18 DIY Christmas Card Ideas

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Elf Cards

Enjoy creating Elf cards with your favorite quotes from the beloved Christmas film. Simply print the design and delight your recipients with a charming and effortless holiday greeting. Get started by following the easy tutorial at Mad In Crafts. Add a touch of festive cheer to your card-giving this season!

Felt Sweater Christmas Cards

Craft delightful cards using paper and felt to create mini sweater designs. Your loved ones will appreciate the cozy, heartwarming sentiments you send their way. Enhance your cards with various formatting options like tables, bullet points, and bold text for an attractive presentation.

Watercolor Holiday Cards

Create a stunning watercolor wreath with strokes of green and red. Enhance it further by painting a matching envelope. Boost your skills with high-quality watercolor paints available in stores.

Abstract Colorful Christmas Card

Combine various shapes and colors to create a card resembling a stained-glass window! An easy, enjoyable project that’s perfect for kids’ coloring activities. Check the tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun to learn more.

Recycled Magazines Christmas Cards

Transform your old magazines into beautiful Christmas cards with a few simple steps. Select any holiday-themed shape, then tear up the magazine pages and assemble your unique design. Not only will you create personalized cards, but you’ll also help the environment by repurposing materials. Unleash your creativity and make each card a special work of art!

Papercut Holiday Cards

Choose from three distinct templates for delightful tonal greeting cards: “Happy Holidays,” “Merry & Bright,” and “Warmest Wishes.” Enjoy crafting and sending these visually appealing cards. Find the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

Paper Doll Family Christmas Card

Delight your loved ones by crafting a unique, vintage-style Christmas card featuring your family as paper dolls. The easy-to-follow tutorial at Delia Creates will help you to design a memorable and personal festive greeting.

Festive Floral Photo Cards

Enliven your Christmas celebrations by choosing a card showcasing vibrant floral borders around your cherished family photo.

Follow the steps at Sarah Hearts.

Printable Poinsettias

Improve your space with lovely poinsettia prints. Simply, download the complimentary template. Create an elegant watercolor-like touch without needing artistic abilities.

Visit Sustain My Craft Habit for the tutorial.

Upgrade Your Printer

Faux Stitching Christmas Cards

Create a charming, homemade-looking card by adding faux stitches around its edges. Opt for festive patterns like plaid and a cluster of Christmas trees, or choose your favorite papers to design the card. Explore various tutorials like those found at Ribbons & Glue for inspiration, and be sure to use eye-catching scrapbook paper.

Paper Wreath Christmas Card

Create an elegant wreath card using your Cricut cutter. Add a charming ribbon bow for a special touch. Feel free to customize the festive saying on the front. Benefit from the tutorial at Lydi Out Loud.

Ribbon Bow Christmas Cards

Creating beautiful and festive ribbon bow Christmas cards for your friends and family doesn’t have to break the bank. You can make delightful cards using affordable materials. Just gather some red and white ribbon and follow these easy steps:

  • Purchase ribbon in red and white colors to create a bright, festive look.
  • Cut the ribbon into pieces, each long enough to make a small bow.
  • Secure the bows using glue or a small knot.
  • Attach the bows to the front of your cards, arranging them in the desired pattern.

With these simple steps, you can create charming and unique Christmas cards for less than $9. Your recipients will surely appreciate the handcrafted touch, and you’ll be proud to know you’ve created a special, low-cost holiday gift.

Felt Tree Christmas Cards

Embrace the festive spirit with this delightful card, featuring a beautifully decorated felt tree on a charming pink polka dot background. Follow the tutorial at The House That Lars Built to create your own eye-catching, cheerful card.

Minimalistic Yuletide Greetings

Embrace simplicity with these refined Christmas cards. A template is available to print directly onto card stock, but feel free to showcase your artistic skills by crafting your own design.

Find inspiration at Delia Creates.


Cardstock Christmas Cards

Gather supplies like beads, buttons, paper, and 3D stickers to create crafty Yuletide wonders. Your friends and family will be thrilled with these imaginative card designs!

Homemade Watercolor Christmas Cards

Easily create stunning watercolor cards in various holiday hues, like light blue or pink, or choose the classic red and green for a traditional look. Embrace your inner artist and make these visually appealing cards with confidence and clarity.

Gnome Shaker Card

Express your creativity with this combination of gnome images, clever wordplay, and sparkling sequins. Individually, stamping, cutouts, and a shaker window are elegant, but when layered together, they create a unique and eye-catching design. Embrace your inner artist and give it a try!

3D Christmas Tree Card

Elevate your card-making skills with a homemade 3D Christmas tree card. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Cut squares from paper
  2. Fold them into triangles
  3. Glue the triangles together

Enhance your design with a unique gemstone pattern for the stars. This will surely impress the recipient, as you showcase your creativity and craftsmanship.

Abridged Summary

In this part, let’s quickly go through DIY Christmas card creation. Use different materials, tools, and techniques to craft unique cards that sing with holiday cheer. Choose the ideal card style, add embellishments, and choose the best way to personalize your card for the recipient.

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