18 Backyard Storage Ideas

Organizing outdoor storage can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the luxury of closets and cabinets. Fortunately, there are plenty of practical and easy ways to store your gardening tools, pool equipment, and kids’ toys, regardless of your backyard size. In this article, you’ll discover 19 bodacious backyard storage ideas, tips, hacks, and solutions that will help you transform your outdoor space into an organized, clutter-free paradise.

15. Organize Kids’ Toys in Weatherproof Baskets

Organize Kids’ Toys in Weatherproof Baskets

To keep your kids’ toys neat and tidy, consider using lightweight plastic bins. Opt for color-coordinated, stackable, and perforated baskets that allow dirt and water to fall through the bottom. This will not only keep the toys organized but also make it easier for your little ones to find what they’re looking for. Plus, the weatherproof feature of the baskets ensures that the toys stay safe and dry even during rainy days.

2. Revamp Your Tool Shed

Revamp Your Tool Shed

If you find that your tool shed is lacking in design and organization, take a few basic steps to upgrade it. Start by removing bulky shelves and replacing them with an IKEA Grundtal rail, utensil holder, and S-hook to hold small gardening tools. You can also add wall hooks or hang a sturdy bin to store items like fertilizer and plant spray. By doing so, you’ll free up more space in your tool shed and make it easier to find the tools you need when you need them. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your tool shed into a well-organized and efficient space that makes gardening and yard work a breeze.

5. Build an Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage

Build an Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage


Looking for a fun and practical DIY project? Try building an outdoor crate coffee table with storage! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Gather a few wooden crates. You can find them at your local farmer’s market or winery.
  2. Give the crates a fresh coat of paint to match your outdoor decor.
  3. Glue the crates to a sturdy piece of plywood in the shape of a square.
  4. Add caster wheels to make it portable.
  5. Voilà! You now have a rustic coffee table with plenty of storage for bar essentials, plants, or books.

This project is perfect for those who want to add a personal touch to their outdoor space while also staying organized. Plus, it’s a great way to repurpose old wooden crates. Give it a try and enjoy your new outdoor coffee table!

6. DIY a Covered Kids Car Garage

DIY a Covered Kids Car Garage

Are you tired of seeing your kids’ outdoor toys scattered around your backyard? Do you want to keep them organized and protected from the elements? Look no further than this DIY covered kiddie parking garage by Mom Endeavors.

Made from PVC pipes, a corrugated plastic panel, and cloth, this storage unit expertly hides your kids’ outdoor gear while still allowing easy access for them. Keep your backyard clutter-free with this simple and affordable solution.

18. Hang Storage Buckets on Your Fence

Hang Storage Buckets on Your Fence

Maximize your backyard space by utilizing vertical storage options. The minimalist backyard toy storage solution from Bless Our Nest involves screwing a couple of hooks into your fence and hanging durable plastic buckets from each. This simple and foolproof method keeps your kids’ toys organized and within easy reach. Say goodbye to cluttered backyards and hello to a tidy and functional space.

12. Construct an Outdoor Storage Bench

Construct an Outdoor Storage Bench

An outdoor storage bench is a versatile addition to your backyard. Not only does it provide extra seating, but it also serves as a space-saving storage solution that can withstand harsh weather conditions. By following Sand and Sisal’s DIY outdoor storage box tutorial, you can easily build one yourself.

This outdoor storage bench can be used to store a variety of items such as outdoor pillows, blankets, games, pool toys, or towels. If you have enough seating space, it can also double as a buffet table or drink station. With its dual-purpose functionality, your backyard will be both organized and stylish.

8. Conceal Your Garden Hose in an Outdoor Planter

Conceal Your Garden Hose in an Outdoor Planter

Tired of tripping over your garden hose or having it ruin the aesthetic of your backyard? Consider hiding it in an outdoor planter! This simple solution is both convenient and visually appealing. Check out the post on That’s My Letter for step-by-step instructions on how to create your own secret hose-hiding planter. With this easy DIY project, you can say goodbye to the hassle of dragging your hose back and forth and hello to a more organized and beautiful outdoor space.

7. Turn an Old Shutter into a Towel Rack

Turn an Old Shutter into a Towel Rack

Transforming an old, worn-out shutter into a towel rack is a simple and creative way to repurpose an item that may have otherwise been discarded. By flipping the shutter on its side and installing a few hooks, you can create a charming and functional towel rack. The rustic, antique look of the shutter adds character to your bathroom decor. You can leave it as is, or paint and sand it down for a more polished appearance. For more vintage storage solutions, check out these eight cool vintage finds to help you control clutter.

3. Use a Hanging Organizer to Store Gardening Tools

Use a Hanging Organizer to Store Gardening Tools

A hanging organizer can be a game-changer for organizing your gardening tools. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for storing a variety of items, including gloves, clippers, plant stakes, twine, and seed packets. The pockets of the organizer provide ample space to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Hang the organizer on the wall of your greenhouse or tool shed to keep your tools within reach. This will save you time and effort when you need to find the right tool for the job.

Using a hanging organizer for your gardening tools is a simple yet effective way to keep your tools organized and tidy. Give it a try and see how much easier it makes your gardening tasks.

9. Build an Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

Build an Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

If you love hosting outdoor dinners, brunches, or game nights, then you need a DIY outdoor buffet cabinet. This cabinet is perfect for storing everything from candle lanterns to glassware, and the buffet top can serve as a mini bar. Oleander + Palm’s DIY outdoor buffet cabinet is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

To build this cabinet, you will need some basic tools and materials such as a saw, drill, screws, wood glue, and wood planks. You can customize the size and design of the cabinet to fit your specific needs and preferences.

By building this outdoor buffet cabinet, you can easily store all your party necessities in one place, making hosting outdoor events a breeze. Plus, with the extra storage space, you can organize and declutter your backyard, making it a more enjoyable space for you and your guests.

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19. When Your Outdoor Storage Space is Full, Use MakeSpace

If you’re struggling to find space for your outdoor equipment, MakeSpace is the perfect solution. With MakeSpace, you can store your bike rack, snowboarding gear, skis, surfboards, paddleboards, yoga mats, pet toys, and more.

The process is simple. Just schedule a pickup and pack your items. MakeSpace will then transport your items to their secure temperature-controlled storage facility and create an online photo catalog of your belongings.

When you need something back from storage, all you need to do is browse your online photo catalog, select the item you want, and MakeSpace will deliver it to you. With MakeSpace, you can easily manage your outdoor gear without worrying about cluttering up your backyard.

10. Store Firewood in a DIY Firewood Cart with Wheels

Store Firewood in a DIY Firewood Cart with Wheels

If you’re tired of having a messy pile of firewood taking up valuable space on your deck or patio, it’s time to build your own DIY firewood cart with wheels. This stylish and practical cart is perfect for storing your firewood in an organized and efficient way. Plus, it’s portable, so you can easily move it wherever you need it.

To build your own firewood cart, invest a Saturday afternoon and follow the instructions provided by The Wood Grain Cottage. You’ll need basic tools and materials, such as lumber, screws, and casters. Once you’ve built your cart, you can roll it around your outdoor space and keep your logs neatly stacked and ready to use.

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1. Turn a Bookcase into an Outdoor Storage Bench

Turn a Bookcase into an Outdoor Storage Bench

If you have an old bookcase that you no longer need, you can repurpose it into a functional outdoor storage bench. This DIY project is easy to do and only requires a few materials such as foam, fabric, and paint.

To create a padded seating area, simply cover the bookcase with foam and fabric. You can then paint the bookcase to match your outdoor decor. The cubbies in the bench can be used to store various items such as towels, blankets, gardening tools, or planters.

This project is not only practical but also a great way to upcycle an old bookcase. If you’re looking for more DIY storage ideas, check out these 10 projects that you can complete in less than an hour.

4. Make a DIY Garden Hose Holder

Make a DIY Garden Hose Holder

If you want to keep your garden hose accessible and prevent it from becoming a tangled mess on the ground, a DIY garden hose holder is a great solution. Not only is it functional, but it can also add a touch of style to your garden. Love Grows Wild has a full tutorial on how to make your own garden hose holder. Check it out and get started on this easy and practical project.

11. Hang Your Gardening Tools on a Piece of Wood

Hang Your Gardening Tools on a Piece of Wood

Transform an old wooden plank into a functional and stylish garden tool rack. Upcycle an old coat rack, hockey stick, or longboard for a unique touch. Hang your tools on the wood using hooks or nails to keep them organized and easily accessible. This simple DIY project is a great way to repurpose old materials while keeping your garden tools in order.

13. Use a Wood Pallet to Store Pool Toys

Use a Wood Pallet to Store Pool Toys

Pool toys can take up a lot of space and clutter your backyard if not stored properly. Fortunately, you can easily tackle this problem with a simple DIY project using a wood pallet. By adding a few hooks to the front of the pallet, you can create a space to store all of your pool toys, including pool noodles, rafts, kickboards, squirt guns, and even cleaning equipment. This project is not only functional but also adds a rustic touch to your backyard. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly solution that will help you declutter your outdoor space.

14. Design a Vertical Cinder Block Planter

Design a Vertical Cinder Block Planter

If you’re short on space or want to create a striking focal point in your garden, a vertical cinder block planter is a great DIY project. To get started, gather some cinder blocks, heavy-duty construction glue, and let your imagination run wild. Stack the blocks in any pattern or height you desire, and secure them in place with the glue.

If you’re not a fan of the industrial grey look, you can always spray paint the blocks to match your outdoor decor. This project is a great way to showcase your favorite herbs, plants, and flowers in a unique and eye-catching way.

Pro Tip: Vertical planters aren’t just for the outdoors. Bring the greenery inside with some house plants and planters that are perfect for small apartments.

16. Transform a Cabinet into a Potting Bench

Build an Outdoor Coffee Table with Storage

If you have an old cabinet lying around, don’t throw it away. Instead, turn it into a potting bench for your backyard. With a little elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint, you can have the perfect outdoor workspace for your gardening needs. The Organised Housewife recommends using the drawers to store your gardening tools, gloves, and seed packets. The shelves and cupboards can be used to store bags of soil, pesticides, and extra pots. With this simple transformation, you’ll have a functional and stylish potting bench in no time.


Organizing your backyard storage can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and hacks, it can be a breeze. Utilize vertical space with shelves and hooks, and consider adding a shed or storage bench for larger items. Keep items grouped by category and label everything to make finding what you need easier. Don’t forget to consider weather-resistant storage options for outdoor items. With these ideas, your backyard storage will be organized and functional in no time.

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