25 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, it’s also a time to show your love to the little ones in your life. This list of DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for kids is perfect for making your children feel special, or for sharing with their classmates. From toddlers to teens, there are ideas for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Get creative and make these gifts in bulk or customize them for each child. The possibilities are endless and the end result will be sure to bring a smile to their faces. Show your love this Valentine’s Day with these thoughtful and fun DIY gifts for kids.

DIY LEGO Crayons Valentine’s

DIY LEGO Crayons Valentine's

Looking for a fun and creative Valentine’s Day gift for your kids? Try making DIY LEGO crayons! Simply melt down old crayons in LEGO-shaped molds and let them cool. Your kids will love coloring with their own LEGO-shaped crayons. Pair them with a printable Valentine’s Day card for an extra special touch. This craft is easy to do and the molds are easy to find. Give your kids a gift they’ll love with DIY LEGO crayons.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids


Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your love for the little ones in your life. Here are some gift ideas that will make them feel special:

  • Personalized storybook with their name and picture
  • Heart-shaped plush toy
  • DIY heart-shaped crayons
  • Valentine’s Day-themed coloring book
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Heart-shaped necklace or bracelet
  • Heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes
  • Valentine’s Day-themed puzzle or board game
  • Valentine’s Day-themed pajamas

These gifts will surely put a smile on their faces and make them feel loved on Valentine’s Day.

Bubble Valentine’s Day Gift

Bubble Valentine's Day Gift

Looking for a cute and affordable Valentine’s Day gift for your kids? Consider making a bubble Valentine’s Day gift! This DIY gift is perfect for kids to give to each other and can be made using homemade bubble solution to save money. Simply add the bubble solution to a cute container and attach a Valentine’s Day themed tag for a fun and festive gift.

DIY Pillow Treat Holder

DIY Pillow Treat Holder

Transform old toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls into a cute treat holder. Fill with your favorite candies and gift to kids for a fun surprise. This upcycling project is easy and enjoyable for all ages.

Source: Our Wabi Sabi Life

Cupid’s Arrow Craft

Cupid's Arrow Craft

Add a personal touch to your gifts or place settings with this fun and functional Cupid’s Arrow Craft. Customize your message and make someone’s day! Source: DIYnCrafts.

Candy Tic Tac Toe Game

Looking for a fun and easy game to play with your kids? Look no further than the Candy Tic Tac Toe Game! Simply print out the tic tac toe board and grab some candy pieces to use as markers. This game is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces, especially since the reward for winning is candy!

Dollar Store Gift Basket

Create a fun and affordable gift basket by shopping at your local dollar store. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want by adding items such as snacks, candles, and beauty products. Follow this general idea to make your own personalized basket.

Custom Name Crayons

Custom Name Crayons

Kids love unique crayons, but have you ever thought about making crayons out of their name? This is a cute and fun idea that kids will absolutely love! It’s a special way to make their coloring experience even more enjoyable. Check out Etsy for more information.

Felt Heart Wand

Felt Heart Wand

Make your child’s fairy dreams come true with this adorable heart wand. It’s the perfect addition to any magical dress-up collection and is easy to make for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Felt in various colors
  • Wooden dowel
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


  1. Cut out two heart shapes from felt in different colors.
  2. Use the hot glue gun to attach the hearts to either side of the wooden dowel.
  3. Cut a small piece of ribbon and tie it around the base of the hearts to cover the glue.
  4. Let the wand dry completely before giving it to your child to play with.

This DIY project is a fun and easy way to add some magic to your child’s playtime.

Valentine’s Candy Dog

Valentine's Candy Dog

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to surprise your kids on Valentine’s Day, consider making a Valentine’s Candy Dog! This cute and yummy treat is perfect for gifting, placing on top of a gift, or even tucking into lunch boxes. With just a few of their favorite candies, you can turn them into a cute little dog that your kids will love. This idea is inspired by Kid-Friendly Things to Do.

Valentine’s Day Themed Bookmarks

Looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for the book lover in your life? Consider printing off and laminating some bookmarks! With a variety of online options featuring quotes and images, you’re sure to find the perfect design. Add a ribbon or string for an extra special touch.

Tootsie Pop Flowers

Looking for a fun and inexpensive gift idea for kids? Try making Tootsie Pop flowers! These adorable treats are easy to make and perfect for kids who love big gifts on a budget. You can give one as a gift, or create a whole bouquet for a special occasion. Check out The Keeper of the Cheerios for step-by-step instructions on how to make these cute and tasty treats.

Valentine’s Day DIY Ear Muffs

Valentine's Day DIY Ear Muffs

Looking for a fun and unique Valentine’s Day gift idea? Try making your own ear muffs! Customize them with glitter or beads for a personal touch. Perfect for keeping your kids warm on cold winter mornings.

Crochet Valentine Teddy Bear

Create your own customized teddy bears with different colors using your crochet skills. This is a fun and easy project that your kids will surely love. Personalize your bears with unique designs and give them as gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Robot Snacks

Valentine Robot Snacks

Make snack time fun with these cute and delicious Valentine robot snacks. All you need are pudding cups, juice boxes, and some candies or googly eyes to create adorable little monsters. This idea is perfect for a group of kids or as a surprise treat in your child’s lunchbox. Get creative and have fun with it!

Ingredients Instructions
Pudding cups Remove the lid and decorate with candy or googly eyes to create the robot’s face.
Juice boxes Wrap the juice box with colored paper and decorate with buttons or stickers to make the robot’s body.
Candies or googly eyes Use these to decorate the pudding cups and give the robot personality.

Source: Crafty Morning

Valentine’s Day Treat Poppers

Valentine's Day Treat Poppers

Create a fun and easy Valentine’s Day activity for kids with these treat poppers. Fill them with homemade confetti and candy for a festive surprise. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Cut toilet paper tubes into 3-inch sections.
  2. Decorate the tubes with Valentine’s Day themed paper and stickers.
  3. Fill the tubes with confetti and candy.
  4. Cover one end with tissue paper and secure with a rubber band.
  5. Pop the treats by pulling the tissue paper end.

Source: Happy Mothering

Valentine’s Day Cricut Gift Boxes

Valentine's Day Cricut Gift Boxes

Create beautiful gift boxes with your Cricut machine for Valentine’s Day. Use this sleek Cricut file to cut out cute little boxes for candies or treats. Kids will love receiving a fancy present, and presentation is truly everything. Get creative and make your loved ones feel special with a personalized touch.

Source: Sweet Red Poppy.

Valentine’s Day Paper Crown

Valentine's Day Paper Crown

Make your child feel like royalty on Valentine’s Day with this adorable paper crown. Personalize it with their favorite colors or name to make it extra special. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Gather your materials: colored paper, scissors, glue, and decorations (such as stickers or glitter).
  2. Cut a strip of paper to fit around your child’s head and glue the ends together to form a circle.
  3. Cut out heart shapes from colored paper and glue them onto the paper strip.
  4. Decorate the crown with stickers, glitter, or any other decorations you have on hand.
  5. Let the glue dry and then place the crown on your child’s head for a fun and festive accessory.

Source: DIYnCrafts

Pom Pom Valentine’s Monster Craft

Pom Pom Valentine's Monster Craft

Make your own adorable Pom Pom Valentine’s Day Monster with your kids or as a gift. This craft is easy to assemble and can be a fun activity for kids. You can find instructions for this craft on DIYnCrafts.

Beaded Monogram Bracelets

Beaded Monogram Bracelets

Personalized beaded bracelets with monogram initials or names are a simple yet adorable accessory that can bring smiles to faces. These bracelets are perfect for young children who want to wear jewelry but may not be responsible enough for the real thing. Consider purchasing one of these bracelets as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Valentine’s Day Minky Throw and Pillow

Create a special Valentine’s Day gift for your kids by making a cozy throw or pillow using soft fleece and minky fabric. These DIY projects are easy and fun to make, and your kids will cherish them for years to come. Add a personal touch by choosing their favorite colors and patterns.

Personalized Journal or Notebook

Personalized Journal or Notebook

Make a unique journal or notebook quickly and easily by adding a custom sticker or hand-lettering on card stock to the front cover. This simple DIY project is perfect for kids and can be done in minutes using materials from the dollar store.

  • Customize a simple journal or notebook from the dollar store
  • Print out a sticker or hand-letter on card stock
  • Attach it to the front cover
  • Create a custom journal that kids will love!

Paper Flower Shadow Box

Paper Flower Shadow Box

Looking for a fun and easy way to decorate your kid’s room? Try making a paper flower shadow box! While you can use any color, pink flowers make for a great Valentine’s Day decoration. You can cut the flowers by hand, but using a Cricut makes the project even easier. Here’s how to make your own:

  1. Gather your materials: shadow box frame, colored cardstock, scissors, glue gun, and Cricut machine (optional).
  2. Cut out flower shapes from the cardstock. If using a Cricut, upload the flower design and let the machine do the cutting for you.
  3. Arrange the flowers in the shadow box, gluing them in place as desired.
  4. Hang your finished shadow box on the wall for a personalized touch to your child’s room.

This project is a great way to get creative and add a personal touch to your home decor. Happy crafting!

Valentine’s Day Explosion Box

A Valentine’s Day explosion box is a unique and fun gift idea that is perfect for kids and adults alike. It is a box that unfolds to reveal multiple layers of surprises, making it a fun and exciting way to present gifts. Fill each layer with your favorite gift ideas to create a personalized and thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Love Bug Juices

Love Bug Juices

Make your Valentine’s Day extra special with Love Bug Juices! Transform your ordinary juice drinks into cute little bugs that are perfect for lunchboxes or class parties. This adorable idea is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

  • Easy to make and customize
  • Use different fruits and juices for variety
  • Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion

Source: Planted in Arkansas


If you’re looking for creative and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, DIY options are a great choice. From homemade cards to personalized crafts, there are endless possibilities for making your child’s Valentine’s Day special. Consider using materials you already have at home, like construction paper, stickers, and paint, to create unique and heartfelt gifts. With a little creativity and effort, you can make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your child.

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