19 DIY Crossbows for Hunters and Survivalists

Crafting your own homemade crossbow can provide a versatile tool for hunting and protection. Unlike firearms, a DIY crossbow allows for silent hunting and defense, making it ideal for scenarios where bullets may not be readily available or appropriate. With minimal expense and no ongoing costs, a wooden crossbow can be constructed for off-grid living or as a supplement to traditional hunting methods. Whether you’re living off-grid or simply enjoy the sport of hunting, mastering the art of crossbow hunting can enhance your self-sufficiency and provide for your family during hunting seasons.

5- Wood and Aluminum

Wood and Aluminum

If you’re looking for a lightweight and efficient crossbow design, the classic wood and aluminum combination is a great option. This DIY crossbow design by motherearthnews provides you with the perfect balance of durability and accuracy. With these free plans, you can build a crossbow that looks and performs like an expensive store-bought model. The front bead design ensures that you get an accurate shot on the target every time. So, if you want a crossbow that won’t weigh you down while on a hunt, consider building this wood and aluminum crossbow.

1- Survival DIY Crossbow

Survival DIY Crossbow

A homemade crossbow can be a valuable tool for hunting and protection in survival situations. By following detailed instructions, you can build a strong and effective crossbow that meets your survival needs. Websites like Instructables offer free crossbow plans that can guide you through the construction process.

Mastering the art of crossbow construction can also provide you with valuable knowledge and skills that can be used for bartering in times of need. In addition to providing food and security, game meat, pelts, and fish harvested with a DIY crossbow can serve as valuable commodities for trade and negotiation.

As you become proficient in building and using homemade crossbows, you empower yourself to navigate survival situations with confidence and resourcefulness. The image above shows an example of a homemade crossbow that can be built with the right instructions and materials.

4- Bicycle Wheel Crossbow

Crafting your own crossbow can be a fun and resourceful way to create a practical hunting weapon. Thanks to Gianni Pirola GP DIY on YouTube, you can learn how to make a crossbow using recycled materials such as an old bicycle wheel. This method is not only creative, but it also promotes self-sufficiency and sustainability by repurposing items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

The step-by-step instructions provided in the YouTube video make it easy for you to transform a bicycle wheel into a hunting weapon. Once completed, the DIY crossbow can be used for hunting small game, taking down dangerous predatory animals, or for target practice. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities.

By embracing the concept of using what you have, you can create a practical and unique hunting weapon that’s both cost-effective and good for the planet. So why not try your hand at crafting a bicycle wheel crossbow and see what you can create?

6- DIY Wooden Crossbow

DIY Wooden Crossbow

Crafting your own crossbow can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the help of step-by-step instructions found on websites like Instructables, even beginners can create a powerful and accurate wooden crossbow. To make your own crossbow, you will need basic materials such as wood, rope, and a few simple tools. By following the detailed instructions provided, you can create a hunting weapon that is both effective and unique. Remember to always handle your crossbow with care and follow proper safety guidelines.

20- DIY Longbow Transformation

Transforming an old longbow into a DIY crossbow is a clever way to repurpose it. You can find a helpful video on YouTube by Scott’s Place that demonstrates how to do just that. A crossbow is lighter and more compact, making it convenient for hunting trips. It’s also effective for gathering food.

A sturdy crossbow like this one proves to be a valuable and versatile tool, whether you’re hunting small game or safeguarding your homestead. It’s worth considering for anyone interested in self-sufficiency or outdoor activities. With a little bit of DIY effort, you can transform your old longbow into a useful crossbow.

7- Monster Crossbow

Monster Crossbow

Are you a seasoned hunter looking for a formidable weapon to take down large game animals such as caribou or elk? Look no further than the DIY monster crossbow with a pull power of 1,000 pounds. Crafted from wood and metal, this heavy-duty crossbow is not for the faint of heart.

The free plans provided by wideopenspaces offer step-by-step guidance to construct this impressive weapon. But be warned, handling such a powerful weapon demands respect and caution. Even experienced hunters should approach it with care and precision to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Video instructions make the building process straightforward and accessible, but it’s essential to pay close attention to each step to avoid any potential risks associated with handling such a formidable weapon.

In summary, the monster crossbow is a top choice for serious hunters seeking a reliable and effective weapon to bring down sizeable prey. But remember, crafting and handling such a powerful weapon requires knowledge, skill, and respect for its immense power.

10- Repeating Crossbow

Repeating Crossbow

If you are looking for a homemade crossbow that can handle like a rifle and shoot five arrows at once without reloading, the 10-Repeating Crossbow by vintageprojects is a great option. This vintage design has stood the test of time and can hit a target 40 yards away in the hands of a skilled hunter. You can access free plans for this crossbow in a downloadable PDF file, which will guide you through the step-by-step building process. With its repeating feature, this crossbow is perfect for hunting or target shooting.

8- Homemade Crossbow

Homemade Crossbow

If you’re looking to improve your hunting skills or teach someone new, making your own crossbow at home is an option worth considering. Big arrows and hay bales can be used for safe target practice. One example of a homemade crossbow is the design by woodgears. While it may resemble a toy crossbow, it is not a toy and should be treated with caution and respect. With practice, you can become skilled at aiming and increase your accuracy.

21- Crossbow Pistol

Crossbow Pistol

Looking for a small but accurate crossbow pistol that is easy to carry with you on your next hiking trip? Look no further than the DIY build by Instructables. With free plans available on their website and a video tutorial on how to shoot it, this compact crossbow pistol is simple to make and use. The trigger allows for precise aiming, ensuring that your arrow hits the intended target. While small in size, this crossbow pistol is powerful enough to take down small game.

9- Automatic Crossbow

Automatic Crossbow

This new homemade crossbow design by Popular Mechanics has revolutionized the traditional crossbow. Unlike the original design, this fully automatic crossbow is made of wood and can hold multiple arrows at once, significantly reducing the reload time. With its smooth and accurate arrow shooting, this weapon is capable of taking down multiple game animals at once or stopping an attack from a pack of wild predators threatening you or your livestock. The automatic crossbow provides a reliable and efficient option for hunting and self-defense.

12- Crossbow Revolver

Crossbow Revolver

If you’re in need of a weapon that combines both speed and accuracy, a crossbow revolver might be the perfect solution for you. This type of crossbow can fire arrows at an incredibly fast rate, making them difficult to see without slow motion. Additionally, some crossbow revolvers even have a unique feature that allows them to fire up to four arrows without the need for reloading. With its simple design and impressive capabilities, a crossbow revolver is definitely worth considering for your next hunting or target shooting trip.

19- Homemade Crossbow Fishing

Looking for a way to supplement your diet with fresh fish? Consider making your own homemade crossbow for fishing. With this lightweight and easy-to-carry DIY crossbow, you can harvest fish from any nearby lake, stream, or river.

Using a crossbow for fishing is a great alternative to traditional fishing methods like nets and rods, especially in areas where those methods may not be effective. This strong crossbow is built specifically for fishing and can handle both large and small fish.

Fresh fish is a great source of nutrients and protein and is available year-round, making it an excellent addition to any diet. Check out the video on YouTube to learn how to make your own crossbow for fishing and start harvesting your own fresh fish today.

3- Powerful Crossbow

Powerful Crossbow

Looking for a reliable hunting tool to put meat on the table? Look no further than this powerful crossbow. With its ability to take down small to medium sized game, it’s perfect for any survivalist lifestyle.

Thanks to free video instructions from instructables, you can easily build your own homemade bow and arrows. Not only will this save you money, but it will also give you the skills to replenish your arrow supply whenever needed. Don’t let a lack of firearms hold you back – try building your own crossbow today.

13- Crossbow Made From All Wood

If you’re looking for a reliable hunting tool or just enjoy archery, making a DIY crossbow entirely out of wood might be the perfect project for you. This homemade crossbow is not only fun to make, but it’s also super accurate and effective. Whether you’re practicing your aim or going on a hunting trip, this crossbow is a great choice. With arrow by arrow, you’ll see just how simple and efficient this all-wood crossbow can be.

14- Medieval Crossbow

Medieval Crossbow

Learn how to create a functional replica of a medieval crossbow with these free plans. Crossbows were popular weapons during warfare because they were easy to use and carry. Compared to traditional longbows, crossbows required less physical strength, making them ideal for soldiers of all sizes and strengths. The replica crossbow is made to be lighter and smaller, just like its historical counterpart. The detailed instructions provided will guide you through the process of creating a functional medieval crossbow. With your new crossbow, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of medieval warfare.

Medieval Crossbow

2- DIY Crossbow Pistol

DIY Crossbow Pistol

If you’re looking for a fun and easy DIY project, consider making your own crossbow pistol. This project is perfect for novice woodworkers or young hunters looking to practice their aim. The crossbow is made from a strip of poplar lumber and is designed to shoot small projectiles like wine corks, bottle caps, and small rocks. While not intended for hunting large game like deer, this DIY crossbow is powerful enough to take down small game.

To create your own crossbow pistol, follow these detailed instructions from Instructables. The finished product is sure to provide hours of entertainment and target practice. Check out the image above to get an idea of what your finished crossbow could look like.

15- Pocket Crossbow

Pocket Crossbow

Looking for a fun and creative craft to do on a rainy day? Look no further than this pocket crossbow by Instructables. Made from popsicle sticks and a paper clip, it’s a great way to practice your DIY skills. Keep in mind that this is not a real weapon, but rather a practice craft. Check out the free video tutorial to learn how to build your own pocket crossbow.

16- Pistol Crossbow

Pistol Crossbow

If you’re interested in creating your own crossbow, you can also make a pistol crossbow using similar methods. Not only is it great for shooting arrows, but it can also be used for various projectiles, making it perfect for off-grid living and hunting without relying on expensive ammo. The pistol crossbow is a smaller version of the traditional crossbow, making it easier to handle and perfect for target practice.

Creating a pistol crossbow is relatively simple and cost-effective. You can find free plans online to make one yourself. With reusability and ease of crafting arrows, this inventive solution could save you a significant amount of money typically spent on ammunition. It’s also a great option for protecting livestock without relying on bullets.

The pistol crossbow is a versatile and useful tool for anyone interested in hunting, off-grid living, or target practice. Check out the free plans and start crafting your own today!

homemade crossbow

17- Wooden Crossbow

Wooden Crossbow

If you’re interested in building your own crossbow, the free plans available on Wikihow can be a helpful resource. These plans provide guidance on constructing a wooden crossbow that is suitable for both hunting and recreational use.

One of the benefits of a wooden crossbow is its versatility. It can be used for hunting small game or for target practice. Additionally, the design of a wooden crossbow can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences.

When constructing your own wooden crossbow, it’s important to follow the plans carefully and use quality materials. A well-built crossbow can provide years of enjoyment and use.

Wooden Crossbow


When it comes to hunting and survival, a homemade crossbow can be a valuable tool. With the right materials and knowledge, you can create a crossbow that is both effective and reliable. It is important to follow safety guidelines and local laws when building and using a crossbow. With practice and patience, a homemade crossbow can provide a unique and rewarding hunting experience.

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