Puppers Beer Guide: From Letterkenny Fiction to Reality

Hulu features a series about a fictional town in rural Ontario called Letterkenny. This town’s residents enjoy a local craft brew called Puppers beer. But is Puppers beer real or as fake as the fictional town of Letterkenny? Puppers beer is a premium lager popularized by the Canadian hit TV show, “Letterkenny.” Although the beer … Read more

20 Must-Try Italian Beers for Every Beer Lover’s Bucket List

Beer (or birra in Italian) is not the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Italy. That spot is probably taken by wine, pasta, or pizza. Unknown to many, the Italian beer industry has been growing steadily since 2015. There’s also an increase in interest in craft beer. The Italians refer to their … Read more


What is a High-Gravity Beer?

The term ‘high-gravity beer’ gets thrown around often, especially in the craft beer scene. And as a beer enthusiast, you may have had a few high-gravity beers. But what is a high-gravity beer? A high-gravity beer is a high-alcohol beer made from wort with a high original gravity reading. High gravity wort in this context … Read more

9 Popular German Beers for Your Next Pub Crawl

Perhaps, everybody would agree that nobody can ever match and defeat Germans for their fantastic love and adoration for beers. After all, the infamous drink forms a huge part of their vibrant culture and history, brewed and crafted by monks and civilians alike. And once you take a route into the German countryside, you’ll realize … Read more


Modelo vs. Corona: Which One Reigns Supreme?

The beer import scene in the US is rich with a fantastic selection of beers that spill through our borders. But between the stacks of imported cases, two Mexican brands stand out among the rest. Both contenders make the top three of VinePair’s 20 Most popular Imported Beers. I’m referring to Modelo and Corona. But … Read more


Dark Beer vs. Light Beer: Color, Flavor,Brewing Process and More

You’re maybe new to the world of beer, or you’re maybe drinking beer for how many years; we can all say that there is plenty of beer types when it comes to beer drinking–from pale ales, stouts, amber ales, IPas, and so forth.  However, beer lovers indeed have preferences for beer varieties, colors, and tastes. … Read more


Mixology 101: 20 Ginger Beer Cocktail Recipes

Whenever my friends ask what my favorite drink is, they end up shaking their heads because I tell them it’s Ginger Beer. For those who aren’t familiar or used to this kind of drink, it might sound like an odd answer. However, they really don’t know the delightful things that Ginger Beer has to offer. … Read more


The Lowdown on 3.2 Beer: Why Does It Even Exist?

Throughout history, there have been different forms of less alcoholic beer. In Mid Evil times, weak beer was a safer option than water, which was killing people due to contamination. Fast forward to the 1930s, and 3.2 beer became a thing after Prohibition. So, What is 3.2 Beer? The 3.2 beer contains 3.2% alcohol by … Read more


What Is The Difference Between Pilsner VS. Lager?

There are people who never liked the taste of a beer, there are some who just drink beers without even knowing and understanding what it really is, but there are also beer geeks, they are always curious about the beer they are going to drink. Ordinary people might be left confused all the time about … Read more


Dry Beer Unveiled: Characteristics, History & Brewing Process

Satisfy your alcohol cravings with Dry beer! A beer known for its high alcohol content and unique flavor. Dive into the world of Dry beer and uncover its secrets by reading to the end of this article. Get ready to be amazed by this amazing drink! Introduction to Dry Beer As a beer lover or … Read more