15 DIY Bottle Opener Plans

Some people take pleasure in drinking beer directly from a bottle. But one consequence of drinking from the bottle is you will need a bottle opener, and it’s a bummer if it goes missing or you forget where’s the last place you put it. But don’t worry, we got you! Here are 15 DIY bottle … Read more

Best Beer Pong Table Plans

15 Best Beer Pong Table Plans

Have you ever wondered how to craft a beer pong table yourself? Or are you looking for ideas to create the project at an affordable price? You’re lucky to read this blog. In this write-up, we made a list of beer pong table plans you can successfully pull off. Get ready to host the best … Read more

Steps to Make a Red Beer

6 Steps to Make a Red Beer (Tips, Common Questions, & Guide)

Are you tired of your regular canned beer? Worry no more, for the Red Beer will change your buds! What is a red beer, you say? Coming from the midwestern states of Nebraska, Ohio, and Minnesota, the Red Beer became the dinner basics. The bloody Mary is often compared to this; hence, it has a … Read more

DIY Beer Coolers to Try and Make This Weekend

26 DIY Beer Coolers to Try and Make This Weekend

Are you looking to make a beer cooler? Well, you are in the right place! We have 26 DIY beer cooler plans to show you today. Whatever kind of beer cooler you want or need, you will likely find one or two projects here that will tickle your fancy. We looked through the many beer … Read more

DIY Beer Die Table Plans

18 DIY Beer Die Table Plans

Do you love playing drinking games with friends? If yes, it’s time to invest in a good beer die table. You can spend a little money on a table. It’s fun and inexpensive to go the DIY route. A creative beer die table can make your next party memorable for your and your guests. It’s … Read more