16 DIY Splash Pads: Add Summer Fun to Your Backyard

Looking for a unique way to keep your kids entertained and outdoors? Consider adding a DIY Splash Pad to your backyard!

diy splash pad

With a variety of cheap materials available, our list of DIY splash pad ideas will help you make the best additions to have fun with the water sprinkling around you.

How to Activate a Splash Pad

Activating a Splash Pad is more than just turning on the water. Here are some steps to follow to activate your Splash Pad:

Turn on the water source and ensure that water is flowing to the Splash Pad. Turn on the power source for the Splash Pad. Adjust the water pressure and flow rate to ensure that all water features are working correctly.

Check the Splash Pad for any leaks or malfunctions before allowing people to use it. Set up any additional features, such as music or lighting, to enhance the experience.

By following these steps, you can master the activation process and provide a fun and engaging experience for your guests.

DIY Summer Fun Build Your Own Backyard Splashpad

With simple supplies such as a tarp, PVC pipes, and a hose, you can create a slip-and-slide splash pad that will keep your family entertained all summer long. Follow these steps to build your own backyard splashpad:

Lay down a tarp in a flat area of your backyard. Cut PVC pipes to the desired length and shape to create a frame for the splashpad. Connect the PVC pipes to create the frame and attach it to the tarp. Drill holes into the PVC pipes to allow water to flow through. Attach a hose to the PVC pipes and turn on the water. Enjoy your new backyard splashpad!

DIY Splash Pad


Looking for a fun and easy way to keep your kids entertained this summer? Why not try making your own DIY Splash Pad! To create it, simply build arches on each side using dowels, pool noodles, and water sprinklers. The water will flow between the arches and create a splash pad for your children to enjoy.

DIY PVC Splash Pad

DIY PVC Splash Pad

Create a fun and safe outdoor water play area for your children this summer with a DIY splash pad. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a large water slide or other expensive outdoor activities to keep your kids entertained during the hot summer months.

With a DIY splash pad, your kids can cool off and have fun right in your own backyard. Click the link above for step-by-step instructions and start building your own splash pad today!

Burke Crenshaw Splash Pad Construction

The Burke Crenshaw Splash Pad Construction is a project that can add both style and entertainment to your home. This construction promises to enhance your home’s decor and provide memorable moments for you and your family.

The splash pad will introduce an element of fun and novelty to your home, making it a unique feature that can provide boundless entertainment.

DIY Bird Splash Pad

DIY Bird Splash Pad

Looking for a fun and easy DIY project to spruce up your backyard? Why not create your very own bird splash pad! All you need is an unused plastic tote, some basic tools and supplies, and a little bit of time.

Plus, with an additional insulation layer, you can decorate the surface with paint, stickers, or tape to make it truly unique. Get ready for summer and enjoy watching birds bathe, drink, splash, and play right in your own backyard. Click the link for more information and instructions.

DIY Splash Pad

DIY Splash Pad

Creating a DIY splash pad is a fun and easy project that can be completed in just one day. To get started, you will need a 100ft clothesline, a 16’×20′ tarp, 4 fat pool noodles, and 15 tent stakes.

Begin by creating a large square with the pool noodles, using the clothesline to join them together. Then, insert the stakes between the knots of the clothesline to secure the joints. Repeat this process for all of the joints. Next, cover the entire area with the tarp and secure it with stakes along the edges. Finally, install a water pipe and turn on the water to enjoy your new splash pad.

How To Build A Splash Pad In Your Backyard

How To Build A Splash Pad In Your Backyard

Begin by selecting a shape that suits your yard and gathering the necessary materials such as solenoid nozzles, control boxes, filters, and water pumps. Before installation, prepare your space and create a layout of your design.

Then, assemble the pieces and secure them in place. Once everything is in place, fill the pad with water and ensure that all materials are covered to prevent dirt from entering. Finally, add some finishing touches such as decals and trimmings to make it extra special for your kids.

DIY Splash Pad Tutorial

Begin by gathering all the necessary materials and cutting the PVC pipes to the desired length. Then, connect the pipes using the connectors. If you find that the pipes do not stay in place when water starts flowing, drill tiny holes at every connection angle to hold each pipe in place.

Once you have assembled the Splash Pad, turn on the pump and let the water flow from the holes.

DIY Splash Pad

With pool noodles used to build the edges of the water area, you can rest easy knowing that your kids won’t fall out of the splash pad. And the soft material won’t harm them either!

To make this splash pad, simply sew a tarp onto the pool noodles using a sewing machine or stitch it by hand. The whole project is quick and easy to put together.

Don’t forget to add some toys to the water area for even more fun. Your kids will love playing and splashing around in this DIY splash pad all summer long. Click the link above to get started on your own!

Perry Park Pool Splash Pad

The Perry Park Pool Splash Pad is a thrilling feature located at the zero-depth entry side of the outdoor pool. Visit the Perry Park Pool in Indianapolis, IN, to enjoy this amazing feature.

How To Make A Splash Pad

Here are the steps to make your own splash pad:

  1. Choose a location for your splash pad.
  2. Gather the necessary materials, including a bucket, water pump, and foam pad.
  3. Cut a hole in your deck and drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket.
  4. Run tubing through the drilled hole and attach the nozzle to the end.
  5. Fit the bucket back into the hole and cover it with nylon.
  6. Cover the entire area with a foam pad.

Turn on the water pump and enjoy your new splash pad!

Backyard Recirculating Splash Pad

Backyard Recirculating Splash Pad

Consider creating your own backyard recirculating splash pad! With just a few basic DIY skills and some PVC piping, you can create a custom splash pad that’s perfect for kids of all ages. Here are the supplies you’ll need to get started:

  1. PVC piping
  2. PVC glue
  3. Drill
  4. Saw
  5. Water pump
  6. Spray nozzle
  7. Waterproof liner

Once you have your supplies, follow this guide to create the perfect backyard splash pad.”

How To Install A Splash Pad In Your Backyard

Installing a splash pad in your backyard can be a fun and exciting project for the whole family. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Here are some steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Plan Your Measurements and Border Designs

Before you start, it is important to plan the measurements and border designs. If you are good with pipes, you can make it simple by using slicker lines that have been marked. This will help you know the exact measurement for each pipe and the places for the PVC tee, elbow, and nozzle.

Step 2: Determine Your Splash Pad Size

The best measurement for a splash pad is 3-foot wide and 14-foot diameter from zone one to zone three. However, you can also arrange it in 4-foot wide by 20-foot diameter from zone one to zone three if you want a bigger splash pad. You can create any shape you want based on the size of your backyard.

Step 3: Choose Your Nozzle Type

There are two different types of nozzles available: stored water pressure and real-time flow nozzle. The stored water pressure nozzle fills up water in a tank before showing up on the splash pad, while the real-time flow nozzle doesn’t store water in a tank and gives out water immediately after turning it on. The latter is more fun because it gives out the water immediately after turning it on.

Step 4: Install Your Splash Pad

Now that you have planned your measurements and border designs, determined your splash pad size, and chosen your nozzle type, it’s time to install your splash pad. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to test the water pressure before using it.


Creating your own splash pad can be a fun and affordable way to beat the heat during the summer months. With a few basic materials and some creativity, you can design a unique water play area that will provide hours of entertainment for your family and friends.

Consider using materials such as PVC pipes, pool noodles, and sprinklers to create a variety of water features. Don’t forget to include non-slip surfaces and proper drainage to ensure safety and prevent damage to your property.

diy splash pad

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