29 Fun and Educational DIY Baby Toys Baby Toys Ideas

Parents often find themselves spending a fortune on educational baby toys that are quickly outgrown or discarded. Additionally, many manufactured toys may contain harmful chemicals and materials that pose risks to your little one’s safety. A practical and safe alternative can be homemade baby toys, designed to entertain and aid in your baby’s development while ensuring their well-being.

12. Create Your Own Wooden Baby Gym

Craft a budget-friendly and personalized wooden baby gym for your little one. Utilize pine boards and dowels to construct the gym’s framework. Then, use eye hooks, S hooks, and chains to attach toys for your baby to enjoy. Simply place a blanket beneath the gym for your baby to play safely and comfortably. Experience the satisfaction of a DIY project while providing your baby with hours of fun.

6. Easy Crocheted Baby Rattle

Craft a charming crocheted baby rattle with ease as your next undertaking. Ideal for expectant parents or as thoughtful baby shower gifts, this project requires only basic stitches and minimal time commitment. No advanced crochet skills necessary, making it manageable for a wide range of skill levels. By utilizing various formatting styles such as tables, bullet points, and bold text, you can present essential information in a user-friendly manner, all while adhering to the desired word count and maintaining a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone.

8. Crafting a Plastic Bottle Bowling Game

Upcycle plastic water bottles to create an engaging bowling game for children of all ages. To make it safe and educational, paint the bottles in various colors from the inside. This allows young kids to learn their colors while playing. With this DIY bowling set made from mostly upcycled products, you’ll provide endless fun for toddlers and bigger kids alike.

9. Adorable Clothespin Fairy Dolls DIY

Wooden clothespins can be transformed into charming little fairies, perfect for toddlers. It’s advisable to wait until your child is close to a year old or won’t immediately put them in their mouths. Making these fairy dolls is an entertaining activity, and you can even involve the little ones in designing them. Enjoy creating these cute, customizable clothespin fairy dolls with your toddler!

10. Vibrant Handmade Caterpillar Plush

Delight babies with a captivating, colorful caterpillar toy that’s simple to crochet. This beginner-friendly pattern is ideal even for first-time crocheters. Create it quickly as a charming baby shower present for expecting moms. Customize by choosing blue and white or pink and white instead of the vibrant rainbow shades, although the lively colors truly enhance its appeal.

26. Craft Your Own Sensory Play Rainbow Shaker Bottles

Sensory play toys play a crucial role in your baby’s development by engaging all their senses. Rainbow shaker bottles perfectly serve this purpose while providing fun for your little ones. Even toddlers and older children can use these colorful shakers as creative instruments, making their own music. The best part is they are crafted from upcycled plastic bottles, making it an eco-friendly project.

7. Create Your Baby’s First Keepsake Book

Your baby will cherish their handmade first book, made with love by you. With just a bit of sewing and some felt, you can create a unique and personalized treasure. You don’t need to follow a specific pattern, feel free to tell a story with characters all your own. Embrace your creativity and craft a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

29. Soft Stacking Ring Toy

This soft stacking ring toy caters to your little ones. Crafted from fabric, it provides a safe and fun activity as children can chew on the pieces without harming their gums. Sewing this project is straightforward, making it an ideal gift for new parents. Enhance the playtime experience by incorporating various textures and colors in the toy’s design.

4. Craft Your Own Baby-Friendly Rain Sticks

Transform empty paper towel rolls into amusing rain sticks perfect for tiny hands. Add a personal touch by decorating the sticks with washi tape or patterned duct tape. Seal the ends and fill the tubes with small legumes, beans, or rice. Babies will be captivated by the sounds and enjoy peeking through the ends to discover the source of the noise.

30. All Natural Baby Teething Toy

Teething can be a challenging period for both babies and parents. To make this experience more manageable, consider using this all natural teething toy. Designed with bunny-style ears, this toy offers two chewing points and features absorbent terry cloth at the top. To provide extra relief for sore gums, simply wet and freeze the terry cloth. Crafted from unfinished maple hardwood, this charming accessory is both affordable and adorable, priced at just $6 on Etsy.

21. Engaging Fleece Toys for Sensory Enrichment

Experiencing these charming fleece toys is a delight for your little ones. Take note of their distinct design—the ribbon tags, protruding from all sides, provide excellent tactile stimulation. Babies are sure to find these toys irresistible, and their soft texture makes them safe for mouth exploration.

Here are some attractive properties of these toys:

  • Material: Using fleece as the core element ensures ultimate softness, making it pleasing for babies to touch and feel.
  • Hygiene: Fleece toys can be easily washed. Rigorous cleaning helps maintain a germ-free environment for your child.
  • Appeal: For instance, a cute fleece football is perfect for crocheting beginners and appeals to young children. Creating such a soft and cuddly football doesn’t require intricate stitching knowledge, so you can whip one up quickly as a thoughtful gift for an expecting mother or a newborn baby boy.

By incorporating these stimulating fleece toys into playtime, you will not only boost your child’s sensory development, but also provide them with a comforting and enjoyable experience.

2. DIY Babies Discovery Jug

Craft a fun, upcycled play toy using an old milk jug and a few small toys for your baby. First, ensure the milk jug is thoroughly cleaned. Next, cut a hole in the top and on the side, allowing your baby to easily reach in and take the toys out. This uncomplicated yet engaging project offers hours of enjoyment and learning for your little one.

14. Constructing Soft Baby Blocks

Babies are fond of playing with blocks, and you can effortlessly create a delightful set of soft blocks using foam and leftover fabric scraps. To begin, cut the foam into small block shapes or have them pre-cut. Next, sew a cover for each block, using the remaining fabric pieces from previous projects. This activity makes use of spare materials while providing a charming toy for your little one.

15. Effortless Sewn Beach Balls for Little Ones

Choose to create these colorful soft fabric beach balls for young children. Even if you’re new to using a sewing machine, you can effortlessly put these together. Filled with cotton batting, these beach balls are not only soft and child-friendly but also promote coordination development as your little ones grow. Explore a variety of colors and provide endless fun for your youngsters with these delightful sewn beach balls.

25. Homemade Tugging Box for Fine Motor Skills

A simple tugging box is an ideal toy for enhancing your baby’s fine motor development. All you need is a sturdy cardboard box and materials such as yarn, pipe cleaners, and ribbon. Create holes in the box and attach these items securely, allowing your baby to freely pull and push them. This engaging DIY toy keeps babies fascinated while strengthening their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

24. Soft And Cuddly Glove Monsters

Transform your old gloves into delightful glove monsters, perfect for babies to play with. They’re soft, ensuring no harm comes to your little one, and utilizing mismatched gloves makes it an eco-friendly project. Keep in mind, if attaching button eyes, secure them tightly, especially for babies still exploring through taste. This engaging activity also invites toddlers to participate in crafting their charming glove companions.

5. Crafting Your Own Crocheted Granny Square Blocks

Cherish the granny square pattern by crocheting delightful blocks for babies. The pattern can be easily found on Etsy for a small cost. With sufficient time, you can create an entire collection of blocks as a gift for new parents or for your own child. Crafting these blocks allows you to not only develop your granny square skills but also apply them to future projects. Use different formats such as tables and bullet points to effectively convey your ideas, while maintaining a confident and clear tone of voice.

16. Handmade Crocheted Monkey

These charming crocheted monkeys have been loved by children for years. Their soft and flexible design makes them perfect for kids of all ages, from newborns to pre-teens. Planning to attend a baby shower soon? Consider gifting one of these treasured handmade monkeys that the child will cherish for years. If you’re not keen on crocheting it yourself, check out Etsy for a beautiful selection of these delightful toys.

3. Creating a Sensory Play Bag for Infants

In just five minutes, you can craft an engaging sensory play bag for your little one. First, visit your local store for budget-friendly supplies like hair gel, plastic bags, and some entertaining items like plastic or rubber critters. To assemble the play bag, squeeze the gel into the bag, add the creatures, and securely close the zipper. For added safety, use duct tape to seal the zipper. Your baby will enjoy exploring the bag’s textures and visuals while you can appreciate its affordability and simplicity.

1. Upcycled Baby Wipes Container: Alphabet Monster

This creative alphabet monster, made from a repurposed baby wipes container, is excellent for babies and toddlers. It combines learning with fun, using the alphabet on individual bottle caps. Crafting this project is simple and straightforward.

It benefits babies by improving their hand-eye coordination. As they grow older, it also helps them learn the ABCs. To create your own, all you need is an empty wipes container, a few bottle caps, and some stickers. Enjoy making this engaging upcycled project for your little ones.

17. Create Your Own Felt and Wood Matching Game

For a budget-friendly and engaging activity for young children, consider making a DIY matching game using wooden discs and felt. This simple and affordable project helps with memory and cognition development for toddlers. Even infants around six months old will enjoy stacking the vibrant discs. As they grow, children can start learning the matching component of the game.

18. Craft Your Own Mini Felt Book of Shapes

Reuse your leftover felt to create a charming little book of shapes for young children. Simply cut squares for the pages and attach various felt shapes onto each page, ensuring they are securely sewn in place. Once all shapes are added, use a ring to bind the pages together. This soft and colorful book is sure to delight even the smallest of readers.

28. Crafting a Simple Scrap Fabric Bunny Toy for Babies

This adorable bunny toy, made from leftover fabric pieces, captivates babies with its variety of patterns. Its gentle texture makes it a delightful companion for infants. Effortlessly assembled, it’s a fantastic homemade baby shower gift idea. With enough fabric scraps, create an endearing bunny family, enriching your baby’s playtime experience.

19. Craft Your Own Felt Toy Truck

Felt is an excellent choice for creating baby toys due to its soft texture, easy workability, and affordability. One charming project worth considering is a homemade toy truck made entirely from felt. If someone you know is expecting, this delightful little truck would make an endearing baby shower gift, particularly if the baby’s parents have a connection to truck driving. Crafting this cute and simple toy will be an enjoyable and satisfying project for you.

20. Exciting DIY Finger Puppets

Craft charming finger puppets for your baby by repurposing fabric scraps. Assemble them easily and swiftly to form a collection of miniature animals. Enhance your puppetry skills by developing unique creature voices to entertain your little one for hours with their personal puppet show.

13. Craft Your Own Sensory Boards for Babies and Toddlers

Engage your little ones with DIY sensory boards that boost their hand-eye coordination. For older kids, include objects like zippers and buttons, while for younger ones, add a mirror, carpet swatches, or anything tactile. Assemble these items on a board, then fasten it to a wall. Watch your child enjoy hours exploring various sensory toys.

11. Effortless DIY Cork Drum Set

Craft a charming cork drum set for your young ones using yoga cork blocks. This project is not only uncomplicated but also lets you create your own drum sticks. Suitable for children aged one and up, they will enjoy playing and creating music with these custom drums. To construct your cork drum set, simply follow these guidelines and embrace your creativity.

23. Colorful And Fun Glitter Bottle

Transform your old water bottles into mesmerizing glitter bottles for your little ones. Small bottles are ideal as they are easy for kids to hold. Simply fill them with water and add sparkling glitter or small exciting toys to captivate their attention for hours. For extra safety, secure the lid with glue to prevent it from being accidentally opened. Enjoy crafting this engaging, upcycled toy for your child.

27. Quick and Simple Colorful Ribbon Toys for Babies

Create mesmerizing ribbon wands to delight babies with vivid colors and movement. In just five minutes, you can craft these using a few supplies. Choose vibrant ribbons and use washi tape to design the handle, secure the ribbons, and create a playful toy. Ideal for occupying little ones’ attention or allowing toddlers to have fun independently. Embrace the joy of bright, engaging toys made easily at home in no time.


In the world of DIY baby toys, numerous possibilities are waiting for you to explore. With materials readily available, you can create toys that foster development, learning, and fun. Go ahead and craft an impressive collection of homemade baby toys while saving money and ensuring a personal touch.

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