21 DIY Wig Stand Ideas: Creative and Affordable Options

If you’re a wig wearer, you know the struggle of finding the perfect storage solution. No one wants to wear a squeezed or misshapen wig. Luckily, there are 22 DIY wig stand projects that can help you store your wigs in a safe and organized way. From budget-friendly options to more complex projects, you’re sure to find inspiration for your own wig stand.

Portable Wig Stand

Portable Wig Stand

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to set up a wig stand, the portable wig stand is a great option. This stand is easy to assemble and can be set up in a matter of minutes. It is also portable, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. The best part is that it is quite affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget. Check out the current price on Amazon to see if this portable wig stand is the right choice for you.

DIY Wig Stand Under $7

You can easily create a DIY wig stand using PVC pipes, measuring tape, and a few other materials. With a budget of less than $7, this project is perfect for those who are low on cash. The stand is easy to make and will help you to keep your wig in good condition. By following the instructions carefully, you can create a sturdy and durable wig stand that will last for years.

Space-Saving Wig Chateau

Space-Saving Wig Chateau

If you’re looking for a wig stand that can accommodate a lot of wigs without taking up much space, then the Space-Saving Wig Chateau is the perfect solution for you. With its unique design, this wig stand can hold multiple wigs while taking up minimal space in your room. If you have woodworking experience, you can easily build one for yourself. This stand is a great addition to any wig lover’s collection.

How To Make A Canvas Wig Head

Making a canvas wig head is an easy and affordable way to store and style your wigs. With the following steps, you can make your own canvas wig head:

  1. Gather your materials: a friend to help, a roll of canvas, a Styrofoam wig head, a pair of scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.
  2. Cut a piece of canvas that is large enough to cover the Styrofoam wig head and have excess fabric to tie at the bottom.
  3. Place the Styrofoam wig head in the center of the canvas and trace around it with a pencil.
  4. Cut out the traced circle, leaving an extra inch of fabric around the edge.
  5. Place the Styrofoam wig head on top of the cut-out circle and wrap the excess fabric around the bottom of the wig head.
  6. Have your friend hold the wig head in place while you tie the excess fabric tightly around the bottom of the wig head.
  7. Cut off any excess fabric and tuck in the loose ends.
  8. Your canvas wig head is now ready to use!

By following these simple steps, you can create a canvas wig head that will help you store and style your wigs with ease.

How To Make A Tall DIY Wig Stand

Making a tall wig stand is a quick and easy DIY project that you can do at home. Plus, it’s budget-friendly, costing only about $10 to make.

How to Create a Wig Tripod Stand

If you have an old tripod lying around, you can easily turn it into a wig stand.

This DIY wig stand is a great low-budget option, costing only around $10 to make. Plus, it’s a sustainable way to repurpose an old tripod.

Wooden Wig Stand

Wooden Wig Stand

If you are looking for a unique and stylish way to store your wigs, a wooden wig stand could be the perfect solution. Originally intended as a hat stand, a wooden wig stand can be easily adapted to hold wigs of various sizes and styles. While instructions for making a wig stand are not readily available, consulting with a professional woodworking engineer or utilizing your own woodworking expertise can help you create a functional and beautiful wig stand.

DIY Wig Stand

Creating your own wig stand can be a fun and rewarding project that can be done in approximately 30 minutes. Although the process involves the use of woodworking tools, the end result will be a beautiful and sturdy stand for your wig.

Wig Storage Hack

If you have a lot of wigs and are struggling with storage, this hack is for you. Instead of using a wig stand or chateau, try using a storage container with dividers. This will allow you to store multiple wigs in one place, while keeping them organized and protected. You can even label the dividers with the wig style or color for easy access. This hack is a great way to save space and keep your wigs in top condition.

How to Craft Your Own Mannequin Head

How to Craft Your Own Mannequin Head

Crafting a mannequin head is a simple and cost-effective solution for your wig stand needs. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • A foam head
  • A plaster cloth roll
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Scissors

To begin, cut the plaster cloth into small strips. Dip each strip into the warm water and apply them to the foam head, covering it completely. Allow the plaster to dry for about an hour.

Once the plaster is dry, carefully remove the foam head from the plaster mold. You now have a mannequin head to use as a wig stand. Customize it by painting or adding features like eyes and lips.

Easy DIY Head Casting

Creating a replica of your head shape and size can greatly improve the fit and look of your wigs. Paper tape is an easy and affordable material to use for this DIY head casting method.

This easy DIY head casting method can be done in the comfort of your own home and is a cost-effective solution for creating a perfect fit for your wigs.

How to Assemble Wig Stands

Putting together a wig stand can be a simple and easy task. It’s important to note that different wig stands may have slightly different assembly instructions, so always refer to the instructions provided with your specific wig stand.

Stunning Wig Chateau

Stunning Wig Chateau

If you have a large collection of wigs, a stunning wig chateau can be a great way to store and display them. These wig stands can hold multiple wigs at once, and you can even dedicate a space in your room for it. However, to make one, you may need the assistance of a woodworking expert.

DIY Wig Stand Holder

Looking for a cost-effective solution to hold your wigs? Look no further than this amazing DIY hack. With just a candle stand and a 2-liter bottle, you can create a sturdy and reliable wig stand. Not only is this idea easy to execute, but it is also incredibly innovative. Try it out for yourself and see the results!

Using Mannequin Heads

Using Mannequin Heads

If you’re looking for a luxurious way to store your wigs, consider using mannequin heads. All you need is an empty room, some shelves, a handyman, and as many mannequin heads as you need. The number of heads you choose will depend on how many wigs you want to store. Simply place the mannequin heads on the shelves and you’ll have a stylish and practical way to keep your wigs organized.

DIY Wig Stand With Household Goods

Create a DIY wig stand using household goods just like Amber Price did. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to store your wigs properly. Most of the items used in this tutorial can be found in your home or can be easily purchased.

How To Make A Cheap And Easy Wig Stand

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to store your wigs, you can make your own wig stand with just a few materials. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a wig chateau that can hold multiple wigs. The process is straightforward and easy to follow, and you’ll have your wig stand ready in no time.

PVC Pipe Wig Stand

PVC Pipe Wig Stand

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to store your wigs, consider making a PVC pipe wig stand. This DIY project is easy to replicate and can hold multiple wigs. Simply cut the PVC pipes to your desired length and connect them with elbow joints. Customize the stand with paint or decorations to fit your personal style.

Hanging Wig Holder

Hanging Wig Holder

If you’re looking for a versatile wig holder that can accommodate wigs of different sizes, the Hanging Wig Holder is a great option. It works well for both long and short wigs, and it’s easy to install. The holder is designed to hang on a hook or rod, which makes it a space-saving solution for storing your wigs. You can easily find this product on Amazon, and we recommend checking the current price before making a purchase.

How to Create a Homemade Mannequin Head

How to Create a Homemade Mannequin Head

Creating a mannequin head for your wig stand can be done easily with materials that are commonly found in your home.

DIY Long Neck Wig Stand

If you’re looking for a unique way to store your wigs, consider making a long neck wig stand.

This DIY wig stand is a fun and creative way to store your wigs. Plus, it’s an affordable alternative to purchasing a pre-made stand. Give it a try and see how it works for you!


When it comes to storing your wigs, having a wig stand is essential. Not only does it keep your wigs organized, but it also helps maintain their shape and quality. There are many DIY wig stand ideas that you can try, such as using a mannequin head, PVC pipes, or even a tripod. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, so choose the one that works best for you and your wigs.

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