27 DIY Goat Shelter Plans

Looking to build a new shelter for your goats? Look no further than these DIY goat shelter plans. With a variety of designs and features, you can customize the shelter to fit your herd’s needs, including the size of your goats, the weather conditions, and the space available. From wood pallets to livestock panels, these plans offer a range of options to keep your goats happy, healthy, and safe.

10×14 Goat Shelter Plans with Storage

10x14 Goat Shelter Plans with Storage

If you are looking for a goat shelter with storage space, then the 10×14 goat shelter plans may be just what you need. This design includes two rooms, one for storage and the other for housing your goats at night. The storage room is four feet wide and has four sealed walls to keep your hay and food dry and clean. The 10-foot room is spacious enough to accommodate several adult goats and features a gate to keep your animals in place while still allowing for airflow. Consider adding a higher gate if your goats are prone to jumping. For more details on this project, visit construct101.com.

Build A Goat Barn Plan

Build A Goat Barn Plan

To provide your goats with the best possible shelter, consider building a goat barn with four rooms. This barn will have two stalls, one for hay storage and another for keeping goats, both featuring double dutch doors and pole barn construction for added sturdiness. The feeding room will be spacious, measuring 8×6 feet, and also have doors and poles. Additionally, a covered front porch will provide shade for your goats when they want to go outside. This shelter is ideal for miniature goats as they require warm accommodation and plenty of hay. For more project details, visit gottagoat.com.

8×10 Goat Shelter Plans

8×10 Goat Shelter Plans

If you are interested in building a sturdy and reliable goat shelter, then the 8×10 goat shelter plan is an excellent option. This plan is carefully designed to ensure that the shelter is built from the skid base to the roof.

To start, use 4×4 pressure-treated wood pieces for the base. These pieces are sturdy and have smooth, square corners. Next, attach 2×4 lumbers together to create the walls. Make sure to slope the side walls to build a lean-to roof, which reduces building costs and helps withstand strong winds and rains.

For the front wall, leave space for a door and build a gate to cover the entrance. This will prevent your goats from wandering and protect them from predators.

By following this plan, you can create a safe and comfortable shelter for your goats. For more information, visit gardenplansfree.com.

Livestock Shelter Made From Pallets

If you have a tall shed available, it can be used to create a goat shelter using pallets. Start by finding six sets of pallets and screwing three onto the shed’s wall to create two stalls. Then, place another three pallets above the stalls and screw them in place to create a foundation for the shelter. To keep the rain off, cover the top and around two sides with a tarp. This simple and cost-effective shelter can serve as a contemporary house for miniature goats.

Build A Pet Pygmy Goats Pen

Build A Pet Pygmy Goats Pen

If you’re planning to keep pygmy goats as pets, it’s important to provide them with a safe and spacious pen. The ideal pen size is approximately 20×30 feet, enclosed with a sturdy fence that provides protection from predators. You can also create natural shade by planting oak trees around the perimeter.

Inside the pen, you’ll need to provide a goat house where your pets can rest, eat, and drink. You can build the house using a 2×3 framework and secure it with exterior T-11 siding panels. The roof should be sloped backward to quickly drain rainwater or snow.

To add some fun for your goats, consider adding a ladder behind the house that they can climb to get a better view of their surroundings. This will keep them entertained and happy.

Overall, building a pet pygmy goat pen requires a bit of effort, but it’s worth it to provide a safe and comfortable home for your pets. For more details on this project, check out pethelpful.com.

Construction of New Goat Shelter

Construction of New Goat Shelter

If you have a small family of 4 or 5 goats, a narrow shelter may be the perfect solution. A small shelter allows goats to share body heat during the cold months. The construction of a goat shelter is simple and can be done by following these easy steps:

  1. Install six cedar posts into the ground.
  2. Three bars are shorter to create a lean-to roof.
  3. Surround the posts with pinboards. Try to make them close to each other as much as possible.
  4. Screw a top and cover it with plastic. However, it is recommended to buy a waterproof cover to avoid replacing the top cover frequently.

By following these steps, you can construct a new goat shelter that will keep your goats warm and comfortable during the cold months. For more information, visit countrifiedhicks.blogspot.com.

DIY A Shelter For Miniature Donkeys or Goats

To build a shelter for your miniature donkeys or goats, start by considering the dimensions. The recommended size is 8×8 feet, but you can adjust the height if you are tall. Be sure to extend the pins and string beyond the dimension to avoid disturbing them while digging and working.

Next, install 4×4 posts for the uprights and add 2×4 purlins around to support them. Attach T1-11 siding walls to complete the structure.

To keep the shelter cool, cover the top with felt paper and shingles. Leave an opening door for the goats to come and go as they please.

For more details on this project, visit mikesbackyardnursery.com.

Build A Movable Goat Shed

Build A Movable Goat Shed

If you need to move your goat shelter around, building a movable goat shed might be the right solution for you. The shelter is approximately 10 feet wide and has an extra sturdy 2×4 lumber frame. All the walls are covered with plywood boards and under a 12-foot roofing.

To keep the weight down and make it easy to transport, the shelter does not have a floor and uses plywood for walls around to weight down. Instead, the shelter rests on 2×10 skids cut in their ends to reduce the stiffness while moving the shelter. To connect two sides of the skids, use a sturdy brace that will serve as a handle where you can tighten a chain and attach it to your vehicle to transport the shelter.

Once you have completed building the movable goat shed, place it on natural grass or spread hay and straws to keep goats warm in winter. This type of shelter is perfect for those who need to move their goats frequently or want to change the location of the shelter from time to time.

For more information and project details, visit roosterhillfarm.com.

Pygmy Goat Pallet House

Pygmy Goat Pallet House

If you are looking for a simple and affordable goat housing plan, the Pygmy Goat Pallet House might be the right choice for you. This project is suitable for beginners and requires only a few materials.

To build the shelter, you need to use three pallets and attach them in a pyramid shape. The foundation and two side walls should be made of pallets, while the roof is created from two additional slats placed above the tiled walls.

It is important to choose small slats for the pallets to ensure that the inside of the shelter remains dry and warm. A removable door, which fits between the A-frame formed by the three initial pallets, allows your goat to enter and exit easily.

This project is designed for a pygmy goat and can accommodate one goat at a time. For more information on how to build the Pygmy Goat Pallet House, visit starvingthemonkeys.com.

DIY Cheap and Easy Portable Shelter

Looking for a cheap and easy way to provide a temporary shelter for your small goats during the spring or summer? Look no further than this simple and sturdy portable shelter.

Constructed using wood logs, this shelter boasts a sturdy frame that can support the roof without sagging over time. Joints connecting the logs in the base and under the roof provide extra sturdiness to the structure.

Thick boards are used around three walls to prevent wind and rain from entering the shelter, ensuring that your goats stay dry and comfortable.

One of the best features of this shelter is its portability. The bottom logs are longer than the length of the shelter, making it easy to handle and lift for transport.

Overall, this DIY portable shelter is an affordable and practical solution for providing temporary housing for your small goats.

DIY Pallet Goat Shelter


If you’re looking for a simple and affordable goat shelter, consider building one out of pallets. This type of shelter typically includes a large stall for feeding the goats, a ramp for climbing, and a separate area for smaller goats.

One unique feature of this shelter is the hay feeder, which keeps the hay organized and easily accessible. To create the feeder, simply cut a pallet in half and add a brace to the back of one stall to rest the feeder on.

By combining shelter and a hay feeder together, this DIY pallet goat shelter is a convenient and practical solution for goat owners. For more information and project details, visit simplethingsbyjoanna.com.

DIY Goat Playhouse & Shelter

DIY Goat Playhouse & Shelter

If you have goats that enjoy climbing, building a playground shelter might be a great idea. This shelter serves a dual purpose as both a playhouse and an accommodation for your goats. It’s made from scrap wood and recycled materials, making it a frugal option.

The central part of the shelter is the frame opening, which is large enough to accommodate two goats at a time. To provide a climbing opportunity, a ladder can be built and placed on one side of the shelter. This allows your herd to walk up and down, playing and relaxing in a natural mountain-like environment.

For more details on how to build this shelter, visit thelittlefrugalhouse.com.

Easy DIY Free Pallet Goat House

Easy DIY Free Pallet Goat House

If you are looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-build goat house, a pallet goat house might be the perfect solution for you. This project is perfect for those who only have 2 or 3 miniature goats to take care of.

To start, find pallets with narrow spaces and more boards to cover all the cracks. Arrange the pallets in a square and screw them together. The roof should be sloping on the side to allow water and snow to slide off naturally.

If you want, you can extend the roof on the side to create a porch where goats can sit out of the sunlight on a warm day. This will also provide additional shade and protection from the elements.

This project is easy to customize and can be completed with minimal tools and materials. For more details and step-by-step instructions, check out alifeofheritage.com.

DIY Goat’s Pallet Barn

DIY Goat's Pallet Barn

To build a DIY goat’s pallet barn, you will need three pallets stacked over, but two pallets should be enough. Place the pallets square and screw them together, leaving a space for a door. Cover the pallets with siding boards close to each other to keep the shelter from strong winds. Then, install the roof above the walls.

This shelter has some small opening parts on one side of the wall, both the base and under the roof, so that airflow can still circulate. It is quite tall, around 10×10 feet, and requires two people to build.

For more information on this project, visit allboyhomeschool.blogspot.com.

Build a Portable Goat Shed

Build a Portable Goat Shed

If you have goats, a portable goat shelter can be a great investment. It allows you to move the shelter to different locations, providing your goats with fresh grazing areas and protection from inclement weather.

To build a portable goat shelter, you will need plywood lumbers for the frame and roofing metal for the three sides. Instead of using solid wood for the front, you can use a fence as a door to make the shelter lighter.

After building the shelter, you can mount brackets on the front uprights to hold a 2×4 lumber across for the goats to rest on. The lumber also serves as a carrying handle when you need to move the shelter around.

A portable goat shelter is a practical and cost-effective solution for keeping your goats healthy and happy. For more details on this project, visit sensiblesurvival.org.

DIY Goat Shelter Using Free Pallets

If you’re looking for an affordable and sturdy goat shelter, consider building one using free pallets. The project requires no supporting posts in advance, making it extra sturdy. To start, place pallets together and insert a 2×4 wood piece in the jointing part of those pallets, drilling them together. This will prevent the shelter from breaking down until all 2×4 pieces break.

The lean-to roof is also made out of pallets joined by 2×4 lumbers and covered with thick plywood on top. This design is functional enough to keep water and sunlight out. In the last step, posts will be installed onto the walls to help support the roof from sagging over time. With this simple and cost-effective design, you can provide your goats with a comfortable and secure shelter.

Free Goat Shelter Plans

Free Goat Shelter Plans

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable shelter for your goats, you might want to consider building a miniature barn that can accommodate 3 to 6 goats. The shelter comes with a slanted roof that can easily slide off heavy snow loads. Underneath the roof, pallets are arranged closely together to prevent strong winds from blowing and piling up inside. You can also leave some spaces in the pallets to allow airflow during hot weather. To ensure maximum sturdiness, you can add a board across the front of the shelter. For more details on this project, you can visit alifeofheritage.com.

Build A Super Frugal Goat Shelter

Build A Super Frugal Goat Shelter

Expanding your goat herd means you need to enlarge their shelter as well. Luckily, building a goat shelter can be simple and affordable. To get started, you will need seven pallets, five of which will form the structure. Place them side by side to create walls and add two more pallets on top to form the roof. Cover all sides with tarps or plastic silage to protect the goats from wind and rain.

The front wall should be open with two vertical posts and crossing braces to support the roof. This design allows the goats to move around freely and enjoy their new home. For more detailed instructions, visit bootsandhooveshomestead.com.

With this easy and cost-effective project, you can provide your goats with a comfortable and secure shelter.

Build a Goat House with DIY Danielle

Build a Goat House with DIY Danielle

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to provide shelter for your goats during cold or inclement weather, DIY Danielle has a great plan for you. The goat house is built on a grassy area and can be filled with straw to keep your goats warm.

The shelter consists of four tall walls and a long roof that provides protection from rain, wind, snow, and sun. The roof is longer in the front and back to prevent rain and snow from entering the house.

One unique feature of this shelter is the opening space between the roof and the wall, which provides good ventilation to prevent the shelter from becoming stuffy in the summer.

To secure the shelter at night, a simple door in the front is enough. The project details can be found on diydanielle.com.

Overall, this is a great DIY project that can be completed with basic tools and materials. By following the plan provided by DIY Danielle, you can create a comfortable and safe shelter for your goats.

Pallet Project – The New Goat Mansion!

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-build shelter for your goats, then the pallet project might be the perfect solution for you. This project involves using 9 pallets to create a sturdy and comfortable shelter for your goats.

To start, you will need to gather 9 pallets of the same size. Three pallets will be used for the back wall, while two pallets will be used for each side wall. The remaining two pallets will be used for the front, leaving a space for the door.

Once you have all the pallets, you can begin construction. Simply screw the pallets together, making sure to wire-tie them for extra sturdiness. The construction process is straightforward and easy to follow.

To finish the project, cover the top pallets with layers of a metal roof. This will provide additional protection from the elements and ensure that your goats stay dry and comfortable.

Overall, the pallet project is a great option for those looking to build a budget-friendly and easy-to-construct shelter for their goats. With a little bit of effort and some basic tools, you can create a comfortable and sturdy shelter that your goats will love.

Build Your Own Goat Shed Using Pallets And Cattle Panels

Build Your Own Goat Shed Using Pallets And Cattle Panels

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to build a goat shed, then this DIY project is perfect for you. By using metal fence staples and a tarp, you can reduce the effort required to build the roof. To construct the shed, you will need nine pallets, which should be equally divided into three walls. Then, fix a fence in place by driving T-posts down within the pallets of two sides to form a dome. This will replace the typical pallet roof and provide more spacious housing. Finally, staple the walls with sturdy cattle panels and top the fence with a tarp. For more information on this project, visit allboyhomeschool.blogspot.com.

DIY Goat Shed Plan From How To Specialist

DIY Goat Shed Plan From How To Specialist

Looking for a sturdy and reliable goat shelter? Look no further than the DIY Goat Shed Plan from How To Specialist. This plan provides a detailed guide with images to help you build a goat shelter with a sturdy base, four sealed walls, one opening door, and a sloping roof.

To ensure the sturdiness of the shelter and prevent sagging, it is important to build the square base and walls correctly. Goats are curious animals and may kick the corners, so it’s essential to make sure the structure is durable.

The roof of the shelter is designed to extend past the floor, preventing rain and snow from reaching the interior. To complete the plan, add a small door in the front and ensure that header and supporting lumbers are added under the roof to handle the heavy load on top.

One of the benefits of this plan is that you can customize the size to fit your specific needs and the number of goats you have. With the detailed instructions provided by How To Specialist, building a goat shelter has never been easier.

For more information and to access the complete plan, visit howtospecialist.com.

Build an Easy DIY Goat Shelter By Andrew Mast

Looking for a quick and easy way to build a goat shelter? Consider constructing a PVC frame with a square wooden base. To begin, cut the PVC pipes into four 22-inch and ten 10-foot pieces. Use five 3-way connectors to connect the shorter PVC parts. Connect the two sides of the connectors with the longer PVC pieces. Drill two holes in each PVC part and bend them over to screw into the wooden base. It’s important to use quality pipes that won’t break when bent. Secure the four corners with tarpon. For added convenience, attach two wheels to the base to make the shelter portable. This project is a great way to provide a comfortable and secure home for your goats.

Building a Sturdy Goat Shelter with My Outdoor Plans

Building a Sturdy Goat Shelter with My Outdoor Plans

When it comes to building a shelter for adult goats with horns, it’s important to make sure it’s extra-sturdy to withstand their curious and sometimes aggressive nature. My Outdoor Plans suggests a two-layer construction using a sturdy frame made of 2×4 lumber and covered with a ¾-inch plywood panel. The roof should be lean-to, with the back wall shorter than the front, to make the shelter more robust against strong winds and rains. Adding a door will also prevent predators from entering the shelter. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your goat shelter will provide a safe and secure environment for your animals. For more detailed instructions, visit myoutdoorplans.com.

DIY Goat Shelter Using Wood Pallet

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to provide shade for your goats during the hot summer months, building a shelter using wood pallets is a great option. This shelter is made of 5×10 pallets and can comfortably fit up to six adult goats and five kids.

To get started, simply put T-posts in the ground and use them as the foundation for the walls. Each wall should have two posts, with two additional 4x4s in the middle for added support. Then, connect three 10-foot sections lengthwise from wall to wall to support the roof.

The height of the shelter should be at least four feet to ensure that your goats have enough headroom. Finally, install the roof on top to complete the project. With these simple steps, you can provide your goats with a comfortable and shaded space to relax during the summer heat.

DIY Cashmere Goat Shelter By Mountain Hollow Farm

DIY Cashmere Goat Shelter By Mountain Hollow Farm

If you’re looking for an affordable option to shelter your cashmere goats from rain and wind, Mountain Hollow Farm has a solution. The DIY cashmere goat shelter requires three panels cut to 10 or 12 feet, two 2x4s down to 14 feet, 2-inch metal strapping pieces, tin snips, and T posts 12’6”.

To begin, lay the panels side by side and use strapping and screws to attach them together. Attach the other side to a 2×4 piece and connect the panels with fence wire.

Next, bring the frame next to the T-posts and carefully bend the panels between the posts to form the tunnel. It’s recommended to have a friend or family member help hold the tunnel in place while bending the panels.

Finally, tie the tarp over the panels to complete the shelter. This DIY project is an affordable option for cashmere goat owners. For more project details, visit mtnhollow.com.

12×24 Loafing Shed Roof Plan

12×24 Loafing Shed Roof Plan

If you’re looking to build a spacious goat shelter in a snowy area, the 12×24 loafing shed roof plan might be the perfect fit for you. The rafters of this shed are made from sturdy 2×6 beams, which are evenly spaced on top to support the shed roof. You can secure the rafters to the structure using toe nails or metal connectors.

The roof of the shed has two layers: tar paper and asphalt shingles. It is sloped to drain heavy rains and snow quickly, preventing any leaks from seeping inside. The shed also features three sturdy walls, supported by 2×4 lumber and covered on the sides. The shelter is divided into three parts on the front using solid vertical posts.

For more information on this project, visit myoutdoorplans.com.


When building a goat shelter, it is essential to consider the size of the shelter, materials, and location. A suitable goat shelter should be spacious enough to house all the goats comfortably. The shelter should also be made of durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the location of the shelter should be in a dry and well-drained area to prevent the buildup of moisture. Proper ventilation and insulation are also crucial factors to consider when building a goat shelter. With these considerations, you can build a comfortable and safe shelter for your goats.

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