Drinking caffeine and water with alcoholic beverages will take too much of your time. And it can even impact the alcohol level in your blood system to drop significantly, causing you to feel nauseous and vomit.

5. Have Bubbly Drinks

Here’s another shortcut tip you can take to get drunk quickly. How about going for a round of bubbly drinks? I swear these cool beverages can intoxicate you in just a split second.

So, if you’re reading this blog, this is a sign to order now your favorite bubbly drinks. These include drinks blended with tonic water, spritzers, champagne, and sparkling wine.

6. Never Stressed Out Before Drinking

Never Stressed Out Before Drinking

What a powerful way to get drunk faster than avoiding stress and relaxing before having a spree of alcoholic beers! Facts dictate that high-functioning anxiety can lower levels of intoxication. If you’re having a stressful time or being bothered while drinking, this might affect your euphoria more than you think.

Of course, we want to shoo away stress. Or else this might affect your buzz. Before a drinking session, try doing some calming or relaxation techniques. You do you.

Just do something that calms you down. Read a book or two! Watch your favorite TV series. And yes, what better way to release negative vibes than sharing alcoholic drinks with your famous go-to person, your friends?

7. Eat Light Snacks

While some might say drinking on an empty stomach is the best, proven way to get drunk faster, this advice is dangerous. One must never drink without even eating.

But of course, this doesn’t mean you need to eat to the fullest. Save your big meal after a drinking session night. Science shows that food consumption can slow down the body’s process of absorbing alcohol.

If you start binge-drinking alcoholic beers after a full, hearty meal, it might cause you to get drunk at a much slower pace. It’s best to consume a light snack or just a quick bite a few hours before drinking. A soft sandwich, seasonal salad, small pasta plates, or a fish serving would do!

And again, don’t try to drink on an empty stomach. While initially, this act can get you intoxicated, it might increase the probability of you showing signs of illness. Plus, having drinks without food on your belly proves to be damaging to your health.

8. Drink with Friends

Drink with Friends

One of the sure and quickest ways to get drunk faster is drinking with friends. Experience says that people finish their alcoholic drinks more quickly when they have them with a large group. Then, drinking at a high pace can get you drunk faster. All of these doings can get you into the momentum.

However, it’s always best to be mindful and never forget to do your drinks a headcount. One can accidentally overdo their drinking sprees, especially when you have peeps with increased alcohol tolerance. How about being aware of what we’re feeling while drinking? Once your body senses discomfort, you can always stop and say no to more drinks!

9. Avoid Snacks with Carbohydrates

Another effective way to speed up the process and get drunk faster is to declare an outright no to snacks with carbohydrates, such as pretzels and crackers. Alcohol makes our blood sugar fall. That’s why it’s common to feel lightheaded, drunk, or shaky when intoxicated.

But eating food filled with carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta, and bread will raise blood sugar levels, preventing one from getting drunk. If it’s your goal to absorb the alcohol faster than usual, keep a distance from snacks with carbohydrates.

10. Pick the Right Glass

Ultimately, picking the right glass will help you achieve the goal of getting drunk faster. Experts say that a standard beer glass can minimize the possibility of one getting drunk faster. Fluted or curved glasses are the way to go.

If you’re chilling at your favorite local bar, you can request champagne or beer served in fluted or curved glasses. On the other hand, if you’re drinking in the comfort of your humble home, go select and buy curved mirrors at the neighborhood shop.

Curious about more tips? Drink hard, cheer, and watch this YouTube video!

Other Details at Work

There are many factors at stake if you desire to get drunk fast. You must consider the amount of alcohol you want to consume, the kind of alcohol, and the mixers worth having. In addition, everybody has distinct alcohol tolerance based on their overall body size and weight.

Usually, it would only take a split second for lightheaded persons to get wasted. So, while there are available tips to speed up the intoxicating process, it’s still best to be careful. If you already get a couple of alcoholic drinks, try having a half-hour break to stabilize your system.


Getting drunk faster sound cool, right? But there’s always the right time to do this. When you bring your car, and you have to drive to get home after a drinking spree, drink in moderation. A hangover is the last thing one wants to have if they’re behind the wheel. Plus, nobody wants an accident here!

The Moment of Truth

Whether you find yourself in a local bar, fancy restaurant, or at your humble abode, there are specific ways to get drunk faster!

These proven techniques have helped people to chill, relax, and make the most out of their drinking spree sessions! But of course, let us always take precautions. Do an alcohol-binge drinking session at the right place and right time. Sip and cheers!

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