15 DIY Boat Stand Ideas to Safely Display and Maintain Your Boats

If you own a boat, you understand the importance of proper care and storage. While keeping your boat on a trailer or in the water is ideal, DIY boat stand projects offer a customized solution for safely storing your boat outside when not in use.

diy boat stands

This article explores the benefits of DIY boat stand projects and how they help keep your boat in good shape and ready for use. With a few simple steps, you can create a stand tailored to your boat’s needs for secure storage.

How To Make A Boat Cradle


A sturdy stand is essential to safely store and maintain your boat’s appearance. This DIY project involves creating a boat cradle that supports the entire boat’s weight. While the project is relatively simple, available materials may make it more challenging.

The tutorial includes instructions for easy adjustments to accommodate boats of any size. Follow the steps outlined in the video tutorial to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing boat cradle.

Portable Kayak Boat Stand DIY

Portable Kayak Boat Stand DIYFor kayak users, a portable boat stand enhances convenience and ease of use. A robust and stable stand ensures your kayak stays upright on the water and facilitates easy transportation between locations.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for making a portable boat stand. It’s a cost-effective project requiring minimal materials, tools, and time.

DIY 5-Minute Canoe Stand

DIY 5-Minute Canoe Stand

Creating a canoe stand is quick and efficient, keeping your boat properly stored and preventing rusting. This DIY project provides an easy solution for storing inflatable canoes, kayaks, or two-person boats. It’s an ideal rainy day project when you’re looking for something productive to do.

DIY Cheap Kayak Stand

DIY Cheap Kayak Stand

Here’s an inexpensive way to make a kayak stand using PVC pipe fittings and cement. This guide walks you through creating a sturdy stand that prevents your kayak from tipping over, perfect for lake outings with friends.

It’s designed to be straightforward without special plans or complex designs, and it won’t take much time to assemble. Even if you’re new to DIY projects, this guide will help you build your first kayak stand quickly and easily.

Semi DIY Boat Stand

Semi DIY Boat StandCorrected text: For a sturdy and flexible boat stand that won’t tip over, use two director chairs and some screws to make a semi-DIY boat stand. This stand is easy to build with the right materials and tools and can be completed in a few hours.

Form the frame by attaching the director chairs together with screws. The result is a reliable boat stand that keeps your boat upright when not in use. Click the link to get started on building your own semi-DIY boat stand.

DIY RC Cheap Boat Stand

For an affordable way to make a boat stand for your RC boat, follow this simple guide to build your own without breaking the bank.

The video provides step-by-step instructions to make a homemade boat stand. This stand is easy to build and effective for storing or working on your RC boat.

It is economical for boat owners, made with common materials found at home, and does not consume much space.

Making A Cheap Boat Stand

For an affordable way to store your boat, making a cheap boat stand is a great option. In this video, you’ll learn how to modify a hoist safety tower to fit your boat’s design. The process is simple and easy to follow, allowing you to create your own boat stand quickly.

The key to success is understanding the design before starting assembly. With this knowledge, you can confidently modify the stand to fit your boat’s unique needs and save money by making your own instead of purchasing an expensive one.

DIY Boat Stand Plan

DIY Boat Stand Plan

For a simple and efficient way to store your boat, try this DIY Boat Stand plan. With easy-to-follow instructions and a few basic materials, you can create a stand that is the perfect size for your needs.

Whether you want to store your boat in your garage, shed, or basement, this plan has you covered. With minimal effort, you can create a stand that keeps your boat safe and secure, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the water. Click the link to get started!

How To Make A Cheap Boat Stand

Building a boat stand using a modified hoist safety tower is practical. Watching the video and seeing how the creator adapts and enhances the stand’s design can inspire you to customize your own version.

Understanding the simplicity and effectiveness of this DIY project can motivate you to tackle it in your driveway, accommodating various types of boats.

DIY Bait Boat Stand

A simple yet effective boat stand maintains your bait boat in good condition and prevents sinking. This DIY bait boat stand is particularly useful for fishing, allowing you to store live bait, transport it to fishing locations, and keep it stored at home.

It’s a practical and cost-saving idea that can be quickly created, sparing you from buying a more expensive commercial product.

Mobile Jon Boat Stand DIY

The Mobile Jon Boat Stand DIY is a lightweight and durable stand made of high-quality pine and fittings, perfect for keeping your Jon boat safe and clean. This stand is easy to build, and the tutorial includes all the necessary plans for exact measurements and construction techniques.

The Mobile Jon Boat Stand DIY can support a 12-foot Jon boat or smaller boats with additional length. With this stand, your Jon boat is always ready to go. It’s an essential tool for any Jon boat owner who wants to keep their boat in good condition.

Boat Stand Quick Build DIY

Creating a Boat Stand Quick Build DIY is a simple process requiring only a few basic tools found at home. With no special skills or experience needed, anyone can make a portable wooden platform to hold their boat.

By following the step-by-step video tutorial, you can build your own boat stand quickly and easily in less than an hour. The Boat Stand Quick Build DIY is a great solution for those who need a portable and sturdy platform for their boat.

DIY Kayak Stand

DIY Kayak Stand

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to store your kayak, this DIY kayak stand is a great option. With a design that allows easy access to the hull and body of your boat, this stand keeps your kayak upright and off the ground.

You don’t need any special skills to build it, just a few basic tools and some woodworking knowledge. The stand is both functional and rustic, and costs around $10 in materials if you already have the tools. Follow the instructions provided in the link below to build your own kayak stand.

DIY Boat Motor Stand

A motor stand is crucial for any boatyard, serving as a workstation or storage space when your boat is not in use. This DIY boat motor stand is versatile and suitable for motors of various sizes, whether small gas engines or electric outboards.

You can easily build it without requiring advanced woodworking skills—just basic tools like a miter saw and common workshop tools will suffice.


Maintaining your boat requires a sturdy and reliable boat stand. DIY boat stands are cost-effective and customizable for boat owners. Using materials such as PVC pipes, wood, or metal, you can create a stand that fits your boat’s specific needs.

Consider factors like weight capacity, stability, and adjustability when building your stand. With proper construction and maintenance, DIY boat stands provide a safe and effective solution for your boat storage needs.

diy boat stands

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