How to Ship Beer (Packing and Shipping)

How to Ship Beer? (Packing and Shipping)

The market for many products, especially those that have built a website and made a name for themselves, usually offers to ship. A shipping option allows them to expand their market and, in return, gain more traction on their sites. This is true not only for non-perishable things but also for food and beverages. Here’s … Read more

IPA Beer Nutrition Facts Calories, Carbs, Alcohol

IPA Beer Nutrition Facts: Calories, Carbs, Alcohol

Did you know that Indian Pale Ales have more hop bitterness than other types of beer, such as lagers? But does this matter? Will it give health benefits even though it is a beer? Or is it just another mixture to play with the taste? The bittersweet taste is what craft beer drinkers look forward … Read more

How to Pour Beer the Expert Way

How to Pour Beer the Expert Way? (Guaranteed Tips & Tricks)

After an exhausting day, having a beer can help you feel refreshed. To be more relaxing, I bet you prefer well-served. If one doesn’t know the real trick to pouring a beer, worst case, you’ll have a poor beer! But the fantastic news is there are many ways to sip and savor a beer! Over … Read more

14 Strongest Beers in the USA (Style and ABV)

14 Strongest Beers in the USA (Style and ABV)

One of the reasons beers are such popular alcoholic drinks is their low ABV. However, that does not mean these drinks cannot pack a punch. The times have changed, and beers now come in many different shapes, sizes, and alcohol contents too! There are now beers that sport high ABVs! With that, allow us to … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Drink Beer

The Ultimate Guide to Drink Beer (8 Tips and 4 Mistakes)

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It’s a mainstay at most parties, sporting events, and night outs. These drinks are famous for their unique flavors. They also have fascinating production processes and history. Learning how to drink beer can unravel its many features. This article will walk you through how … Read more

Why Do People Put Salt in Beer?

One of the most interesting questions I asked myself lately was ” Why do people put salt in beer?”.  You should have seen the look on my face when I found out. Since I am a curious cat, I figured we have to know why this even happens! Salt In Beer: What’s Up With That? … Read more

Does Beer Freeze

Does Beer Freeze? (Freezing Temperature of Beer)

Have you ever wondered, “Do beers freeze?” or “What temp does beer freeze?” if so, we’ve got you on this blog! Each beer has different freezing points, but the most common and average freezing point of a beer is 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but it also depends on the ABV or alcohol by volume percent of … Read more

How Long Does Beer Last

How Long Does Beer Last? (Average Shelf Life & Storage Tips)

Many think beer can have a very long shelf life as a fermented product. Well, we are here to answer how long does beer last. With this exploration of the beverage’s average life and storage tips, you can have a fresh beer for longer. How Long Does Beer Last? Depending on the state of your … Read more

Why Does Beer Give Me a Headache

Why Does Beer Give Me a Headache?

Getting home after a long day at work calls for a glass or bottle of ice-cold beer. However, it’s common to experience a headache after you drink it. Due to this, you may ask, “Why does beer give me a headache?” The answer may surprise you, so read on to find out more.  What are … Read more

How Much Does A Keg Of Beer Cost

How Much Does A Keg Of Beer Cost? (Chart)

Beers in a keg are one of the mainstream drinks right now. People tend to buy these because of various situations like parties and home consumption. So, this blog intends to help you discover how much does a keg of beer costs. As well as the factors you should consider when buying these kinds of … Read more