13 Steps To Brew Hefeweizen

Do you enjoy crushing your thirst with a glass of cold beer you’ve made from scratch? Hefeweizen is an ideal beer for home brewing. And Americans have mastered it perfectly over the years. It has a simple brewing process that you can complete with basic home brewing kits. Why This Recipe Works We like this … Read more

16 Best IPA Recipes You Must Try

An India Pale Ale (or IPA) is the beer style that pops to mind when you’re craving a hoppy beer. And for good reasons, these beers have complex flavors, and most of them are not shy about alcohol content. Most craft breweries use the IPA as a canvas for combining different flavors. But it wasn’t … Read more


15 Best Cream Ale Beer Recipes

Summer is here! The sundresses are out, and everyone is on vacation mode; suffice it to say, it’s time to party. This is the perfect moment to break out the summer beers. One lesser-known summer beer is the Cream Ale, a uniquely American beer style. It may be called a Cream Ale, but the beer … Read more


5 Easy Steps to Brew Blonde Ale

Are you looking to try your hand at making some delicious blondies? If so, then stick around, and I’ll give you the scoop on everything you need to know to whip up these delicious treats! The Blonde Ale has many aliases (ooh, sounds spooky); the most common is “Golden Ale.” It is an easy-going beer … Read more


10 Steps to Make Plum Wine (Step-by-Step Guide)

It’s the plum season, and there are plums everywhere. Maybe you’ve got a ton of plums in your pantry, and you don’t know what to do with them. You could make some plum jam or whip up a plum crumble cake. Or you could make plum wine. Yes, plum wines are a thing. And lucky … Read more


4 Steps to Brew Black IPA Beer (Step-by-Step Guides)

Also known as the Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA), the Black IPA is an American-style black ale. While it looks like an imperial stout, the Black IPA tastes like a pale ale. The oxymoronic nature of this brew has been a bone of contention among craft brewers and beer enthusiasts for years. But rather than argue … Read more

19 Easy Pineapple Wine Recipes

They say that you cannot make wine without grapes. But what happens when you swap out the grapes for pineapples? Well, you get pineapple wine. Pineapple wine is the alcoholic beverage you get when fermenting pineapples. Pineapple wine has a distinctive tropical taste with a unique acidity profile. But did you know that you can … Read more

17 Dark and Delicious Schwarzbier Recipes to Sip On

Schwarzbier is a dark lager with German origins. The term “Schwarzbier” actually comes from two German words, “Schwarzes Bier,” which translates to “Black Beer.” The color of Schwarzbiers ranges from amber to black. While they may look like stouts and porters, Schwarzbiers are light-bodied lagers that wash down easily. We’ve compiled a compelling list of … Read more

Root Beer Cocktail Recipe

19 Root Beer Cocktail Recipes

Are you a fan of Root Beer? Do you enjoy drinking it every once in a while, or every time you get the opportunity? Well, why settle for less when you can add more to the experience with these 19 Root Beer Cocktail Recipes, taste Root Beer like never before! Root Beer Float Cocktail Would … Read more

Best Butterbeer Recipes

20 Best Butterbeer Recipes

If you are a Potterhead, you may be very much familiar with butterbeer. While it’s an already existing drink, many people have only known it through the Harry Potter series. Indeed, it’s not exclusive to Potterheads as it’s also well-known even to muggles! The earliest documented use of butter beer dates back to the Tudor … Read more