8 Reasons Why People Like Beer

8 Reasons Why People Like Beer

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Wherever you go, you will likely find some beer and fanciers of the drink. With that, a question arises: Why do people like beer? Well, as you will see today, there is not only one, two, or three reasons. We will be talking about … Read more

What is a Beer Flight

What is a Beer Flight? (Why is it Called Like So)

What is a flight of beer? Do you need a plane ticket for a beer flight? How did aerodynamics and beer come together? If these are the exact questions on your mind right now, then you are in the right place! Today, we will discuss beer flights, answer these questions, and many more! As you can … Read more

How Many Beers Equal a Shot

How Many Beers Equal a Shot? (Chart)

Are you wondering how many beers equal a shot? Well, you came to the right place! We will get to the bottom of this question and these drinks today. By the end of this talk, you will not only know the answer to your question but your drinks better. We are in for a long … Read more

What is Malt in Beer (Base Malts and Specialty Malts)

What is Malt in Beer? (Base Malts and Specialty Malts)

Learning more about beers requires you also to get to know the components that go into them, including malt. Malt is one of the critical ingredients that undergo a specific process and goes into the beer. Understanding the flavor profiles and finding a beer you like would include getting to know malt. So, what is … Read more

Bock Beer Guide History, Style, Storage, Serving & Food Pairings

Bock Beer Guide: History, Style, Storage, Serving & Food Pairings

If you appreciate beers on the firmer side, you have most likely heard of bock beer. Though its name sounds simple enough, this type of beer is more than meets the eye. Bock beers are fascinating, and if you want to appreciate and enjoy them properly, a good background will help. Bock Beer Overview Alcohol … Read more

What is Beer made of

What is Beer made of? (4 Basic ingredients)

Beer is one drink that everyone likes. You can enjoy it with friends, family, or even yourself while watching your favorite TV show on a quiet night. They are refreshing to drink and low in alcohol content, allowing one to consume as much as desired. But have you ever wondered what ingredients makeup beer? How … Read more

Beer Bottle Guide Type, Size, Color, Bottle Cap

Beer Bottle Guide: Type, Size, Color, Bottle Cap

Choosing the right beer bottle for your business is a challenging task. There are many factors to consider before finding the right beer bottle for you. With this comprehensive beer bottle guide, you will know how to know the right beer bottle for you. Types of Beer Bottles Before getting to the specifics of your … Read more

Does Beer Go Bad

Does Beer Go Bad? (Lifespan & Storage Tips)

Although beers are fermented beverage, many people wonder does beer go bad. With this article, we will explore the shelf life of the beer and the factors you need to watch out for. You will learn the ways you can keep your beer fresh and tasty. Does Beer Go Bad? To answer the question shortly, yes, … Read more

Kolsch Beer Guide Taste, Brewing, Serving, Food Pairings

Kolsch Beer Guide: Taste, Brewing, Serving, Food Pairings

Germany has a lot of things to offer, including beer. And you don’t have to wait for Oktoberfest to try whatever beer you are eyeing. If there’s a beer that you should check out, it’s the Kolsch Beer. What is a Kolsch Beer, and why should you know about it? Kolsch Beer: An Introduction Beer … Read more

3 Ways To Chug A Beer Fast

3 Ways To Chug A Beer Fast (5 Tips Before You Do it)

If you have been to parties in the past, you probably have seen people chug beers for whatever reason. If you want to join in on the fun, you have to know what you are doing. One of the things you should know is how to chug a beer fast! What’s Chugging, folks? Chugging is … Read more